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Phoenix Industries


Company Logo

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Corporation Name: Phoenix Industries
Headquarters: Kuat
Locations: Balmorra and Kuat
Operations: Droid Manufacturing
Tier: 2

Phoenix Industries is a manufacturer, supplier, distributor of high quality Battle and defense droids. Phoenix Industries main concern is protecting its customers and well ending their foe's. Why risk your life send a droid. Business Phoenix industries deals with a wide variety of customers,many buy droids for personal use other reasons are being withheld due to customer confidentiality reasons.Phoenix industries is happy to help in any possible way such as hostile takeover's,kidnapping,committing acts of genocide, why not take an army of droids so you don't get your hands dirty. At the end of the day Phoenix Industries is here to serve you the consumer.

Wrex founded Phoenix Industries with a bit of hostile takeover, Wrex wandered the streets of Kuat City and found the perfect building to start his company in. Now Wrex likes to believe it was a hostile takeover, but in reality the building was an abandond droid manufacturing plant that he took residence in. Then "persuaded" the squatters that wouldn't leave to leave or leave existence. Wrex then had to get the plant started again so with the help of "donations" from some unknowing parties, Wrex managed to get the machinery up and running again and producing droids. So that he could start making a profit to expand the company. Wrex's goal is to have a company large enough to leave a legacy and be remembered forever.

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