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Approved Tech Personal Transport-Scout Design

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Intent: To make Something for Tefraxis since he's handled this whole thing very well and he deserved something. Even if he is a Vong.
Development Thread: nope
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Model: Personal Transport-Scout Design (PT-SD)
Affiliation: Teffie or another one of his characters ^-^
Modularity: None
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel
Description: A prototype for a modern version of the AT-PT, production was stopped after the only produced unit was captured by space pirates. The nimble walker emphasized maneuverability and a ruggedness not found in it's predecessor but had a slightly reduced offensive capability. The inclusion of a repulsorlift and small ion drive allows the walker to fly in a 50M arc trajectory which, while repeatable, requires a full minute between maximum distance jumps while the capacitor recharges. Intended for solo scouts or frontiersmen traversing the harshest of terrains, the PT-SD carries several days of rations and can comfortably operate in tundra, desert, mountains, jungles, and many other inhospitable environments including space.

Due to the Scout's low profile, the cockpit area can be lifted on the boom arms to allow the driver to see over obstacles. When parked, this also allows easy access to the front of the walker's body for maintenance on the engine. Other than a few fancy parts thrown in such as the nightvision and full spectrum scanners, the PT-SD is very utilitarian and rugged.

Role: Reconnaissance
Height: 4.5M
Length: 4M
Width: 1.5M
Weight: 7,000kg
Propulsion: Bipedal
Top Speed: 120 KM/H
Armaments: Repeating Blaster (1)
Grenade Launcher (1)
Passenger Capacity: 0
Cargo Capacity: 300kg
Misc. Equipment: Jump Jet
Magnetic Feet
Short-Range Scanners
Nightvision Scope
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