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Approved Tech PIxEL (Proprietary Intelligence x Engineering Logarithms)

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Isn't it strange,
Intent: To create the basis for my new character named PIxEL.
Image Source: Karl Simon Gustafsson concept art for 'Ex Machina'
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Sources: N/A
Design Based In Part By: HRD, Solari S-1, Archangel X-1c Spectre Droids

Manufacturer: Dr Ulrik Hart
Model: PIxEL (Proprietary Intelligence x Engineering Logrithms)
Production: Unique
Affiliation: Dr Ulrik Hart / Omega Intelligence
Modularity: Minor - Misc. Equipment (Sensors, drives, etc), Synthflesh and HRD components (Face, hair, skin, etc)
Material: Synthflesh, durasteel Frame

Classification: Second/Third Degree
Weight: 70kg
Height: 160cm
Movement: Bipedal
Armaments: None
Misc. Equipment:

  • I'm a real boy! I mean... - Given that this droid is an HRD, and an extremely sophisticated one at that, she is almost indistinguishable from regular human beings, save for any damage to her epidermal or metal detection of any kind .
  • Eureka! - Quite possibly one of the most intelligent AIs ever created, she is an absolute marvel in her existence and made even greater at the thought that Dr Hart had programmed her almost entirely himself! That includes his total lack of social skills and ineptitude in connecting with other living beings...wait is this really a strength?
  • Gap, meet bridge. - Created as an aide for Dr Hart and his team, she is a hybrid mix between a Second Degree and Third Degree droid intelligence, able to perform complex mathematical equations whilst still maintaining an extensive database of Galactic languages and social grace. Almost there anyways.
  • That's not a knife. - Given her outstanding construction, she is much more powerful than your typical human being, coming in to just about twice as powerful as any average person. Not that she's even aware this is within her capabilities.
  • Squirrel? Squirrel! - Equipped with an omniscience unit, this droid is incredibly sensitive to the areas around her and is almost impossible to sneak up on.
  • Ouch, why you gotta be like that. - Vulnerabilities to Ionized particle weapons and especially high amperage electrical currents make her a sitting duck against most Dark Side Force users and well equipped bad guys
  • Do no harm. - With no armaments built into her frame and no knowledge of the usage of weapons installed into her proprietary systems, she is even more useless than a typical civilian and even refuses to attempt to handle weaponry. Vile things!
  • Where do babies come from? - Naive in her youth, she learns what she can from those around her and frequently opens herself up to exploitation in the process. Having lived in an isolated environment for so many years she has come to welcome organics as harbingers of knowledge and has yet to face the extreme dangers intrinsic to the various species.
  • I'm not crying! - With her sophisticated AI, she is almost unnaturally empathetic to the degree that she can tell when people are uncomfortable around her or when they need assistance. Even non-sentient beings, fauna and flora of all shapes and sizes can bring her to her knees with joy or pain.
  • When you're strange... - Given her creator's own lack of social skills, she has adopted this same total lack of them and suffers tremendously for it. Whether she's cutting people off mid-sentence or destroying personalities with her poignant words, she can never seem to act in the most appropriate ways.
  • Ding Ding Ding! - Prone to a condition that resembles cerebral concussions, she is liable to shut down her processors if enough trauma is sustained to the head region where her mind is housed. Cold boots, such as the ones that occur after such a shut down are incredibly disorienting and have short-term effects on her motor skills and processing power.
  • $$$$ - Housed with built in fail safes within the cranium of her droid skeleton, her processor is safe from most damages but irreplaceable should it ever be lost. Whether it's through complicated slicing techniques or ionized particle weapons, or even an incredibly strong bolt of electricity, the loss of her mind would be a blow too heavy to bear. Even replacing a limb would be practically too expensive to warrant!
  • What was I saying? - Given her proprietary processor, and the use of lossless compression for her information, she is capable of 'forgetting' things that might seem entirely irrelevant to her. Many of her protocol features are victims of this 'forgetfulness' including proper greetings for various races and the steps required to make tea.


Dr Ulrich Hart, a mastermind in Artificial Intelligence, started a company in 849ABY with the express purpose of spreading his designs across the Galaxy and providing levels of automation that societies had only dreamed about. His revolutionary designs hit the competitive markets hard, took huge contracts from Galactic Factions across the board and subsequently crashed and burned as deadline after deadline passed without the good Doctor producing the results he had agreed to. Financial attacks on his labs became almost commonplace and with time he was driven underground after a series of highly public death threats levelled against him and his colleagues, most of whom distanced themselves from the now infamous scientist.

Some stayed and aided the panicking man in his ludicrous idea of doubling down on the promises of old and creating the pinnacle of Artificial Intelligence. Their labs went underground, literally constructed within a massive asteroid in the Out Rim of the Galaxy using the last funds they all had to spare. Hidden from view the scientists performed mad experiments and suffered many failures and setbacks. A pile of failed AIs became a running joke amongst them, their humour becoming more deranged as they stayed in their isolation until one day they discovered the key.

PIxEL's breakthrough took place in 850ABY and saw Ulrich Hart created an almost seamless personality that replicated a human being in every aspect while retaining an incredible level of computing for engineering and astrophysics. Given his own lack of social skills or understanding (Dr Hart was a typical shut-in), he was never able to fully implement this understanding into PIxELs systems. This system became the basis from which Dr Hart launched his comeback, utilizing its raw power to create a number of revolutionary technological advances which he sold to his competitors for the easing of his debts and the garnering of attention on a Galactic level.

But the attacks that the doctor and his team once faced returned once again and threatened to destroy not only the team but their entire creation as well. Having anticipated such an occurrence, Dr Hart downloaded PIxEL's intelligence from the mainframe he'd isolated within the asteroid and placed it within a highly sophisticated and incredibly costly Human Replica Droid, designed as a proprietary design by another of his underground team.

PIxEL would be his key to success.


Designed at first as a mainframe AI for Dr Ulrik Hart's research labs, PIxEL was recently implanted into an incredibly expensive and highly sophisticated Human Replica Droid which the Doctor had made specifically for this situation. Programmed almost solely by Dr Hart, her algorithms used very little deep or machine learning and instead grew a pattern for understanding that greatly resembled that of the most gifted of sentients. With this ground-breaking work, Dr Hart had hoped to utilize PIxEL's incredible intelligence to aid him in not only designing and manufacturing his newly founded corporation's projects but also to maximize the efficiency of the corporation as a whole.

Unfortunately, word got out that he and his team had created something far greater than themselves. Teams from various vying entities descended upon the asteroid laboratory and began to tear apart the structure in search for this powerful AI. Knowing that his meagre securities wouldn't hold up against the onslaught of his enemies, even as they fought each other around every corner, he implanted PIxEL into a prototype Human Replica Droid that had been commissioned for this exact scenario.

Built on a durasteel frame and utilizing the most modern manufacturing process possible, the prototype was a revolutionary concept that set the Doctor and his team back a considerable number of credits, though to provide a secure casing for his most prized creation the Doctor would have given his own life. Complete with a fully functioning anatomy and a woven steel mesh that allowed the interchangeability of synthflesh upon it, PIxEL looks indistinguishable from a regular human being when her skin is entirely fixed, however, even the smallest amount of damage to her sensitive epidermal and the droid beneath is revealed.

Given that PIxEL is completely unarmed and unwilling to arm herself in any situation, she must rely almost solely on her situational awareness and ability at reasoning and problem-solving.
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I'm gonna give you a green light but I do not want you thinking that this approval of the sub means your character is free from reports for irresponsible writing in the future. If you cause issue, this sub can and will be revisited. There's a few conflicting problems I can see on the surface, such as:

1. Electricity can be absorbed and powers her, however also is her number one weakness...
2. The majority of your weaknesses seem to be hamfisted but, well, that's more a systemic issue these days.

Again, giving you the pass, but be responsible with your writing. Any future complaints and we can dig this on back up.
I was made aware that you wished to remove the Pyronium circuitry from the submission. As this was close enough to the point of approval I've removed the submission from the approved section for you to make your change.
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