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Approved Tech Phase II Hellplate

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The Spacepiress of Chaos
Out of Character Information
Intent:Upgrading and Updating Hellplate
Image Source:[HERE]
Canon Link:Not Applicable
Permissions:Not Applicable
Primary Link:Knights of the Pyre Hellplate Armor

Production Information
Manufacturer:The Hellforge
Affiliation:Confederacy of Independent Systems; The Hellknight Corps
Model:Phase II Hellplate
Modularity:Yes; Limited to Emblems and Colors of a particular Order or Sub-Chapter

Technical Information
Weight:Very Heavy

Special Features
Helmet:HUD - Heads up DisplayTorso:Environmental Control UnitLegs:Knee-Protector Plates
Air Filtration and O2 Supply SystemManual Suit Sealing KitMagnetic Boots with Grav-Field Alternator
Automatic Polarizing and Anti-Flash Blinding LensesReinforced Alusteel Plating
Encrypted ComlinkAdditional Systems:Power-Assisted Servos
Series IV SpeakersArms:Forearm DatapadIFF Circuitry
Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition SystemRetractable VibroknifeSealed Against Biological and Chemical Attacks
Temperature Control Bodysuit
Reconfigurable Backpack

Advanced Systems

  • Sealed against Biological and Chemical Attacks - With continued operations in the Southern Systems, the chances of coming into contact with a biological or chemical agent with a detrimental effect upon an individual increase with each new planet they happen upon or are deployed. An integrated filtration system, specialized seals, and body-glove ensure that the operator does not inhale or absorbed via contact with their skin, any kind of biological or chemical agent. However, this system does not permit an individual from operating in an environment that is not conducive to their species' breathing requirements.
  • Power-Assisted Servos - Accounting for Phase II's heavier weight when compared to the original Hellplate; the addition of Power-Assisted Servos was required to allow the operator to more easily move the armor. These servos, dispersed throughout the armor, assist the operator in ensuring that the armor functions properly both on and off the field of battle.
  • Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System - Often considered an older technology; its use on the field of battle still provides an advantage over an enemy formation. Utilizing the IFF Circuitry within the armor, the system assists in those conditions when an individual's vision may be hindered or obscured. By marking out friendly positions, it greatly reduces friendly-fire instances in conditions that have otherwise obscured visual clarity.
  • Armorweave Cloak / Kamas - Though considered more for show than actual protection - as its area of protection is limited; the operator is often provided with an option to add this feature to their armor or otherwise forego its use. Functional to a point, and capable of resisting limited contact with a Lightsaber - while also able to deflect blaster bolts in certain situations. More often than not, a Sub-Chapter of a specific Order dons these items to provide a more unique appearance and differentiate themselves from other Sub-Chapters.
  • Ablative Plating - A newer upgrade to the armor; this plating offers increased protection capabilities against additional types of damage, particularly against electrical sources such as Ion Blasts.
  • Reconfigurable Pack - Carried over from the Phase II Canoness Battle Armor; the pack often contains additional munitions cartridges and standard equipment that one would find a soldier possessing in a standard pack. Likewise, the pack is capable of being reconfigured to fit a myriad of roles as needed - from the addition of Oxygen Tanks and Bacta Dispensers to Additional or Heavier Munitions, Explosives, or any number of equipment required for a specific mission.

  • Sonic - Lacking the proper protections required to protect against such attacks; the armor is capable of withstanding one or two strikes from a Sonic Weapon with little detrimental effects against the operator. However, successive blasts, concentrated attacks, or heavier bursts from weapons such as those from Sonic Cannons are more than enough to effectively liquefy the operator inside of the armor.
  • Walking Tank - Heavier than its predecessor, those operating the Phase II armor require additional specialized training or at the very least formidable strength or endurance to properly operate the armor; even with the assistance of the Power-Assisted Servos located throughout the armor.
  • Heavy - Constructed from materials often utilized in Starships; the armor is exceeding heavy - even more so than its predecessor. Thus, this armor should not be utilized in geographical features such as Mud, Sand, Bogs, or similar locations that would otherwise render the armor immobile. In some other specialized cases, without proper preparation, the armor can sink, either suffocating or drowning the operator within.
  • Fire Trap - Though equipped with systems to assist in defusing heat, the armor itself is otherwise akin to a large mobile oven. In those instances where the armor can be immobilized; while capable of sustaining limited attacks from fire - continuous assault from weaponry such as Flamethrowers would have the effect of cooking the operator inside of the armor.
  • Impaired Movement - A byproduct of the Ablative Plating and other features of the Armor; operators experience an Impaired Movement - resulting in a lack of dextrous movements that many would otherwise have in lighter materials or more dextrous armors that aren't as cumbersome.
  • Lockup - Equipped with systems to assist in dealing with Ion based weaponry and limited EMP strikes; the armor is still vulnerable to these forms of damage - specifically the servos. While the armor is capable of shaking off limited strikes against these types of weaponry, sustained or concentrated fire from these sources still have the capability of shutting off or otherwise destroying the more delicate components within the armor. This would result in the armor locking up, effectively trapping the operator within the armor.

Phase II Hellplate borrows heavily from Phase II Canoness Battle Armor while also retaining features and upgraded features from the original Knights of the Pyre Hellplate. Manufacturing and Production of the armor utilize materials that are often seen used in the creation of Starships, making the armor much heavier than other similar armors. This makes for a sturdier armor that is capable of withstanding higher levels of abuse, resulting in its ability to shrug off most attacks from small arms - such as small-caliber rounds or low yield blaster bolts. However, it is still incapable of handling bursts or attacks from heavier weapons such as Blaster Cannons, high yield blaster bolts, or large-caliber rounds specifically designed to tear through armor. Heavier than its predecessor, the Phase II Hellplate requires additional specialized training to properly operate - even with the addition of Power-Assisted Servos that are located throughout the suit.

A major addition to the armor is that of Ablative Plating, designed to assist in offering protection against additional forms of damage, specifically those that are electrical-based such as Ion Blasters. However, this comes at a trade-off, that being the impaired movement that operators often experience, resulting in the loss of dextrous movement or such movements that would otherwise be capable in lighter more flexible armors. Even with this additional plating, successive strikes from Ion based weaponry or EMP strikes still have the potential of shutting down or otherwise destroying these more delicate systems within the armor. Furthermore, the armor lacks any kind of actual protection against Lightsabers, with successive strikes in the same location - or just plunging the lightsaber into the armor - is more than enough to damage the armor.

Like many heavy armors, it is highly suggested that the Phase II Hellplate not be operated in theaters of war with geographical features such as Sand, Mud, or Bogs or similar hazards that have the potential of causing the armor to become immobile or sink. Though the armor is not capable of being modified in an extensive sense, minor cosmetic designs - such as the addition of emblems and colors denoting a specific Sub-Chapter or Order - as well as an armorweave Kamas or Cloak are an aid in providing a more intimidating appearance. A carry-over from the sister line of Phase II Canoness Battle Armor is the reconfigurable pack that is capable of being equipped for a myriad of mission needs.
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