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Ready For Judge PGEM-BAP

Niki Priddy

Bullets and power-cells





  • N/A

  • Rock with guns - The asteroids are meant as a permanent defense and early warning feature.
  • A Strange Spin on Things - With dedicated Asteroid and Attitude Thrusters, the platform is able to be surprisingly quick in a spin, but due to thruster arrangement does not provide actual thrust unless particular Thrusters are dedicated to movement. Likewise, the Thrusters provide only forward movement if used for such propulsion with limitations.
  • Eyes in the Dark - Long range scanners, early warning systems, and a decent smear of other systems give this platform the kit it needs to be decently effective at it's job.

  • It's a rock, in space - The thing is hard to miss, both literally and figuratively. While masquerading as an asteroid, there is nothing hiding its presence from visual or Sensor scans.
  • All Ahead Full - The platform has a dedicated set of Thrusters equipped, and while capable of propelling itself forward is unable to alter its course, locked into only forward propulsion and must come to a complete stop to engage in maneuvering capabilities. If the Thrusters take damage, the platform may potentially lose not only movement but also spin capabilities to keep the equipped guns trained on the enemy.
  • That's no moon - The unique signature of the scanners and power systems give this thing away pretty quickly and easily.

"Just put some guns on a rock and call it a day."
Engineers girlfriend on a date

There is always a need for defensive systems in an ever shifting galaxy. And this defensive platform is PGEM's cheapest take on the matter.

Originally sourcing asteroids from The Deep and the edges of known space, the production has shifted closer to PGEM's main office. Sourcing asteroids from the Five Veils Trade Route before shipping them across the galaxy through various means.

Equipped with a decent smear of Anti-Capital weaponry, and a healthy defensive systems atop a relatively easy to access base platform. The Modularity of the Asteroid is dependant upon the customer, and additional functions can be added with dedicated production.

Featuring a variable Spin Control or Forward Movement arrangement of Asteroid Thrusters and additional finer control Attitude Thrusters to keep the weapons pointed in the right direction.

The core of the platform is kept together through use of Seigurium Spikes laced with Animated Metal Sealant to bond the core Spikes to the mineral rich rock surrounding the base. With a dedicated Hangar to provide some modicum of starfighter support alongside the Anti-Capital array. While not as pretty as some dedicated defensive space stations, the Bulwark Asteroid Platform provides security where looks aren't required.

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-Removed Image from Spoiler
-Added Header/Dividers Source
-Removed old/broken Headers/Dividers
-General Text Formatting
-Updated Permissions List
-Updated Manufacturer's List
-Changed Source of Asteroids
-Removed Wookieepedia link for Turbolasers, Ion Cannons, Hypervelocity Cannons, Anti-missile Octet, Ion Point Defense, Laser Point Defense, and Materials
-Updated Aramament with Priddy Heavy Turbolaser Turrets, IB-X72 "Ísabrot" Ion Cannons, BM-27M "Jötunn" Hybrid Cannon and Priddy Hypervelocity Cannons
-Updated Defensive Systems with Priddy Anti-missile Octets, Priddy Laser Point Defense Cannons, Priddy Ion Point Defense Cannons, MP-042 "Skjöldr" Energy Shield Generators, and Seigurium - Core Spikes secured with Animated Metal Sealant
-Changed Hangar Rating from Average to Low, Changed Maneuverability rating from Low to Average
-Added Variable Maneuverability and Speed Rating with set requirements.
-Reworked Strengths and Weaknesses, added formatting.
-Reworked description to better fit modernized reason/productions.
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