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Cedric Dorn

Soliael stood staring out the window of a grand temple, calmly watching as massive crowds of people moved around and about in the square below. He watched them as though they were ants, a god observing his followers. He frowned slightly as a mass of people began to gather before the temple. They watched and waited, each of them searching for something, each of them wanting to praise their gods. The already ancient Sith Lord stood watching them, staring at them with proud intensity.

They were all such fools. None of them understood, though some may have suspected. Soliael had long given up hope that there was such a thing as a god. The galaxy was far too cruel for such anything of divine nature.

Yet people still believed, in fact they searched for belief. Soliael had found it confusing at first, though of course he had exploited it at its fullest. Him and two others. Slowly Soliael turned around towards the other two men in the room. One was an alien, and the other a human much like him, and like him neither one of them was a god of any sort, yet they all claimed to be one. Soliael was Neth, god of Knowledge and Sorcery. Jacen was Ithari, god of war and destruction, and of course Menoetius was Erebos, divine of desication and destruction.

Three gods, none of whom really had any sort of power above the average force user. Yet people still believed in them, people still clamored and crawled before them. People worshiped them. It seemed odd to Soliael, though of course this had been the plan all along.

It had been meticulous in nature, seeding Moross on Exocron and other worlds. Making the people believe that the religion had been that of their ancestor, making them think it was hundred even thousands of years old. People had believed it quite readily, and when the Three Gods of Moross finally appeared they were even more readily accepted.

“The day of the pilgrimage.” Soliael said to his two companions, his words were musing in nature. “They will come today. All of them.”

Or at least a good chunk of them. Exocron was the mecca of Moross, it was where the religion began and it was the home world of the Three Gods. This was where one came to truly be within the faith, and this was the day for that. When the three of them had created Moross they had designed a day of Pilgrimage, a day where people could come to Exocron and visit them, a day where the faith came together.

Soliael smiled at his two companions. “Are you ready to perform miracles?”

Darron Wraith

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Exocron - Grand Temple

Mar stood near the door next to the other guards, clad in the massive black robe that hid his true droid nature. The simpletons thought he was some monstrous being that followed the God of War around, and they couldn't have fathomed his true purpose. Red photoreceptors glowed menacingly behind the hood, but beneath that shabby cloth was a golden head. The machine had a rather intimidating, yet noble appearance, but that was beside the point right now. Why the Mirari droid was there was of no consequence to what would be going on later, Mar's purpose was for the other life Ithari lived. Him following his Master around was just the machine following it's programming, and looking utterly terrifying in the process.

Across the vast expanse in the rather ornate room, three figures stood by the large window that ran the length of the wall. From their perch they could see all that were coming, and the masses were flooding in. A veritable sea of flesh was forming outside the Grand Temple, and the din of noise was growing. All ten names of the Pantheon that Menoetious and Soliael had made, or found, Jacen hadn't exactly asked that many questions, were being yelled. Armored arms placed behind his back, in parade rest, he simply watched the religious demonstrations going on below. Many were bowing, praying, and throwing tribute towards the guards that lined the building. We've really got to get the Forge finished, the thought of having under-armored guards didn't sit well with him. At least they are all well armed, he mused while keeping a chuckle down.

He would know, they were his weapons.

"If by miracles, you mean put on a show and kill as many as you'd like for me to show my prowess," he turned to look at the pair next to him as he finished his statement. "Then yes, but I am in the dark on exactly what all you are wanting from me. I know I am Ithari," looking towards Menoetius "Erebos," and finishing his statement when he met eyes with Soliael. "You are Neth. So what are we to do to impress the masses besides show displays of our power, should we get their blessings as well? I've read all the material I was given back-to-front, and front-to-back. I even brought a few Sith I managed to capture while I was out doing a little corporate espionage if you're okay with me killing some of our own kin."

Kin was a very subjective term at this point, but they didn't need to waste allies. Unless they were sending a message, like they were today.

"What about you two, what acts shall you perform? I'm curious to see how this is going to be handled, and if I need to shield myself from someone's hunger." His eyes fell on the Anzati, he was no stranger to what he could do.

Cedric Dorn

Soliael listened to Cavill for a few moments, nodding along as he asked questions. Soliael didn't mind killing Sith, in fact he would relish in the opportunity. Then the man spoke of what he actually needed to do, and with that Soliael smiled. Of Course the god of War wouldn't really have much to do when there was a lack of...well war. He would be rather useless until the Crusade began, all he could really do is collect warriors, bring those that were already in the fold closer to himself. They were producing armor now of the grandest sort, Ithari would have to begin its introduction into the Crusader ranks.

“I suggest you breed our army.” Soliael said the words quite flatly as he picked up a piece of flimsy from the table. “We have millions, perhaps even billions willing to fight for our cause. Some of them are highly trained, others have never even held a blaster. I suggest you show them what a god of war is Capable of, and what they are capable of when you bestow your gifts upon them.”

The Sith failed to mention what exactly these gifts were, though he looked as though he had a scheme about him. Soliael smiled slightly, and then looked at Erebos who was standing at the far end of the room. Before the other man could speak however Soliael again responded to Cavil. “I will gift them knowledge. With but a simple touch they will learn all they need to to help us with the Crusade.”

Of course Soliael was referring to Sith Alchemy. He was unable to transfer knowledge directly but what he had planned would work just as well. He would warp the people that came to him, change them so they had one singular goal ingrained in them. Forge the materials necessary for the Crusade. They would be unchanged except for their need to make the armors and weapons The Crusade required.

It was the easiest way to create workers, thought of course there was more to it than just that.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
Darkness shrouded the entrance of the Grand Temple, a single dark-cloaked figure halted with a semi circle shaping around a 3 meter proximity. The hooded form had planted himself at head of the millions gathered around the massive structure, all of them just hoping for a chance to even be in the same vicinity of the three supposed Gods of Moross. It was an upcoming religion, a quite popular one with several trillion followers. Something this big and progressive caught a peculiar Lord's eye, the same one who was halted at the grand entrance with fear stricken beings around him. Their circled poise wasn't entirely fear induced, much of it was the Lord's prowess with Force skills pertaining with the mind. He commanded them to distance themselves, and so they did.

His main reason for residing on the planet was the quenched thirst for power that drove the Sith Lord, the other happened to be because of a single man. A man who went by the name Darth Kryptus. Dranok had indeed met the former Champion of the Empire, although it was quite a while back when he was the Rattatak Military Academy's headmaster, but he still met the man. Of course the meeting wasn't to last as the Lord Admiral had a campaign to attend to shortly after Kyptus' arrival. The two large men considered themselves brothers of sorts. Both were extremely talented in the Force, exceptional combatants, and both were quite possibly the greatest military minds in the known galaxy.

And now, he was stuck waiting on the Three to make their appearance.

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Sounds of prayers, chants, and whatelse completely controlled my sense of hearing. A god's name was uttered here and there. I walked, shoved, and squeezed my way through the crowds of people that came from everywhere. About a week ago, I was reading in the library on Korriban when I overheard two men talk about a "Real life God" and how these gods would protect their loyal subjects. They were very hush hush about it. Not saying anything more than above a lowly whisper. At the time I had walked up to them and asked about the gods saying that I was interested. In truth, I really was. I wanted something to believe in. Not the mangy bantha crap that the unseen gods would help me. In doing so I asked them where they came from. Speaking in a hushed tone he told me of the planet Exo. A fabled planet that was home for the gods. He wanted to participate in the pilgrimage that was coming up but didn't have a ship, and nether did his buddy. I offered to take him, if he could show me where it was.

And behold about 6 days later I walk the very streets of the planet. I came to stand about a good 100 meters from the entrance of the dark and grand temple. I could see a few standing guard there. making sure that some godly lunatic didn't run up the stairs wanting to get a signature from the gods. me standing there with a intricate bracers on my arms, each looking the same except for a little gem looking object in the center of my left arm. Smiling my Echani dueling shield always stayed with me. I never let it come off my arm, except for bathing and changing clothes. On my hip in its black sheath hung my vibrosword that I always kept with me as well. Even then I didn't leave that anywhere else. I may have looked out of place or matching by others minds as I wore a set of Dust clothing that kept the wind from blowing to hard on my body. The broach was of Salee the Shield's face that held up my cloak. I thought it matched as my cloak when blown off to the side looked like a wing of a sorts. Ether way, I might have looked like the woman depicted in art, and story telling. I mean, I did have a pink colored hair. That was close enough right?

Standing there for what seemed hours I waited for the three gods to make their appearance to the followers of the religion that seemed so ever true, and felt true in some ways within my heart.
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