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Approved Tech Phantom Of The Faith V2

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> Intent: To submit a revised armor for Jamie that conforms to Factory 5.0.
> Image Source: [X] [X]
> Canon Link: N/A
> Restricted Missions: N/A
> Primary Source: [X]


> Manufacturer: [member="Jamie Pyne"]
> Model: Phantom Of The Faith V2
> Affiliation: [member="Jamie Pyne"]
> Modularity: None
> Production: Unique
> Material: Asheran Armorweave | Flex-Armor | Pyronium | Body-Glove


> Classification: Multipurpose
> Weight: Light
> Resistances:
> Blasters: Very High
> Kinetic: High
> Lightsabers: Average
> EMP/Ion: Extreme
> Explosives: None
> Sonic: None
> Acid: None


> Long Range Comlink

> Magno-Grip Components
> Gravity Boots
> Field Disruptor


[ + ] Very high degree of protection against blasters, swords, and knives.
[ + ] Extreme protection from EMP/Ion.
[ + ] Lightweight and form-fitted, allowing full range of motion.
[ + ] Gravity boots allow for quick escapes or terrain traversing.
[ + ] Field disruptor allows the wearer to bypass standard shields unopposed.


[ - ] No protection from explosives, acid based chemicals, and sonic weaponry.
[ - ] Does not protect from the vacuum of space or severe elements.
[ - ] Due to the Asheran Armorweave, it is incredibly susceptible to electricity.
[ - ] Does not protect the face in any capacity.


This armor is created using a combination of Asheran Armorweave, Flex-Armor, Pyronium, and a body-glove. Given the lightweight materials, it affords the wearer a full range of motion, as well as incredible protection from blasters, slugthrowers, swords, and knives. Additionally, the properties found in Asheran Armorweave give the wearer a moderately enhanced defense from lightsabers. While not on par with other materials such as Phrik, Beskar, or Songsteel, the armorweave will protect the wearer from multiple strikes, provided they have not been delivered in close proximity to one another, thereby destroying the interwoven fibers. Pyronium has been added to the armor to prevent damage to the sensitive electronics within the armor. Additions to the suit include gravity boots for rapid traversing or quick escapes, a personal energy shield, high powered thermal torch, field disruptor, long range comlink, and a self-injection bacta dose. Given its lightweight nature and thin fabric, the armor provides no protection from explosives, sonic weaponry, acid based chemicals, nor will it prevent the transfer of energy from high kinetic impacts to the wearer. Broken bones and other, similar injuries are still possible, even if the armor is not penetrated.
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