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Phoenix Edorath

Phoenix Edorath

The boom makes it better.
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"Trust me...it'll look better after it explodes..."

Basic Information
  • Name: Phoenix Edorath
  • Nickname(s): Nix
  • Faction: The Sith Empire
  • Species: Vong-shaped Mirialian Clone
  • Race(s): Mirialian, Yuuzhan Vong
  • Age: Unspecified
  • Appears: Mid Twenties
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 156.5 lbs
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin Pigmentation: Pale Green

Strengths and Weaknesses

+ Force Dead: As per the methods of her creation, Phoenix, along with the entirety of the Dread Guard, is dead to the Force. Therefore, abilities born of the Force have a diminished effect when unleashed upon her.

+ Weapons/Combat Training: While grown at a natural pace alongside her siblings, Phoenix received standard training in a wide variety of weapons with a specialization in shoulder-fired weapons.

+ Demolitions: Phoenix's area of real expertise is in demolitions, where she received extended amounts of training. She considers making things explode an art form, and the only thing she truly enjoys.

- Orders Over Morals: Upon leaving the Confederacy, she severed her loyalties to Metus and kept only her loyalty to her brothers and sisters. She will still obey whatever order is given by the ranking officer, but she will not, and will never attempt to harm one of her siblings, no matter who asks.

- Heartless: "The wizard forgot to give her a heart" has been applied to Phoenix, though unbeknownst to her. Since leaving, it has become apparent that she's had one all along. She just doesn't quite know what to do with it, so she tends to keep it 'shut off'.

Notable Possessions


Born alongside her siblings as part of the 'Dread Initiative', Phoenix emerged from tank 676. A clone of the unidentified Mirialan 'Nova', she was counted among the Dread Sisters, who number less than their Dread Brothers. In spite of some of her siblings' hedonistic tendencies while off-duty, she preferred to remain calm and dignified at all times. She did socialize with the other members of the 117th, she simply didn't take it to excess. Frequently, she pulled her brothers out of the trouble they get themselves into with an exasperated sigh.

Her training was as thorough as her siblings'; thorough weapons and combat training, and the basic piloting they each learned. Phoenix was also trained in shoulder-fired weapons - impeccable aim makes her deadly with her favorite PLX-1 and RD-4. Her true area of expertise, however, is demolitions, and was the subject of her most extensive training. She considers it an art form, and is known to keep plasticene thermite gel and det tape within arm's reach at all times.

Following the events that came to be galactically known as "The Madness", a majority of the Dread Guard left the Confederacy, and the service of Darth Metus, behind. Phoenix was off on a separate mission and did not discover what had happened until well after they were gone. Upon her return, she was faced with a choice, remain in the service she was created for, or strike out as the others had. It took her months to come to the painful decision to leave, but she did not follow her brethren to the Liberty Concord, she struck out on her own instead.

She took the name Phoenix Edorath, keeping the nickname her brothers and sisters gifted her and taking the surname Edorath from an old spacer's tale.

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Rasu Gan

She Who Wishes to Forget
...And another one joins the ranks.

Welcome to chaos. Hope you have fun.

Phoenix Edorath

The boom makes it better.
CC-420 Doc said:
Hello comrade. Welcome to the fray, get banged up, give me a shout.
Awesome...glad to see you, Doc :)

CC-117 Canal said:
Hello sister. Grab a gun and start conquering
Greetings - that sounds like a fantastic plan.

CC-308 Maverick said:
*raises rifle*


(Welcome to the family!)

@[member="CC-676 Phoenix"]

(Thanks, Mav :) )

CC-777 Jackpot said:
Yes! More explosions!

Couldn't agree more, Jackpot :D

Marek Starchaser said:
Don't lie...you love us *grins*

Phoenix Edorath

The boom makes it better.
Thrasher CC-314 said:
Welcome, sister...
@[member="CC-676 Phoenix"]
Thank you, sister :)

Commander Calico CC-247 said:
No more eye batting. @[member="CC-676 Phoenix"]
All due respect, Commander, I don't 'eye bat'. I might baseball bat someone, but I will not eye bat. Got better things to do.

CC-935 Bluejay said:
Note to self - send off PMs before embarking on homework.

In any case, welcome! :) @[member="CC-676 Phoenix"]
Thank you! :) :)