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Codex Denied Pestilent Ones

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Darth Tennacus

  • Name: Xenomorphs
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Unknown Regions on board a derelict vessel
  • Average Lifespan: Rare
  • Description: The Xenomorph species is most notable for its black, exoskeletal body and elongated head, along with its narrow-pointed tail. Depending on the species and host, they can vary in height, colour and physical aspects.
  • Breathes: Notably oxygen; however, there are several varieties which can sustain themselves underwater or in the vacuum of space. Breathing dependency may fall into relation with its original host.
  • Average Height of Adults: 500 - 2,000 centimetres (dependent on species category)
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin Colour: Black
  • Hair Colour: N/A
  • Distinctions: Xenomorphs appear more close to bipedal beings than anything else. They often stand upright on two limbs, with arms and an elongated head. What sets them apart most is perhaps their exoskeleton, elongated skulls, inner jaw, elongated tail and acidic blood. They are devoid of noticeable eyes, ears and nostrils, with a sleek black exoskeletal plate covering their head.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: Standard
  • Exoskeleton: Xenomorphs possess a notable black exoskeletal exterior that is relatively sturdy and rigid, making most blunted objects difficult to penetrate.

    Acidic Blood: Xenomorphs possess a highly potent concentration of acidic blood, noted to be one of their most greatest defence mechanisms. It will burn through almost any object it comes into contact, and poses as quite a problem in regards to close-quarter combat.

    Speed: Xenomorphs are exceptionally fast beings, capable of scurrying on four-legged and bipedal maneuverers.

    Physical Prowess: Xenomorphs are incredibly strong creatures, capable of penetrating through flesh and steel with their own natural weapons (claws, teeth, inner-jaw & tails).

    Cunningness: Xenomorphs can be deceptively cunning and smart, capable of hiding themselves to perform sudden ambushes and tactically analyse situations to their own benefit.
  • Fire: Xenomorphs appear to be relatively vulnerable to high concentrations of heat and fire.

    Aggressiveness: As much as aggression serves to the benefit of their owners, their aggression can be turned against them if not vigorously trained.
  • Diet: Carnivorous
  • Communication: Pheromones, telekinesis, vocal noises.
  • Technology level: [ Describe their societal technology level if it differs from Galactic Standard. ]
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General behavior: Aggressive, naturally self-serving, hierarchy-orientated, attachments to perceived parental figures.

The origins of the original Xenomorph embryos traces as far back as to the discovery of a derelict vessel floating through the Unknown Regions by Darth Tennacus Darth Tennacus and Darth Senthral Darth Senthral . The two Sith tracked a signal to the location of the vessel, believing that it might have been abandoned when their droids failed to pick up lifeform readings. After further discovery and venturing deeper into the vessel, they discovered a hibernation chamber containing an estimated ten thousand eggs and vases present with an unknown black substance. After having their droids hack into the mainframe of the ship, they discovered that the vessel and its crew were originally colonisers who originated somewhere outside of the galaxy, but had travelled to theirs to terraform. Somewhere amidst their scientific journey, several eggs hatched which attacked and killed the crew, whose bodies were located further in. The Sith were also attacked by these hibernating eggs, but the droids quickly attended to force them into suspended animation. Darth Tennacus was interested in their anatomy when he discovered the acidic blood of a severed Facehugger burning its way through the ship, so he organised the retrieval of all eggs and vases to be taken back to Seculus-B for further analysis.

After several forms of experimentation, the Sith successfully grew their own versions of Xenomorph, but it required countless efforts and sacrifice to try and discover how they could bring them under some manner of domestication. In the end, the Sith leaned towards Sith Alchemy and Dathomir Magick after advising fellow Sith, as well as using the Force to instil a sense of comfort in the presence of the Dark Side. After tedious effort and input, they eventually developed a Queen Xenomorph who could produce eggs which they could subjugate. Hundreds of eggs were placed into stasis for preservation while the Sith expanded on their developed creations, putting newborns through vigorous training and alchemic infusions to generate subordinated statistics that would generate Sithspawn. It came with great struggle given the aggressive nature of Xenomorphs, with a problem arising in the presence of a Queen which made them respect her as a figure of authority amongst their natural hierarchy. The Sith saw to overcoming this flaw by generating alternative Queens that had been infused with Sith Alchemy which could carry down the Force-sensitive trait to her eggs, which the Sith had instilled with their own DNA to be recognised as either parental figures of allies upon maturity. This allowed the following offspring to find comfort in Dark Side users, albeit through training and domestication to ensure spontaneous aggression did not occur. The first few batches had to be destroyed, but after some further analysis into the black substance, Tennacus saw to generating his own versions through captured slaves who were subjected to Facehuggers and scientific ingestion of the black substance. After eventually coming to a success in controlled production, the Sith begun to select individual Xenomorphs and eggs that could be trained, domesticated and biologically altered to generate subjugated swarms and individuals.


Alien Covenant David's Illustrations - Alien vs. Predator Galaxy

Description: An Overmorph is the egg sac which is hatched by a Xenomorph Queen. They are organic in their nature, and appear to be sentient with the ability to detect the presence of a potential host within their vicinity. When they have recognised a potential host, four petals will unfold from the crown of the egg, allowing a Facehugger to be released and inseminate a target with a common or royal embryo.


Description: A Facehugger is the organism that is born from an Ovomorph egg sac. It has multiple digit-like appendages and a tail, and is composed of organic matter. The Facehugger serves its purpose by searching for a potential host upon leaving its egg sac, most commonly known to latch itself around a target and inject an embryo into their mouth. Its grip and determination are considered exceptional, with the ability to provide its host breathable air and render them unconscious as it passes the embryo into them, or produce acid in the event an obstacle is blocking their attempt of ingestion. It also carries a potent acidic blood which can make it difficult to remove from a host. It is a quick, cunning and deceptive specimen that can easily outrun most creatures.

trilobite (prometheus) drawn by seeker | Danbooru

Description: A Trilobite is a large, organic octopus-like creature which is bred specifically through the process of ingesting a black substance within a fertile host. It appears to have a similar anatomy to the Facehugger, but is exceptionally larger with the ability to latch itself around large-sized lifeforms and encase them within its appendages. Once it has produced an embryo within a target it will succumb to death.

ALIEN CHESTBUSTER sci fi chestburster geek ufo et funny birthday gift  computer Digital Art by Caleb Osborne

Description: A Chestburster is the first stage of a Xenomorph after it has matured from an embryo. They are usually birthed by penetrating through the internal structure of a living host, creating a chest cavity as they escape out into the world. They are small, fast and cunning, capable of escaping through small gaps and crevices. They can take anywhere from an hour to twenty-four hours to reach full maturity.

Pin on Vetřelci

Description: A Xenomorph is the fully matured form of a Chestburster, generically appearing with a black exoskeleton with, inner jaw and elongated skull and tail. They are exceptionally fast and strong specimens, consisting of Warriors and Drones who can cooperate as a unit. They possess a heavily potent concentration of acidic blood, making it extremely dangerous to attempt close-quarter combat. They are also cunning and can tactically prepare themselves in methods of warfare.

Xenomorph Queen
Pin on Alien Queen

Description: A Xenomorph Queen is the highest rank of natural hierarchy among the species, capable of surpassing the strength of her offspring and several other creatures of lower or similar height. Most of her features are similar to the generic Xenomorph, with the exception of a large headplate and body capable of ramming into larger objects. On the battlefield, she can command her offspring and have them protect her if necessary. Her primary role for the Sith is to produce Ovomorphs, but they can deploy a Queen if necessary; however, she will be forced to rip herself free from her exterior womb to manoeuvre efficiently.

Xenomorph Sithspawn
CobraShadowJoes: NECA TOYS Toys R Us Exclusive Aliens Genocide 2-Pack

Are the red xenomorphs specifically targeting classic Xenos? - Alien:  Covenant Forum

Description: Xenomorph Sithspawn are the product of Sith Alchemy, genetic experimentation, and gene-splicing which makes up the bulk of their race. They are bred, grown and trained through domestication, and can consist of various forms of alteration in regards to DNA Reflex, appearance and attributes. Darth Tennacus Darth Tennacus produces bulk numbers of generic Xenomorphs with red exoskeletal hues for allies to identify them easier, as well as signal their association to the Sith. They can be commanded by high-ranking Sith and carry out tasks provided to them.

Xenomorph Rancor
Xenomorph (rancor) | Wiki | Alien Versus Predator Universe Amino

Description: A xenomorph Rancor is a crossbred creation of a Rancor & Xenomorph, used primarily for frontline warfare. They can be deployed by the Sith in the event of bulk forces needed to be cleared, and are highly aggressive in their nature. They are subjected to terrible methods of torment and torture, used to rile up the Dark Side infused in them though Sith Alchemy and Dathomir Magick so they become ruthless killers on the battlefield.

Experimental Xenomorph
HD wallpaper: dragon clip art, Xenomorph, aliens, Alien (movie), science  fiction | Wallpaper Flare

Description: Experimental Xenomorph are developed uniquely and tediously, using specific genetic modification, application and alteration to create them in a specific way. (Any experimental creations should be created through a submission).
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Codex Judge
Darth Tennacus Darth Tennacus

The biggest issue that I would like to address is that the submission appears to be a direct copy of the types of creatures from Aliens with little to no changes. Per the Codex General Rules, "No cross overs. All submissions need to conform to the general idea of Star Wars". Because there are so few changes/unique elements, this submission is also heavily plagarized which can be troublesome.

First, we come across the Xenomorphs themselves. They have acidic blood, are cunning/highly intelligent, can run on two legs or on four legs much like the xenomorph dogs that they can spawn in within Aliens, and they are vulnerable to fire. All of which can be found on the orginal species' wiki page.​
Second, the names and descriptions of the races, or categories as you named them, as well as their abilities and growth cycle are identical to what can be found on the Alien Wiki. Below are the original sources for the Pestilent races and their respective information:​

Truthfully, the only elements I can see that are unique to this submission are the idea of Sithspawn as well as portions of the last half of what you've written for Historical Information.

Given that the submission is entirely based on Aliens, would you like to have this moved to Pre-Codex to revamp this into an entirely unique submission or would you prefer to have this archived?

Anonther option that's available is if you don't agree with my judgement of your submission and feel that it's incorrect, I can archive this and you can put in a request for a Second Chance where it will be assigned a new Judge/RPJ/Admin who will look at it again. However, should it be denied a second time, that decision will be final and the species cannot be submitted again.

Please tag me once you've considered the above options and have reached a decision then we can continue from there.

Darth Tennacus

Ylla Caeli'runa Ylla Caeli'runa

Hey thanks for the response and information,

One of the reasons I maintained the information found in the normal Alien lore was because I spoke with another admin before my submission when I had similar concerns about them requiring their own bio and I was told that the species are canon so I could build off it (Sithspawn versions etc)

I can alter the submission tomorrow to make them strictly Sithspawn if that makes things simpler but I think I’ll need another rundown of what I’m allowed to do on my end in regards to what types of this species I can generate.

Am I allowed to work off the base Xenomorph race and maintain “general” forms of the species (drones warriors queens etc) or shall I convert them all to Sithspawn and genetically altered versions so they don’t represent similar aspects?

Darth Tennacus

Ylla Caeli'runa Ylla Caeli'runa

Apologies for the second tag I think I see where the problem is in this submission, so as to your question I’d like to edit this tomorrow and re-tag you when I’m ready for it to be looked over again. I’d do it tonight but I’m needing to be up early in the morning so I haven’t got time tonight.
Codex Judge
Darth Tennacus Darth Tennacus Thank you for clarifying. It's perfectly fine if you tag me again when you've completed your edits to have another look, I'd be more than happy to.

However, yes, you can use the names. The issue is the bread and butter, the details of the sub. Being inspired by or building off of the Xenomorph species and using the Xenomorph species are entirely different things. Some names and all can be kept, but you cannot use the lore from Aliens. You would need to distinguish them and make them unique from what they're made out to be in the Aliens Universe because that is where we run into crossover issues. Their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses would need to be reworked into something new. You'll need to make the concept your own.

Darth Tennacus

Ylla Caeli'runa Ylla Caeli'runa

I apologise for such a late reply! Been real busy with work.

I think I need to archive this until I figure out what to do with it. It's only just dawned on me that the submitting this as a species creation is the problem given that I did not of course create the species in question. I'll need to some time to look through the other forums and restructure it so for now I think it's best to archive until I can give it more of my time.

Is that alright?
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