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Phoenix Fleet

  • Corporation Name: Phoenix Fleet
  • Headquarters: Kaadara, Naboo
  • Locations: Naboo, Alderaan, Tygara
  • Operations: Combat support, Humanitarian aid
  • Tier: 2
The war between the First Order and the Galactic Alliance was only a symptom of the times. The Alliance was not the only thing at stake, and the wider galaxy was in need of help as well. After not only taking stinging defeats, but also ordered to withdraw from the field by superiors, Lexi knew that an organization had to come forth with the ability and desire to strike back. Taking some aspects from previous Rebellion modeled groups, Alexandra Morrow utilized resources at her disposal from several fronts and Phoenix Fleet was born.

To fund and outfit her fleet, she has traded heavily on her position among the nobility of Naboo. She has made initial contacts within Firemane Industries, The Galactic Alliance, The Free Worlds Coalition, Omega Pyre, and other entities. Her target would be to contract services for monetary or material support.

Phoenix Fleet is the brainchild of Lexi. She got the idea from Omega Pyre's involvement with the Galactic Alliance Defense Force, and looks to attain a similar position eventually. She is starting out with resources she could fund on her own as the daughter to a Countess of Naboo, which number as a large line of small ships, and a scattering of other ships available for purchase. She also outfitted a ground force, as those were always in need to help hold enemy ground or secure certain types of objectives. Her plan for the future is to become completely independent of her position in the Galactic Alliance, and able to field resources to aid the Alliance and other forces in the fight against evil and corruption.

Subsidiaries: N/A

Parent Corporation: N/A
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