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Approved Tech Phantom Fingers

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Son of Triam
Intent: To create a device that can manhandle a force user if they are not careful.
Development Thread: Hath Found me Jedi, I'll Try Not to Die
Manufacturer: Akovin Stock Co.
Model: Phantom Fingers
Affiliation: Triam Akovin’s Dainty Hands
Modularity: Minor (The Arm Guards can be changed out with different materials, and the glove that holds the device can be altered as well)
Production: Minor
Material: Durasteel, Cortosis (Armguards)
Description: The Phantom Fingers are five magnetized holo nanotubes with grappling hooks at the end. As a grappling hook, the fingers can have five points of contact to pull up lots of dead weight. In addition to this, they are meat hooks, intended to go into, and rip out the flesh of an individual. The reason for this, is because it doubles as a taser, as well as a poison injector. The reason for the nano-tubes magnetization is to prevent immediate cutting from a lightsaber. The theory behind it, is that since lightsabers utilize plasma and magnetism, that if a powerful enough magnetic field is applied to a wire like this, a lightsaber can pass through unscathed, so long as it is no longer than a moment at which point the field collapses. Once a lightsaber passes through it, the magnetic field collapses anyway, leaving it vulnerable to any additional lightsaber swings. It has no defense against the force, and if the force is applied it could be used to wrap up the wielder. Additionally, the wires are metal and thus conduct electricity both ways. Should an electrical attack be used specifically against the wires it could fry its operating systems and cause physical harm to the wearer.

Classification: Other
Size: Hand-mounted
Status: Legal (only because the weapon is so unknown no legislation has been made against it)
Length: The wires can reach a maximum distance of 10 meters
Weight: The weight of a hefty gauntlet.
Ammunition Type: Power cell (can run for a week unused)
Ammunition Capacity: Infinite Capacity until power cell runs dry
Effective Range: 10 meters

The Arm guards that hold it together:

Classification: Anti-lightsaber
Weight: (Via Metric System)
Quality: 4 (Against blasters), 9 (against lightsabers)
Son of Triam
Sure. I was trying to make it realistic considering Triam is a business woman. But I've been waiting on this for a while anyway, so I won't be picky.

Anyway, Edit is done @[member="Darth Kyros"]
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