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Phase II "Dissonance" Particle Beam Rifle

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  • Intent: To create a particle beam rifle for the Agents of Chaos.
  • Image Source: Adrian Majkrzak
  • Canon Link: Particle Beam
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Particle Beam Rifle
  • Beam Color: Shimmery Magenta
  • Beam Velocity: 1471 m/s
  • Size: Small (58.42cm, 23 inches)
  • Weight: Average (3.0 kg, 6.61 Lbs.)
  • Ammunition Type: Plasma Cartridge, Tibanna Gas Canister
  • Ammunition Capacity (Lethal/Maximum Setting): 100 Shots per Plasma Cartridge, 200 Shots per Tibanna Gas Canister, 400 Shots per Power Cell
  • Reload Speed: Very Slow
    • ~6-7 Seconds to Reload Plasma Cartridge
    • ~10 Seconds to Reload Plasma Cartridge and Tibanna Gas Canister
    • ~20-30 Seconds to Reload Plasma Cartridge, Tibanna Gas Canister, and Power Cell
  • Effective Range: Average (450 m)
  • Rate of Fire: Average
    • Practical Rate of Fire (Maximum Rate of Fire in a Practical Scenario which Factors in Average Reload Time and Heat Management): ~290-340 RPM
    • Theoretical Rate of Fire (Maximum Rate of Fire in a Theoretical Scenario in which the Weapon does not require Reloading or Heat Management): 900 BPM/15 BPS
  • Stopping Power: Very High
  • Recoil: Average
  • Integrated Remote HUD/MFTAS Uplink (Ammunition Counter, Operating Temperature, Weapon Integrity, Targeting Computer, Rangefinder, Etc.)
  • Integrated Combat Rails (Combat Sights, Scopes, Gadgets, Grips, Underslung Weapon/Accessory Mounting Point Etc.)
  • Stun and Lethal/Maximum Setting
  • Collapsible Stock
  • Heat Sink and Cooling Coils
  • Ambidextrous Support
  • Magnatomic Grips
  • Modularity and Versatility: The Dissonance can fit a number of underbarrel attachments, optics, and foregrip variants which grants the operator a large degree of customization over the weapon and its functionality.
  • Destructive Damage Potential: The Dissonance fires beams of superheated energy which are highly effective against droids and organic targets. The weapon’s shimmering magenta beams are capable of burning through and flash-melting durasteel plating of the thickness typically utilized in heavy infantry armor. When applied against organic targets, the Dissonance may produce spectacularly gruesome results, including the potential to dismember limbs, trigger spontaneous thermal dissolution, and burn holes through targets.
  • Beautiful, but Impractical: The Dissonance discharges stunning magenta beams which possess a brilliant glimmering visual effect. In a battlefield where most energy bolts are generally a shade of blue, green, or yellow, the glittery magenta beams fired by the Dissonance are incredibly beautiful and distinct, but may easily expose the location of the shooter.
  • Three Stage Reload: When the power cell, plasma cartridge, and the tibanna gas canister is depleted, the Dissonance requires a complicated three-stage reload which requires that the weapon be field-stripped and re-assembled in a lengthy process.
  • Ion/EMP Vulnerability: The Dissonance has a number of sensitive electronics in the main body of the rifle which are encased in Ionite and EMP resistant materials. As such, even when struck by a close-proximity EMP/Ion-based attack, the weapon typically retains enough electrical integrity to maintain primary fire functionality. Unfortunately, the rifle’s optic, underbarrel gadget, remote HUD/MFTAS linking system, and sound-dampening suppressor are almost always compromised in EMP/Ion-based assaults, because their systems are located at or near the outside of the rifle’s main body. In the wake of these assaults, these systems typically must undergo a lengthy automatic reboot which may last as short as a minute or as long as a few hours.
  • Cooling and Heat Management: While the Dissonance features a continuously operating cooling system which immediately disperses heat from the weapon in between firing sequences, this system is ineffective if the rifle is fired at the maximum rate of fire over a sustained period. As such, in the event that the weapon surpasses the hard-coded heat maximum, the cooling systems will immediately execute a heat discharge protocol which prevents the operator from firing the weapon for over three seconds.
The Phase II “Dissonance” Particle Beam Rifle is a particle beam assault rifle intended for usage by the frontline fighters of the Agents of Chaos. The project was conceived and researched by Whimsy in 858 ABY and put into service a little over a year later. Intended to act as a versatile and highly modular primary handheld weapon platform, the Dissonance features a number of factory compatible attachments which allow the operator to customize their weapon based on the needs of the mission. Although it possesses a small frame, the Dissonance is most effective at short and medium ranges. At ranges past 500 meters, the beam fired by the weapon becomes unstable and highly prone to inaccuracy.

The shimmery magenta beams fired by the Dissonance are unique from those fired by blaster rifles not only in their brilliant appearance, but also through their composition. The weapon fires coherent particles of energy which interact with surfaces and energy fields by creating a small, yet violent explosion with a distinct glittery visual effect. While this trait prevents the beams from passing through targets or obstructions, it does permit a more focused damage potential on a single target. It also counters the energy-reflective properties of lightsabers and Xythan force shields, though it does not nullify their vast defensive qualities.
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