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Patricia Susan Garter

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy

NAME: Patricia Susan Garter
FACTION: Red Ravens
AGE: 30
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 115 pounds
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
SKIN: White

Strong willed: Patricia does not have a feeble mind, regardless of her foul mouth and general demeanor the woman knows her way around the galaxy. She has taken advanced force persuasion resistance classes making her hard to sway through the force. She will do whatever it takes to make sure the job is done.

Gunslinger to the max: If there's a handheld weapon system in the galaxy from blasters to slug throwers Patricia can adapt and learn it quickly. She prefers to duel wield pistols but she is not to be taken lightly when it comes to rifles as well.

I can fit in that!: Patricia is rather small, standing at only five foot two she can crawl through air ducts, hide in boxes, and fit in most tight spaces.

I know Kung Fu: Patricia is well trained in many forms of martial arts and knows how to layith the smacketh down. She has had advanced hand to hand training and she uses her small size and speed against her opponents

Well aren't you a hot piece of man: Patricia grew up as a party girl on Zeltros, to say the least she knows a thing or two about what two adults do in the bedroom. And often her drive to couple can get in her way, she will ogle and sometimes visibly drool over a man she finds attractive. It can get in the way of her job at times however.

Booze cruise: Patricia again grew up on the non stop party world of Zeltros, she killed bottles before learning how to kill people. The woman loves a drink and sometimes can't control how much she drinks, one drink turns to two until ten drinks turns into the floor.

Fragile at times: Patricia may be an adept hand to hand fighter but she's still five foot two and a buck fifteen. She can be easily thrown around and broken. She prefers not to get hit in a fight and when she does it often can take it's physical toll.

F#%$!!: Patricia can have a temper and the mouth of a sailor. When angered or even just out of the blue the little agent can swear and throw tantrums. This can often cloud her judgment and get her kicked out if finer establishments with people applauding behind her.

APPEARANCE: Patricia is a small woman still young, she mostly sticks to skirts and dresses. The blue eyed blond haired woman does not carry herself with grace and is a foul mouthed, getting around, alcoholic killing machine.

BIOGRAPHY: Patricia Susan Garter was born on the planet Zeltros to a wealthy family living the dream. Thinking she had everything the woman spent most of her time in the casinos gambling her families money away until one day she was cast out and booted to the curb at the age of 19. shortly after with no hopes of finding and keeping a real job the woman joined the republic intelligence agency with hopes of one day returning to her family to get back her life. However her time in the agency would turn her life around.

Mostly being used as a honey pot at first Patricia's job was to mostly sleep with corrupt men with dirty secrets. She didn't really mind it at first but as the job grew more and more mundane she found herself wanting more out of her job. So she signed up as a republic field agent and went out to make a name for herself in the agency. After a few successful missions Patricia was stationed on Mannan during the fall of the Sith Empire. And when the sith attacked she was there to fend off the invaders and earn herself a ship and a medal for her distinguished service. Patricia was happy and proud of herself, she then went on various jobs where she met The Shadow King, or as he was known back then Romeo Sin. After a series of run ins and missions Patricia quickly fell in love with the man and soon wound up pregnant with their daughter.

The twenty year old pregnant mother left the agency and made a life with Romeo on Tatooine after the fall of the Sith. Life was good but when she had their daughter everything changed, feeling the weight of reality on her Patricia abandoned her fiancé and child and shortly after her birth and took to space to wander and think about her life. For a few years she found herself at party after party drinking and throwing her life away. Until one day her home planet of Zeltros was nearly destroyed by the One Sith and news traveled shortly that her family had died in the attack. Swearing revenge the woman rejoined the republic agency but rather than fighting the sith at first she was sent to deal with various slaver operations and kidnappings. In these operations she met her new friends Geneviève Lasedri and Nima Tann. Patricia kept this operations up and shortly after would have her first taste of real combat in years against the One Sith back on Manaan.

Returning to Manaan the woman led the defense on the western front of Ahto City with her ex fiancé Romeo Sin, after being reunited with him she spilt her guts to him about how sorry she was for leaving and how much she loved him still. However she fell late in the battle was rushed off world in serious condition before seeing the man again. Now unsure if Romeo made it off Manaan alive she continues to do her job working with various people to free slaves against the Yuuzhan Vong, Graug, and gangs in wild space with her friend Gen. Or busy busting drug rings with her protectorate comrade Noah Corek.

After getting back on her feet the woman was taken off the war with the sith and was placed elsewhere in the Republic's galactic agency. During this time she arrived at Eclipsita where she was reunited with Romeo Sin and her daughter [member="Erika Sin"]. And for a while the woman was happy and with her family again. But as all good things would come to an end Patricia was assigned to go undercover at the Red Ravens Criminal Syndicate, a known ally of the One Sith. Her job was simple, to get in close with the higher ups, feed information, and keep their incompetent leader [member="Cryax Bane"] in charge. So Patricia did so, even suffering through torment and moral dilemmas she kept her cover and moved up in the ranks becoming the Executive Assistant to President Bane himself. She spent another four years of her life undercover eventually becoming pregnant with her second child Kincaid Sin and when it came time to strike, all hell broke loose with the rapture.

Millions of people vanishing overnight, many of them being her superiors at the republic intelligence office. She was trapped with the enemies she had slowly become friends with, the republic was all but lost and many worlds simply fell into chaos. And to make matters worse the woman was giving birth through it all. And in that office room where she held her baby boy she decided that being an agent was simply not for her anymore, she barely got to see her daughter and now she would be torn from her son. So she made her choice. Patricia left the republic once again and remained as a raven. She went on plenty of operations with them and eventually met [member="Jarven Zexxel"] , a Gank who was rather funny.

Things were going well as the ravens eventually spread out through wild space, but tragedy struck Patricia and Romeo Sin, the father of her two children was killed on Coruscant. Spiraling into depression and sadness Jarven Zexxel was there for the woman, and eventually stole her heart. While she had always been a rather loose woman in her youth she was ready to slow down and settle, and accepted the man's hand in marriage. The two now live on Antecedent whenever they aren't on deployment with the kids on their small Raven Fleet. Patricia was eventually promoted to the Chief of a Staff of the Red Ravens and so far she has been enjoying her life with her fiancé and soon to be husband.

Patricia eventually left the Ravens for a more legitimate life in the world of weapons and cloning technology. Founding Reclaimer Arms & Industrial as well as helping [member="Ethan Alde"] restore Spaarti Creations. Over time the woman took control of both companies and helped usher in a new clone army over the course of five years. Now standing on top of the cloning industry Patricia is proud mother of three and quite frequently uses anti aging technology to hold onto her younger looks.

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