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Approved Tech Personal Battle Armor - Superbia Aeternae

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Control the Chaos

  • Intent: To have a completely unique sith armor for Credius Nargath aka Darth Halcyon
  • Image Source: [X]
  • Canon Link: -
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Heavily modified Sith Battle Suit

  • Manufacturer: Personal|Custom recreation|Original Manufacturer
  • Affiliation: Credius Nargath
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: It can combine with the KRONOS AI to further enhance Credius' speed, agility, intelligence and durability.
  • Production: Unique






  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: Very High
    • Kinetic: High
    • Lightsabers: Very High
    • EMP/Ion: High
    • Other: Average

  • Force control enhancement through embedded Dantari crystals.
  • Intravenous Painkiller insertion circuit.
  • Limited outer space use due to rebreather and Durafiber bodysuit
  • Can link up with the KRONOS AI to further enhance wearer's physical and mental capacity.


  • Very High Lightsaber Resistance: Due to the combination of materials such as the use of Phrik in the armor, it has a much higher than normal resistance against the favored weapon of choice among most of the force sensitives within the galaxy, allowing the user to shrug of multiple hits on the targeted areas.
  • Very high energy resistance: Using many layers of protection with in particular the armorweave of ersteel and carbonite, but also the phrik have made this armor quite resilient against energy based weaponry such as blasters and the likes.
  • Force control enhancement: Through the use of two small bled kyber crystals embedded within the armor's gauntlet plating, the wearer is able to optimize their control over the force, thus amplifying their actions through the force with great effect, allowing for impressive force pushes, all-incinerating force lightning, etc.
  • Painkiller: this armor is equipped with an internal circuit which can insert liquid painkillers straight into the wearer's bloodstream at a constant rate, helping to stave off both the wearer's [Credius Nargath] constant pain through dark side degredation as well as optimizing the wearer's endurance and constitution due to dulling any pain caused by wounds.
  • Sharp claws: By having the fingertips constructed out of obsidian, which is the sharpest conventional material known to the galaxy, the battle armor can be deadly even when no weapon is used.
  • Sync up with AI: A connection is made within the suite to allow Credius( personal AI KRONOS to sync up with the suite, allowing for it to integrate its own capacity, it's own analytical power and observational skills within the armor, thus greatly improving the wearer's reaction time, mental processing, etc.


  • Weak spots: The back of each joint area is only minimally protected and thus pose as the armor's weak points.
  • Painkiller: Though the constant application of painkiller injections dulls pain, it can also turn the wearer rather impetious, as they may turn a blind eye to more severe injuries due to the lack of pain, which can cause dangerous situations for the wearer.
  • Visibility: The armor's mask and robes do slightly reduce th visibility of the wearer, mainly when it comes to vision from beyond the edges of the mask's eye-openings and the robe's hood.
  • No stealth: Though a few of the components within the armor should technically be able to grant the wearer some capacity of stealth, the use of electrumhas made it so shiny and obvious that the capacities of those materials in question no longer are able to manifest themselves.


The recreated sith battle armor is specifically tailored by Credius Nargath for his own purposes, adding much needed protection against lightsabers around what he deemed his most vulnerable places. However, to avoid making the armor too heavy, he opted for only partial phrik plating, leaving his arms, legs and feet without the superior protection of the material. The embedded kyber crystals within the gauntlet's upper plating were a design choice with as sole goal to amplify and concentrate the user's force channeling powers, which would amplify Credius Nargath's already considerable power to the next degree. The last addition to the armor was a personal one, an intravenous painkiller admission circuit to dull the considerable internal pain the Sith Lord is dealing with as his part of dark side degredation. Though it does help with the pain and also the pain of sustained injuries, it may also make the wearer somewhat oblivious to their own wounds, which could lead to ignoring more serious injuries that would need immediate treatment.

Superbia Aeternae upgrade:
With Credius ever changing fortune, his desire to slowly become more known beyond the persona of darth halcyon or his own name, he has taken the task upon himself to enhance and upgrade his armor, doing away with the nuissance of having no "face" by replacing the entire helmet structure with a simple, yet effective 'human' mask, turning his robes into a more effective protectional layer over the base armor and allowing himself for some upgrades in regards to his AI KRONOS, desiring a closer bond with his creation by allowing for both his armor and the AI to be able to sync up.

  • Added a name
  • Changed the avatar & image link
  • Updated to current template
  • Removed duraplast & biomesh from armor material, added ersteel 145 & carbonite
  • Replaced Helmet with Mask
  • Removed romex threadings from robes
  • added armorweave, electrum & aurodium detailing to robes
  • Removed commlink from mask
  • changed holonet connection to holonet transeiver in mask
  • redone entire ratings & strengths and weaknesses accrodingly alongside the description
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