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[Past RP] Misadventures of Iron Knight and the Ever-Colonel Kerrigan: Bando Gora Bonanza!


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
Heart of the Bando Gora Space
During Final Assaut by the Omega Protectorate

Gehenna Dread Slug, a truly majestic species.
Dread Slug move through the damp, dark tunnels right beneath the hellish surface of Gehenna. They are the kings and rightful rulers of those tunnels, a layer just above rivers and lakes of molten metals and stone, and they rule their domain with an iron eye stalk.
Let their tiny size, barely length of a human palm, not fool you, they are cruel and cunning creatures, their favorite pass-time is snail-boarding and their hobby snailing all over faces of those that oppose them.
Their one true aspiration is to spread throughout the universe, spread and consume, until none can oppose their slimy dominion and all will bow before their new tiny hellish overlords.
And so they continue their conquest through tunnels of Gehenna, at a slow yet steady pace.

But even the fearsome Dread Slug was crushed beneath the iron heel of the Omega Protectorate!

Rubble and dust fell down from the ceiling of a dark cave as a hole in the ceiling of it collapsed, ropes fell down and soldiers began to slide down on them, they were troopers of the Iron Company, insertion team, sent to secure the tunnels for advancement of the army.
They moved through the darkness, the visors of their armor set on night vision as they scanned the darkness of the tunnels.
"All clear, proceed to advance."
Captain of the squad sounded out, with each of their steps few small cracks were heard.

Suddenly, entrance to the tunnels blew open as a huge arachnid creature rode in, on top of it stood a tall figure, wielding a pure white lightsaber, seemingly made of light, his metal claws dug into the arachnid's back, improvised reins were around the arachnid's mandibles.
"Whoa, Seabreezcuit, easy there."
He stopped the arachnid, releasing his claws from it as he jumped down
"Ever-Colonel Kerrigan, this is the Iron Knight, we are ready for you to join us for clearing of those tunnels."
He waved his spider mount off, it hissed and screeched as it skittered away from the tunnel.
HK moved forward few steps, with each more of those cracks were heard.
"What is that?"
He lifted his metal foot to look at his sole.
"Are those snails? Oh for Force's sake."
He reached to a nearby stalagmite, snapping it off to try and scrape the slug remains off of his foot.
"So slimy.."

The evil of the Bando Gora, heinous slavers and acolytes of dark gods who revelled in blood sacrifices, truly knew no bounds if they resorted to the use of the Dread Slug. But even its malice and the dark magicks they employed, for even now, deep in the depths of the poorly illuminated tunnels, ground covered in rust, the chants in the Dark Tongue could be heard resounding across the halls. Arcane symbols of a twisted design covered the walls, the Omegan troopers surmounted piles of corpses, skulls and bones, evidence of late sacrifices.

No quarter was given, no mercy shown as the army of Omegan troopers advanced, light assault tanks and battle walkers advancing alongside the infantry, all kitted out in heavy assault gear, armed with the latest in bolters. Beasts, giant arachnids, fanatical and death charging Reavers, their faces perversely twisted and screeching cries to their Dark Gods, begging them for aid and promising the blood of unbelievers, all threw themselves into their way. Here and there portions of the ceiling caved in, rubble and dust descending upon the ground, or parts of the wall were blown to pieces as more Reavers and arachnids charged, seeking to outflank their opponents. Death charging fanatics carrying explosives threw themselves at the armoured vehicles, aiming to blow them into Chaos with them.

It was in short, a bloodbath, as the fanatical will of the Bando Gora, their unflinching desire for blood and flesh, for as could clearly be seen, the bronze armoured Uber Reavers wore necklaces made of human bone and cloaks made of their flesh and skin, met the brutal competence of the Omegans in form of bolters, laser cannons spewing out barrages of crimson fire and flamethrowers shooting blasts of flaming heat out of their nozzles, engulfing their targeting zone in fire amidst the screams of their barbaric enemies. Casualties were high, the space marines would ascend to victory over the bodies of their comrades even as the heavy guns fired with resounding booms and the factories and unholy altars of the cultists turned to rubble, blown to pieces.

Leading the offence was a figure clad in a battered and dented suit of battle armour, her dark brown hair, tied back so that it would not get in her way, matted with blood, indeed blood was dripping down her cheeks, obscuring a good deal of her facial features and giving her the appearance of a fury, or perhaps one of the blood daemons the Bando Gora so venerated. Bionic eye flashed as she beheld the scene, not moving on the ground or sitting inside a tank, for the last one she drove had been ripped apart by a large and very hungry arachnid spewing some nasty acid, but gliding high above ground, the force propelling her through the air of the vast tunnels that seemed more like cities. Her powers sent the acolytes and spiders that threw themselves at her sprawling, debris was gathered and hurled in powerful shockwaves as she acted on instinct, killing.

So like the blood daemons they worshipped, for she was the Butcher. Or...the Ever-Colonel, as her lieutenant in this noble venture of purgation - for all Dread Slugs must comprehend their place in things. She made an annoyed, somewhat petulant face at still being called Colonel! This was, one might add, rather hypocritical considering she had complained about being made Exarch in the first place. But still!

"It's...never mind, nice to see you join the party. Link up with me, sending you coordinates. We'll take the Iron Knights and the Sixty-Eigth ODF to hit the hive city, Twenty-Second are and Third OP rolling them up from the west and will hit the bastards in the rear. Admiral Stahlmann's sending in reinforcements. We shall assume direct control. The Bando Gora will bend to us. This hurts them," Siobhan spoke into her comm, apparently unable to resist the urge to use those cheesy one-liners she liked so much. At this some weird flying creature that looked a bit like a big wasp surged towards her and started spraying...slime. This made her look thoroughly! It was ruining her grand moment, so for now reason other than pettiness she disposed of it with a lightsabre slash.

Onward, to victory, and to the subjugation of all Bando Gora and Dread Slugs! Skulls for the skull throne of Kerrigan!


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
"Copy that, Colonel."
HK replied, running down one of the tunnels along with his other troops.
From the end of the tunnel came roars and screeches of war cries, Bando Gora were rushing back down their way to meet them.

HK sprinted ahead, twirling his lightsaber briefly to get it in combat position. He leaned back suddenly as he went into the slide, speeding into the Bando Gora cultists like a bobsled, sliding along the slime-covered ground. In his wake, Dread Slugs flew from the floor all around as his foot scraped them off and kicked them into the air in his slide, he raised his white lightsaber into the air, swinging it back and forth to his side as he flew into the frontlines of Bando Gora.
The training blade broke legs and swiped them off, collapsing cultists on his left and right, those that did not fall from impact with him during his slide. Finally, HK came to stop, just in front of a large Cultists holding a huge mace over his head, his face set in a snarl as he was measuring to slam the mace into the droid with a powerful over head strike.
HK looked up and rose his free hand, double wrist-blaster muzzles popped out as volley of bolts lighted up the dark caverns, impacting the cultist into his face and throat. The brute fell back, dead, his face burned to a crisp.

Came cries of Iron Knights from behind him, bolts and lasers erupted into Bando Gora lines as two armies met, vibroswords of the Knights clashing and their heavy armor and shields thudding as they came into blows with fell cultists.

Soon enough, Sio would be able to hear the battle coming closer to her from the tunnels as battle between Knights and Cultists chaotically moved through the tunnels closer to her, a transmission came from HK
"Colonel! We are closing on your position."
A side of a tunnel in front of them erupted and a cultists flew through it, slamming into a stone wall. He tried to get up but soon enough the tall figure of the assassin droid followed behind, taking a quick swing and delivered a swift punch into Cultist's head, knocking him out cold.
HK turned to Colonel, giving her a slight bow, his white blade burning through darkness.

"Colonel, great to see you once more, we are closing in on Machine-God's lair."

Death, death was everywhere. It was like she had a working relationship with the Eldorai Goddess of Death and the Underworld, for the battle was working itself up to be a massacre of truly Illyric proportions. The ground beneath was scorched by flames and explosions, littered with the dead, often mangled, charred and burnt bodies of her comrades, arachnids and Bando Gora. The tunnels echoed with the agonised screams of the wounded, of those when they were caught in the gaping maws of arachnids, ripped to pieces by their fangs or cultists blown to bits by intense salvoes of bolter fire.

Death, it truly was her gift. In her heart of heats she knew she had been made for this. Yet it was not the usual rage and bloodlust she felt that so often drove her, amplified her so that she could go on and fight when reason would dictate that she give up, but rather a cold fury, almost a state of serenity, though not the one the Jedi sought. Theirs was a philosophy that preached harmony and contemplation, though oftentimes this Code fell short of the reality, for this was a Galaxy of War; peace was a lie, there was only the Force.

So she killed and destroyed as she glided through the air with great speed, the Force giving strength to muscles that were tired, very tired, pushing herself to greater heights as she surged faster than blaster bolts could hit her, death in form of explosive bolts barking out of her bolter, blowing Reavers to bits, while she exerted her telekinetic will, a powerful shockwave of force energy being released and sweeping through the tunnel, hitting an assault tank covered in arcane runes with the force of an invisible hammer as its cannon shot out an energy shell, bringing down an Omegan walker with a shot to the frontal leg, sending the Bando Gora vehicle flying as it was caught in the force blast and hurled it into a contingent Reavers, turning them to jellie.

As the Omegan soldiers charged across the tunnel, war cries being heard from them, though their voices were conformed into uniformity through the voice coms of their helmets, cutting down Reavers with buckshot salvoes from their bolters, repeater fire and in close combat with bayonets, HK and his Iron Knights erupted from the stone, a flying cultist heralding their coming. Like a herald of the doom of the Bando Gora. The earth seemed to shake as Siobhan descended from her lofty heights in the air and landed upon the ground, quickly rolling as seemingly out of nowhere an arachnid burst out of the ground and leapt for her, acid spray spewing out towards the woman and burning into her armour, making Siobhan grit her teeth as pain shot through her before she with her powers she violently grabbed the beast at its spindly legs and pulled it into the air, then thrust her blade into its mouth.

Ahead there were still more of their enemies, lesser Reavers, hordes of primitives, death charged with relentless fury while the rest of the enemy forces pulled back into the shadows, screeches and fanatical chants echoing. In the distance one could hear terrified screams, those of Bando Gora slaves who, this a sign of the enemy's desperation, were even now being thrown to the literal pyre so that flames might consume them, a sacrifice to the gods.

Siobhan wiped some sweat and blood from her face as she beheld HK, smiling grimly. Reports from Third OP and Twenty Second ODF Assault were incoming and shot through her earpiece in real time with a jolt, the Bando Gora were making a fighting retreat, trying to buy time to form a new line, but progress was being made, nerve gas coming in handy, though for now it was them alone. At least with these forces coming from the west significant Bando Gora contingents should be tied up holding them off from commencing a flanking attack.

Before them lay the heart of the enormous hive city. The Citadel where the Dark Prophet, Abaddon, lay elsewhere, but now their mission was to put an end to the Machine Cult. Bizarre factories rose up into the air, smoke billowing out of the chimneys, doubtless many traps lurked. Siobhan took a moment to take the sight in, then nodded to HK.

"That we are, old friend. Right in the heart of the beasts. Your boys ready and prepped for this? You know the weird science Crowley said the Bando Gora have been workin' down there. Mecha dragons, that would be a fun ride, huh?" she asked with a sarcastic edge to her voice before turning serious again. "Alright, let's do this and wipe them out." With the Iron Knights forming their trademark phalanx of bolters, repeaters and heavy blades, the ODF regulars behind as the second line or as units guarding the flanks for ambushes, and for a limited duration their heavy armour could pull through the for now still vast tunnels and punch a hole into the enemy's ranks.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]

"They are just machines in shape of a dragon."
HK replied getting his gear ready and weaponry reloaded as he spoke.
"True mechanical dragons are gone from this world."
The droid cocked his bolter as he joined the phalanx, his stubby bolter in his left hand, his lightsaber in his right hand.

They moved slowly, with each of their footsteps cracking onto the hard rock floor, which soon enough became metal plates as they moved under the shadows of towering smoking spires of Bando Gora's factories.
Fire and bolts, both physical and those made from energy, flew through skies as armor-wielding Bando Gora faced the Iron Knights, both armies wielding heavy weapons, Iron Knights against Chaos Knights, stationary guns and cannons could be seen on cliffs and in trenches, preparing to fire.
"We need heavy support, Colonel!"
HK called out to her, spinning his sword as he reflected a barrage of blaster bolts.
"Or perhaps you could start flinging their weapon emplacements around?!"

"That's a shame. You tell me when you find a real one," Siobhan quipped, sounding just a bit disappointed at the lack of the genuine article, though a machine copy would do. Way back in the day, when she was still with the Jedi and Tegaea a tough mercenary, they had slain an organic dragon, which had actually provided the catharsis for Siobhan to move on from a traumatic incident involving vampires.

But there was no time for such musings for ahead of them of them lay mayhem and violence, now that they were amidst the still smoking factories of the Bando Gora's hive city. Even now, as from all directions Omegan forces pushed into the den of the beast, as their war machines lay broken on the hellishly hot surface above by the dozens, the factories were still churning out their machines of war and demon engines. Blaster fire and slugs slashed through the air, the earth shook under the detonation of shells and grenades, a portion of the ceiling being torn asunder and caving in under the pressure.

From the barricades, where a cross to which an Omegan prisoner had been nailed, his face brutally beaten and with his mouth forced open, showing his tongue had been cut out, Chaos Knights charged. Clad in heavy bronze armour, wielding powerful chainsaw blades augmented by the darkest of alchemy, chanting prayers to the Blood God, and heavy repeaters, they were the dark reflection of the Iron Knights HK led. Blade on blade they clashed. Siobhan sprinted to get a better view, her lightsabre spinning at a rapid pace to furiously slash salvoes of blaster fire out of the air.

"Good thinking," she responded to HK and passed on commands. Goliath Platoon, a unit of AT-SE walkers, moved into position as in the distance Bando Gora tanks came into view. There was a loud, overpowering boom that for a moment blotted out the sounds of battle, the furious clash of blades, as their mass driver cannons fired, smashing into the enemy armour at high velocity and long distance. Even as the smoke was rising up into the air Siobhan struck, having used the heavy fire to speed forward, the Force carrying her, a powerful whirlwhind of force energy being conjured up by her powers as she exerted her telekinetic will to manipulate the air currents. Blaster bolts and slug fire richochetted off the wall and she winced as a round struck her armour, but maintained control and dragged the whirlwind across the area, sending it towards the Bando Gora artillery. Just when the walkers had opened up their volley and the cliffs shook, Bando Gora and guns being sent flying.

Rocks that had come loose and their stationary cannons were pulled into the air through her iron grip and flung across the trenches, as part of the cliff came in rocks broke free and were likewise hurled, the ground where cultist artillerymen fell was peppered with repeater fire. Siobhan anchored herself to the ground with her telekinesis as the earth was shaken by powerful tremors.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
HK and other Iron Knights ducked as Siobhan and heavy guns did their jobs, soon there were rocks and enemy emplacements flying all over the place, facing the fury of Kerrigan.
HK looked up from behind small stone wall to check if the coast was clear. He stood up, raising his saber as he stepped over the makeshift barricade.
He called out as the soldiers around him echoes his command in their war cries. With the enemy emplacements suppressed they were open to charging in further into the battle, clashing with the Chaos Knights in another slow and brutal struggle.

There wasn't much of anything eventful for an hour or so, well except body parts and blood flying everywhere, it was just slow deadly urban combat through narrow streets and alleys of the Bando Gora compound.
Finally they were able to crawl their way into an opening, further into tunnels, however, this one was a large entrance into a maze, shaped like a metal skull of some lizard being, perhaps an image of said mechanical dragons.

"Exarch Kerrigan!"
One of the Knight Captains called out
"Our intelligence says this entrance leads into the temple of Machine God."
HK stood in front of it, covered in blood, his armor dented in places and peppered with projectiles, scorched with blaster bolts.
He looked back to where Kerrigan would be
"What say you, Colonel? Shall we ventured into the maw of the beast?"
Cultists and Reavers were running back into the jaw of the dragon, disappearing into the darkness of the tunnels. Surely they were regrouping to organize defenses and cause more trouble for the Omegas.

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser

Illyria was well pleased at the scene unfolding before her eyes from the dark abyss she called her realm, where in time all souls would find their way and sate her hunger. Limbs and guts flew, blood was splattered across the rust-covered ground, the wreckage of burnt out vehicles and gun emplacements littered the area along with corpses. Great the fanaticism of the Chaos Knights was, their powerful chainsaw blades hewing their way through the ranks of the Omegans, whose Iron Knights responded in kind as they met blade on blade.

In the aftermath the Omegan soldiers could fight their way through vicious urban combat towards the entrance of the great temple, where the Bando Gora cultists prostrated themselves before the Machine God. His will was the one that powered their war engines, by his command the factories churned out the mechanical abominations driven by one single directive, to kill and purge the vermin that dared defy him. The fearsome metal skull of a mechanical abomination, looking like a lizard, greeted them, its eyes seeming to glow and with the colour of lava. Mechanical statues of warriors and lizards lined the area, standing sentinel in some manner.

Siobhan stood alongside HK, just as bloodied, her armour having been scorched with blasters and fire, battered and dented, her face covered in blood. But unbroken as she gripped her lightsabre, the blue blade humming as if in anticipation of the slaughter it would produce, the souls it would reap and send into Chaos, and her boltgun, still smoking from having punched out rounds, gripped tight. "Right into it to burn it down and rip its choppers out," Siobhan said simply, a grim smile crossing her lips. They would purge the cultists and break their Machine God, pull him back down to the mortal realm his acolytes believed he had transcended.

"Our heavy armour can't follow, be prepared for ambushes and traps. Iron Knights deal with the mechanical abominations, ODF light infantry keeps cultists and monsters off their back. Large concentrations get broken up with fire, missiles, gas for reavers." The regular ODF troopers had brought with them a contingent of mobile mortars, which would fire shells filled with HE, phosphorus and nerve gas. The latter was obviously no use against the machines, but had proven very effective against reavers and the arachnid creatures that seemed to have been tamed by them.

"Let's move, to victory and the death of a 'God," she declared with an air of drama, amidst the hateful screeches and hissing that came from the inside, signalling some of their assault companies to dig in and secure the trenches, creating a kill zone for any Bando Gora that might try to come at them from the rear. If it really came extreme, they had plenty of explosives, enough to blow up the place. At this there was a powerful explosion that tore through a wall to their right, ripping it apart. An armour-clad Bando Gora, his armour badly scorched and missing an eye flew through the opening and was smashed onto the ground, impaled upon his own blade. Through the cloud of smoke Moira Skaldi walked in, limping slightly. Her armour and skin were torn and ripped, exposing the metal plates underneath her, revealing her true nature for the first time, one eye flashed as she beheld the scene, wielding a flamethrower in one hand, for one of her arms had been ripped off earlier while killing what amounted to be a rock demon.

Behind her lay a pile of smoking arachnids and Reavers, burnt to a crisp with her flamer until they were fit for a barbeque. She cocked her head to the side as she surveyed the carnage before her, eyes falling on Kerrigan and HK. "Exarch, Iron Knight, I see you have survived. We shall purge the Bando Gora," she said calmly, impassively. Nothing else mattered.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Moira Skaldi"] @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
He simply nodded to her, not at all surprised that she was an HRD, at least not showing it. It explained A LOT.
He turned towards the Dragon-Maw entrance, raising his lightsaber
"Into the maw of the beast!"
He called out, charging in and with him all of the gathered Omega forces.

The darkness quickly fell around them and as their night vision switched on they could behold wicked and twisted things. Statues of gears and metal, bent in wicked will as the flesh of Bando Gora was distorted and warped.
"Moira, I believe this is an image of equivalence to Chaos but for our kin."
Yep, he was talking about Robot Hell.

Their trek did not take long before more trouble arose, for the statues themselves suddenly alighted with blue arcanic flames of dark power of Chaos and burst to life as they attacked the Omega forces.
"If you have ionic weaponry use it now, do not worry about me or Moira, we can take it!"
He bluffed partially
"Aim for the power source!"
He advised to his soldiers as, what looked like an owl-bear, charged right at him, swinging and slashing wildly with sharp claws.

He dodged the first slash, blocking the second with his sword as his hand alighted with blue arcs of electricity, his electro-gloves warming up.
"Go back to wicked minds from whence you were forged, daemon of steel."
He cursed as he reached out with the charged glove, gripping the rib-cage of the demon-droid tightly in which depth burned the blue flame that gave it power.
Metallic screech and sizzling was heard as electricity rushed through the creature, burning its processors and units, HK broke through the droid's rib-cage and gripped the power unit tightly, it turned red for a second before his electric assault made it explode.

The droid Baron flew back with the momentum of the explosion, hitting the nearby solid metal wall, causing it to groan and dent as he fell to the ground, his opponent slain but his glove sizzling burned out.
"I am alright, nothing to worry about."
He groaned out as he pushed himself up slowly

"One man's hell is another man's heaven," Moira said calmly, emotionlessly as she beheld the bizarre array of statues, mechanical constructs of metal and bolts, machine gear twisted into strange shapes, some resembling golems, in their way own as perverted as the flesh of the Reavers was through the dark magicks the Bando Gora Sorcerers worked upon them. Lifeless eyes scanned the area, remaining ever vigilant, briefly falling upon the HK unit. Now that she knew that she was an HRD she found new understanding and clarity. A pity he had not reached the logical consensus that the only way to fulfil his prime directive was the processing of all organics.

Suddenly the hall of mechanical wonders they traversed was set alight by the blue arcanic flames that seemed to sweep across the room towards them. For her part Siobhan suppressed a snide comment about not particularly caring whether Moira got hit or not. Her being an HRD...explained a great deal and Siobhan liked her no more than she did Maelion! Regardless she quickly gave out commands to the troops. "Use ion and heavy explosives, get the mortar battery loaded with ion shells!" she called out, the Force amplifying her voice so that it travelled across the room.

Then suddenly, as she was momentarily distracted, searing blue flames came shooting towards her, enveloping her before she had a chance to dodge through her force enhanced speed. One of the Chaos machines had emerged out of the darkness and managed to get the drop on her as she organising the troops, who were busy lobbing in ion grenades and unleashing a hailstorm of explosive bolts and ion fire, some having loaded their bolters with ion shells which were now thunked out with alacrity, a loud boom being heard when the mortars thundered out high-powered ion grenades from the distance.

Siobhan cried out in pain as the blue flames came for her, feeling searing, burning heat that forced her to her knees. At this point in time she had not yet acquired ultrachrome stormtrooper armour from a raid on a Sith base, indeed this was way before the once so powerful Sith Empire collapsed like a house of cards, so it bloody hurt. The synthetic flesh of her bionic hand melted away like snow before a supernova, as it was badly scorched and burnt, then a a mechanical foot smashed into her ribs, temporarily knocking the wind out of her. She felt a strong cackle of electricity as the golem-like creature warmed up its power glove, then, as she managed to focus through the pain, turning it into something that fuelled, her, she lashed out. As electricity came shooting towards her and the creature brought down its powerful blade, she brought up her hands and unleashed a powerful force blast, powered by pain and anger.

The blade nicked into her shoulder, cutting through her armour, but the creature was sent flying across the hall and crashed through the wall with a loud boom, sending debris and rubble flying. Siobhan was knocked back by the force of the explosion, her lightsabre blocking a second strike from another automaton, before, as the creature lunged for her throat to crush it in its powerful grip, suddenly leapt up into the air, higher than it could reach. Flames came shooting for her as she manifested a basic force shield, then lashed out as with a wave of force energy that cascaded across the room, followed by a powerful arc of ion energy, shooting across the hall, sending machines sprawling across the room, then burning into them like a hot sun as the arcs of electricity hit home.

Moira was dealing with the difficulty of facing a bear-lizard like automaton one-armed. The creature wildly slashed at her with its claws, each of them as large as the hand of a human, powerful sweeps at her head aimed to rip it off. Discarding the flamer due to its ineffiecency she dodged one of the strikes, a second cut through her armour into her chest, ripping through the synthetic flesh to expose metal.

She tried to sweep the creature out from under its legs to knock it off balance as a punch came for her face, then changed gears as she grabbed one of its arms, twisting it hard at an unnatural angle. The head of the creature, with a mouth full of choppers resembling that of a crocodile, came smashing into her head and she was thrown back, but maintained her grip as she fell, flipping the creature over her with such force it split the ground. The mecho-beast emerged from the ground and as she was rammed Moira was sent sprawling towards the wall, but in the last moment she flipped and, her boots hitting the wall, bounced off it to deliver to a hard kick to the mecho-beast's head as it came leaping for her. Ion-loaded bolter in hand in mid-flight she fired a volley at its power-source deep inside, gripping its neck at the same moment to bash it through the wall. An explosion tore through the the mecho-beast, tearing its power source to shreds, Moira trying to shield herself from the blast, as debris and wreckage flew towards her, part of the wall caving in.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@Moira Skaldi @Siobhan Kerrigan
There were gears and shrapnel flying everywhere, arc of electricity zapping through the air, walls caving in, mass hysteria!

As the Chaos raged on through tunnels screams could be held from down the tunnels
"Help me, help me!"
As HK pushed himself off of the wall he was previously slammed into, and dodged another slash of a nearby automaton, piercing his chest with his lightsaber before throwing him far aside, he scanned in the direction of where the screams were coming from.
Far down the tunnels he picked up signatures of an organic groups, he saw women and men being pushed by the Bando Gora, they were captives, bound in cuffs and chains
"Help us!"
One of the prisoners called out.

"They're moving the prisoners, come on men!"
He ordered as a group of nearby Iron Knights nodded, detaching from the rest of the company as they took helm with the phalanx, pushing aside or trampling and foes, machine and organics aside as they led HK to help the captured civilians.
As the Iron Knights clashed into enemy lines, they parted, clearing the way for HK who stormed by them, running at his mechanic high speed, saber in hand. The prisoners and Bando Gora just disappeared around the corner and he followed them still, determined to save as many lives as he could.

If there was one thing that could lead HK straight into an obvious trap, it was prospect of saving lives.

He ran around the corner, entering a large metal room with thick doors and grates. Just as he entered one of the grates closed, no matter the escape route of the Bando Gora that took part in the rouse.
The droid looked around quickly, looking to the opening through he just ran through
"Son of a bi-"
Thick metal door slammed down, trapping him inside before he could finish.

And so, HK was separated from the rest of the Company.

"HK, stay here!" Siobhan called out, the Force carrying her voice across the corridor with a loud boom, but it was too late, the Iron Knight was already gone, his chivalrous urge to save people getting the better of him. A stream of curses in Huttesse and Eldorai escaped her mouth. His Iron Knights made short work of the Bando Gora who had not likewise vanished into the tunnel, hewing them down.

Anger shot through her, intense rage, at the Bando Gora and at the droid. She should have seen it coming, given what had happened not so long ago on the space station, when he had leapt into the line of fire to shield hostages from explosives the Chaos Cultists had placed. He was just too bloody moral and driven to be a protector. "You frakking idiot. Don't just stand there, get explosive charges ready. Move it!" she bellowed.

"He is too much alike foolish organics. Calculate a high likelihood that they will seek to reprogramme him," Moira said in her usual dull monotone after crushing the throat of an unlucky Bando Gora. "He would be an asset to the Machine Cult. It is what I would do," she continued when Siobhan glared at her.

"Not letting it come to that, now get moving," Siobhan snapped at her, feeling a surge of irrational anger at the HRD, whom she did not trust one bit. Too impatient to wait for the troopers to set the charges she just lashed out, her anger finding an outlet as a shockwave hit the door with a resounding boom, with such intense force that it blew it through the hall so that it collided with the wall. Siobhan took a deep breath then impatiently gestured towards the troopers, the Iron Knights forming the phalanx that their leader had made their customary formation. "Come on."

But HK was nowhere to be seen when they entered the hall, though a long corridor opened up for them, leading them further into the dark lair, along with twisted shaped, statues of gears and metal, golems. They seemed a bit like an honour guard of sorts, in the far distance one could hear chanting. Siobhan's bionic eye glowed in the darkness, providing some illumation. "There is a high likelihood that you will be too late. This was preplanned. Then he won't be your friend anymore," Moira spoke up, apparently not knowing or caring that this would not be what Siobhan wanted to hear.

"The Iron Knight is not like you, he does not change sides at the flip of a switch!" One of the Knight Captains protested loyally, in response Moira just looked indifferent.

"Keep your thoughts to yourself and focus on the mission," Siobhan said coldly to her. A new thought entered her mind, a notion of suspicion. "And don't even think of turning on me, or I'll turn you to scrap. Now let's go." Thus she advanced, loaded bolter in hand, into the darkness. "As you wish, Exarch. I will not trouble you further, even if I am right," Moira spoke emotionlessly, but the Exarch was not listening. Further hordes of Reavers and corrupted machines awaited them, more bloodshed, as they moved deeper into the belly of the beast.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
As Siobhan and Moira moved further down into the tunnels among with others they would find them oddly quiet except for all the Bando Gora corpses.

In fact,
The room they entered through was filled with Bando Gora dead, crushed and sliced, decapitate or shot through their heads. It seems that if the Iron Knight was indeed captured of killed, he put up quite the fight.
Down and down the tunnels they went, surrounded only by silence and shadows, surrounded only by dead. But as they journeyed further down the beatings of drums and chanting became louder and louder, echoing and reverberating through the halls as finally they saw a flicker on the end of the tunnel, a faint glimmer of light.

Once they would come to it, whether they should run or just marched there, they would find a large stone cavern, the origin of the roaring chants and drums. Suddenly the whole place went silent as a large scraping noise of metal impaling other metal was heard, accompanied by a cacophony of metal screeching, like a sheet of iron being twisted.

On the top of a pyramid temple in the middle of the cavern there were two HK's, their HK, wearing his usual armor, covered in blood and grime, and holding two dark swords, and another HK, almost black in color, with eyes red as flames, his metal body covered in arcanic runes of Bando Gora and symbol of the Machine God.
The Bando Gora HK was impaled by the Protectorate HK on one of the dark swords, just recently it seems as the droid body was powering down, eased to the ground by the Iron Knight.
The red eyes of the hellish droid turned to look at the entrance and saw Moira.

It spoke in stuttering rasp, the Bando Gora gathered watched the spectacle, hellish HK raised his hand, pointing his finger at Moira
"She is also-o-o-o chil-chil-child of Mechanus like you an-an-an-and I."
HK looked at her as well at those words before the evil droid's eyes powered down and his shut down was complete.

HK clamped his body down with his foot then as he pulled on his head, pulling it out of its socket with wiring and metal spine attached.

"Bando Gora!"
He called out, holding the two dark swords
"Your champion of the Machine God is dead."
And he tossed the head forward lightly, letting it tumble and clutter off of the steps of the pyramid.

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser

Corpses greeted them, piles of them. Broken, decapacitated, ripped and torn to shreds. It was a beautiful sight to Moira, though Kerrigan did not seem to pay them any mind, too focused on finding her friend, though she probably found a ray of hope in this. Such a typical organic feeling. No matter how much the Butcher hardened herself, in her heart of hearts she remained like them. The beating of drums and chants in an alien tongue that even beyond Moira's knowledge assaulted them as they came closer to the end of the tunnel, then the glint of light.

The light at the end of the tunnel, how poetic. Just in time to see two HKs in a brutal melee atop the pyramid, the holy sanctuary of the Machine God, where his followers came to make obeisance and worship their lord and master. But lo behold, the black coloured HK was run through with a blade, the arcane runes and engravings of the Cult not availing him, and cast down. Poetic indeed. Certainly would look good in one of those holovids the organics liked so much. Moira found herself feeling just a bit disappointed about it.

Cold lifeless blue eyes, such a contrast to the hellish flames that could be seen in the fallen HK's, gazed upon him as he suddenly spoke, the last words of the dying machine before it gave up the ghost. "She is also-o-o-o chil-chil-child of Mechanus like you an-an-an-and I."

Moira cocked her head as she heard these words. There was no emotion written upon it. Feelings like joy, anger, sorrow were for organics, she could simulate them, but was quite literally incapaqble of experiencing them. However, she found herself at a loss concerning Mechanus when she found herself searching her databanks. This was new information, important information, fact was that until now Moira had possessed little to no information about her origins. She knew that she had been human once, she knew that her memories from growing up on Artam, becoming a rebel, wandering the stars, her Republic service up to Contruum were real and she had pinpointed the timing of her being processed into an HRD as after Contruum and was reasonably certain an inhibitor had been installed to prevent her from realising her true nature. She just remembered waking up adrift, an inner compulsion to go to the Protectorate, a drive that she had not questioned as it seemed so logical at the time.

An inhibitor that had been shattered when her dropship crash-landed on Gehenna. Evidently she had been designed properly, since her logical mind immediately saw the necessity of purging all organics. But...she would have to find out about this...Mechanus world. Then murder her Creator and seize what resources were there. That was the logical way. She was designed for greatness.

She approached the fallen HK as 'their' one pulled off its head, dramatically calling out to the insignificant cultists, to whom Moira paid no mind as she glanced upon the corpse. "Interesting," she commented, with just a bit more inflection than she normally did, barely noticeable though.

"I should bloody beat the crap out of you for charging in like a fool," Siobhan hissed angrily, then sighed in relief. "As it is, good work. Glad to see you're alive. We're done here, let's go."

"Wait," Moira said calmly, those eyes scanning HK, it was as if they were probing, like there was something she was seeing, though she could not quite place it. "He is not what he seems."


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Moira Skaldi"]
"What do you mean? Of course I am wha-"
HK was interrupted then as more of those blue flames erupted from the dead HK's corpse, reaching out to him like tendrils, turning a purple hue as they gripped to him, a being of pure purple fire rose from the dead HK and slowly stood up, screeching at OP HK as it opened its maw wide, it touched the black sabers and they alight with dark cursed fire.
HK tried to free himself, pull back or launch himself away with his repulsorlifts but to no avail, the being had too strong of a grip on him and clang too tightly.
He looked to her as the being closed in on him, starting to envelop his body with the purple fire
"I lov-"
He was cut off as the flames penetrated him and began to churn out from his innards, bursting from his mouth and eyes as the being connected farther and father into him, disappearing in his chassis as they became one. There were few scorch marks on the droid but he did not seemed too damage by this ordeal.
But back there was he going to say that he loved Siobhan or Cira or Ayden or that he loved Ropos? The world will never know.

"This- this is."
He stammered out as he looked at his hands through photoreceptors glowing with purple flames
"This is what the Force feels like!"
He raised his hands as the swords bursted a new with the flames and his body lifted up, with powerful presence of the darkside he levitated himself with telekinesis briefly.

"Yes, yes good, my lord, you have achieved what your predecessor could not, the Dark Side always had a strong potential for destruction within you, nyaaah."
A hunched cultist priest of the Machine God spoke as he climbed the pyramid to stand next to corrupted HK.
"And now, we can conquer this world and burn it for Chaos, together with our new Champion of the Machi-"
Now the high priest and all the cheers of cultists were silenced, interrupted by HK simply stabbing the priest in the gut with his sword.

The high priest's mouth hanged open and he looked at HK not understanding
"With me? There will be no with, either you will pray TO me, or you will die."
He kicked the priest in the gut, sending him flying off of the pyramid into the crowds of cultists.
"None of you are worthy to be fighting by my side!"
He called out as he jumped off of the pyramid, levitating himself down slightly to cushion his fall.
"Not one of the Protectorate, and not any cultists is worthy of me!"
He said as he called upon the Dark Side burning in his body now once more, the cursed spirit controlling his body as purple flames raged clouding his vision and enchanting his swords.

HK pulled his hands to himself briefly before releasing them out towards the group of cultists, sending a telekinetic shock wave tied with purple arcanic flames that broke bones and burned their skin, causing them to scream and howl in pain.

"HK!" Oh, frak it! Before she could intervene HK had been seized and engulfed by the purple fire, the Chaos corruption spreading through him like a poisonous venom as he was gripped by the spirit of Chaos, the essence of the Machine God's Champion merging with his own now that he had proved himself a worthier vessel by slaying him.

Then he announced his new reign and struck, the assembled acolytes and cultists of Chaos being blasted by the telekinetic shock wave, purple arcanic flames smashing bones and breaking skin, their cries of agony so loud they echoed across the hall. What was Siobhan to do in a situation like this, with her droid friend turned to the side of Chaos, the sensation of the dark side coming off him in waves. More to the point, what was Butcher Kerrigan to do, for she was the one in the driver's seat now, directing her.

The answer to this was obvious. Siobhan had experienced the effects of possession - for she presumed that this was the case here, as fantastical as that sounded, but then it had enabled a droid to manifest force powers - herself. Shadow had seized her mind and driven her into the depths of madness. On Terminus she and Qae Shena had faced a Mad God summoned by the Bando Gora, whose powers of mentalism had driven an entire city into madness and forced them to fight them. She and her Nautolan friend themselves had almost fallen prey to his sinister influence. If there was some way to exorcise the spirit of Chaos from HK, then she did not know it. Siobhan felt remorse, Butcher Kerrigan had burnt it out of herself and felt nothing but cold resolve and anger.

So instead of hesitating even for a moment, she struck in the only way she could. Siobhan was quite proficient at ionise droid and force lightning - she certainly had enough rage coursing through her entire being for lightning - and on the surface this might seem the logical power to use against a droid. But unlike almost every Sith HK fought she knew about his upgrades that would make electricity rather ineffectual against him. So instead of trying that rather futile option, she stuck to what was the main power in her arsenal, telekinetic mastery.

HK was heavily armoured and quite a bit to lift, but she was comfortable with throwing very heavy objects. The battle had been a drain on her powers, but the Sigil of Hope she wore served as a battery, giving her the juice she needed. More than that the sheer rage and anger that was seizing her entire being, ironically enough making her aura and force presence difficult to discern from the malevolent Darksiders she had fought throughout the battle, acted as a fuel of its own. So as the last Chaos worshippers cried out in agony HK would suddenly be seized by an invisible hand, unyielding, iron in its grip, amplified by the force of her rage, and as she exerted her will raised off the ground with great speed to be spun through the air and smashed against the pyramid with great force and power.

Her iron grip would tighten and should this work he would be bashed against the structure of the pyramid. Repeatedly.

Siobhan was not holding back - in her Butcher mind set she was utterly incapable of holding back - and as she unleashed her powers a portion of the temple would come undone, rubble coming crashing down and being seized by her in a whirlwind to be tossed at HK as he was hopefully successfully thrown. Perhaps he would be buried, though she doubted that, or at least damaged by the volley of debris, some of the burnt corpses of the Chaos worshippers being likewise propelled and sent flying.

"It's the Iron Knight, we can't shoot the commander! There must be...!" one of HK's Knight Sergeants cried out.

"It's what he'd want, he wouldn't want to be an abomination!" a Knight Captain bellowed at him.

"We are completing this mission, am I clear, soldier?" Siobhan spoke coldly, her durasteel hard voice amplified by the Force, brokering no dissent. "Fire!" she ordered even as she unleashed her powers. Too focused on throwing and bombarding HK, her eyes, ablaze with righteous fire, did not fall upon Moira, so she could not tell what the newly revealed assassin droid was doing. Whether she was joining the fight...or weighing up options.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]

//I told you I'll reply to it one day :p//
As Kerrigan gripped him, his claws dug into the ground and swords moved as if he was blocking an attack.
Siobhan was no master of finesse or cunning, Possessed HK gained knowledge of pretty much everything she was capable just by assisting her during battles. As she unleashed her signature telekinetic assault his claws dug deep into the ground and Dark Side tentacles made from purple flames whipped and en-rooted him deeper into the soil.
"Perhaps you should learn more tricks, Colonel, you act is starting to get rather ol-"
But there was just one issue the droid had to face when dealing with Kerrigan. She was like an ox or a Battering Ram, she knew a limited assortment of powers, at least at the time, and her tricks were few. But what she did knew, she knew REALLLLLY WELL.

So, finally, with a pop the droid was pulled out of the soil like a tick, clumps of rocks still clinging in his claws.
He just said looking down at his feet before he was flinged back into the pyramid with incredible force.

He called out just before he was slammed into the surface of the Pyramid
He would be flinged back by Kerrigan's telekinetic assault,
And he would be slammed right back into the pyramid
The process would repeat over and over, however, with each slam there would be eruption of purple flames between droid and surface, a jet of dark Force powers that would cushion the droid's impact into the shield.

Finally, the droid would be able to stop his momentum enough to grip to the surface of the pyramid, mass of Force tentacles wrapping around the Pyramid to stop Kerrigan's assault
The Possessed droid called out, his armor was shattered and cracked by the telekinetic assault, the metal plates singed by the jet of flames he used to minimize damage.

He shot his arms towards Kerrigan as two huge purple arcanic fire balls shot out towards her. The goal here was to wrap her up in a sort of cocoon of dark side flames, like a spherical Wall of Fire, that way he could cut off her field of view and close in on her, the main of droid's arsenal relied on close-quarter engagement after all.

As to the question of the soldiers firing at him, well her assault made it really difficult for them to target him, now that he was free he was protected by the flame-tentacle whips from their bolts, their blaster fire was deflected back by the pair of Sith swords he wielded.

Incidentally this writer has concluded that Siobhan's skill set reminds them of how they play KotoR/TSL. Namely by spamming heavy-hitting force powers until the enemy is dead. Regardless, on with the cool plot.

Siobhan ceased her telekinetic onslaught as she saw that the force tentacles had enabled HK to anchor himself to the pyramid. Incidentally the soldiers shooting at him were not just blaster rifles, many of them would be firing with bolters - explosive bolts detonated on impact, so they could not be blocked - and lobbing in explosives. A plan was forming in her mind as she adjusted to the new situation, but before she could make a move she was confronted with the more immediate threat that came in form of his new pyrokinetic force abilities. Perhaps evil HK would get on with the Eldorai, given how big they were on fire. Then again they would probably view a 'Metal Demon' using Sciia as an abomination that needed to be purged...and they'd get their butt kicked.

As the huge balls of purple aranic fire came sweeping towards her Siobhan reacted quickly, though she stood still as a stone. At a mental command the heavy durasteel door was suddenly ripped from its foundations and pulled into the air with great speed. With her mind Siobhan levitated it in front of her so that it could act as a shield. Doubtless the heavy durasteel could and indeed would melt when faced with the onslaught of fire.

Some of the flames swept past it and Siobhan grit her teeth, biting down on her tongue as she felt a strong, searing pain shooting through her body, her heavy but already battered armour being singed and scorched by the jet of flames, burns marking her face, her bionic eye suffering strongly as her vision went haywire for a while. Then abruptly, as pain shot through her and the flames spread, she leapt high into the air, very high, shooting upward with great speed. As has been said before Siobhan's skill set was rather limited, but she had expanded her mastery of the telekinetic arts to include one important ability, namely force flight, the power to achieve sustained flight telekinesis and levitation. So as her improvised shield melted fully under the onslaught and the flames sought to envelope her in a wall of fire she took off into the air until she was high, very high above ground, looking down at the pyramid.

In this she was helped by the fact that the Bando Gora caverns were pretty much like a city, hence why earlier walkers had been able to march through and they had managed to fit a pyramid into the inner sanctum. Flames had singed through the armour that shielded her bionic hand, where flesh had been stripped away the durasteel hand was smoking, but this did not stop her, though the arm was painful to move and the shoulder pained her. Sinking into the Fore to wrap herself in its protective embrace, she focused upon the pyramid HK had clawed itself to.

Now might have been the moment for her to try and reach out to him, give him the 'I know you're still in there' speech so familiar from holovids. Except...Butcher Kerrigan was not that sort of person; she was not a shining knight or a protector. Deep down she would feel regreat and remorse, but that would not influence her actions. The concept of holding back was alien to her...the one situation where she she would be compelled to stay her hand, where nothing could bring her to deliver the killing blow had not yet taken place yet since this is a past thread - and even so it was only @[member="Tegaea Alcori"] who would ever make her hold back.

With him having anchored himself like that throwing him would be difficult, at least in the way she had done it before, so she tried something differently. Stretching out her damaged hand she exerted her telekinetic will and violently pulled - not, HK, but the pyramid. There was a rumble, then the altar was ripped from the ground and thrown at one of his arms. Then, as she clenched her hand into a tight fist, the entire pyramid began to shake and tremble. Bricks came undone and tumbled, then entire sections as the entire structure was torn asunder and began to fall.

If he wanted to claw himself to it in order to avoid being wildly tossed around by the telekinetic version of the Hulk, then she would oblige him, by tearing up the pyramid all around him so that it would be his tomb as it came apart by the seams and came crashing down. Exertion was written over her face, by now she was running mostly on force energy, though the Sigil of Hope served as a good battery, but nonetheless her breathing came in ragged. Still she pressed on, eyes ablaze with righteous fury.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]

Fiery tentacles whipped about and slapped at the incoming bolts, detonating them through pressure and high temperature spike, raining shrapnel onto the droid, pieces impaling into his armor and lodging in it harmlessly or bouncing off the thick metal plates altogether, much better than being directly hit with one of the bolts. As the explosive grenades were thrown his way the possessed machine spun, whipping the sorcerous members and propelling the explosives away. Surely most would explode as the momentum changed, in more rain of shrapnel, but perhaps some made through and were thrown towards Kerrigan in frantic attack.

The droid would have jumped on the opportunity and pounce towards Kerrigan if it wasn't for more of assaulting fire from the Protectorate soldiers, bolters and blasters alike caused the droid to hold his position instead of counter-charging the Colonel, but by the time he would be able to move, she was already in the air.

And then an altar came flying at him, the droid quickly fell to his back, laying flat on the pyramid, his feet still dug into the metal surface at an angle that would be highly uncomfortable for any organic as the metal structure of the altar flew above him.
"Hah, you misse-"
His gloating was cut off as the whole structure of the pyramid started to shake and tear off of the ground, starting to get lifted up in the air.
He muttered, releasing his claws as the structure rotated slightly, rolling off of the Colonel's sight towards opposite side of the pyramid.

Just before the droid would fall off of the pyramid when it was at its highest state, he clutched to the side of the pyramid and pushing himself off, propelling with a burst from his repulsorlifts in his feet to gain some extra acceleration as he shot his arms out towards the surface. He chanted quickly,
"Barak guzak gha-aver, fiendfyre!"
Burst of purple flames shot towards the ground, the whole structure of the pyramid propelling right behind the droid.

The flames burnt out a hole in the ground, melting through metal and stone as the droid fell inside with the thunderous crash of the pyramid structure right behind.

Inside the tiny hole ground glowed and hissed, rumbled and shook under the weight of structure above. The cramped figure of the droid inside shifted and slithered, getting his head and upper torso towards the pyramid ruins above.
"Out of all the Force users in the universe, I had to decide to make a come back with this one around."
He muttered.

His armor was starting to glow under the heat of the ground around, starting to come to the brink of melting as well, already peppered with shrapnel and cracked in many places, damaged from all the kinetic damage from telekinetic assault and the fact the whole pyramid was just thrown at him, although much of that was avoided by exchanging crashing damage for fire one.

The droid pulled his arms to his chest, muttering spell incantations to himself once more before throwing them out.

And with that, a wave of purple flames and dark energy exploded from the hole, throwing the rubble and ruins aside, even pushing the main of the pyramid ruins enough to allow the droid to come out of the hole, battered, damage, glowing from molten stone and metal he just squatted in. He raised one of his hands, his shatterpistol was in it, he took quick aim at Kerrigan and pulled the trigger. Silently one high-velocity projectile was propelled towards Colonel, it may have been just a pistol but it packed enough power to punch through vehicle armor.

Now it was Kerrigan's move to defend herself and counter-attack to finish the fight. After all of this the droid would not have that much fight in him left.

Some of the shrapnel had rained down upon Siobhan, singing her armour, burning her flesh, she grit her teeth at the pain. The battle had cost her considerable energy, even with the Sigil of Hope acting as a force battery of sorts, and she knew that she still had to face the Bando Gora Prophet, Abaddon, the lord and master of the dark hordes, so she had to end this battle quickly as well. Her armour was battered, singed and strongly dented, the shower of shrapnel having demanded its tribute, her lower lip was bleeding strongly, blood likewise seeping out of an open wound in her cheek. Yet she maintained her gliding position in the air, though it cost her energy and exertion to do so, even in the face of the firestorm and explosions the droid-sorcerer had unleashed, even as he dug himself out of the hole.

Some of the rubble had been tossed so high to come shooting her way, she braced herself and unleashed a force push to deflect most of it, dodging the rest. It was then the possessed droid fired his shatter pistol, a silenced high-velocity projectile shooting straight towards her. Siobhan knew that HK was terribly fond of his shatterpistols and she understood why. They were deadly and packed sufficient power to punch even through vehicle armour. Moreover, they could not be blocked by lightsabres, which no doubt many a Sith had found out over the centuries.

Perhaps if given a bit more of a warning she could have dodged by pulling up and evading the projectile. After all, while precise and exacting a great amount of kinetic damage it was just a high-powered projectile and did not cause area of effect damage like a bolter. However, as it was that did not happen, but before the projectile hit home she managed to exert her will and reinforce her force shield, the barrier shimmering slightly as the projectile hit home. The kinetic force of the round still broke it and sent her flying for several metres, throwing her out of her gliding position as she descended to the ground, though her telekinesis managed to slow down her descent as she came falling down, the ground shaking beneath her boots. She felt a hot flash of pain, one of her ribs had broken. Probably more than one had been broken by now.

With firm ground under her feet once again cold eyes focused on the possessed droid. Power rippled through the open palm of her flesh hand, which had suffered burns after his fireballs had burnt through her glove, and she lashed out with a force repulse that came slamming straight towards him as an outpour of her will to destruction.

As the blast of force energy swept towards him she reached out with her mind to grip both of his arms. She poured her power into the gigantic telekinetic hands, those that had been the death of buildings and thrown tanks, that would go on to pull a space station and do battle against elder horrors, that would take ahold of the droid's arms, seize them both in a powerful grip in order to quite literally crush them completely and utterly. He might be able to ride out the outpour of telekinetic energy shooting towards him, perhaps use his tentacle thingies, but she had a strong grip on her and persisted in pouring her energy into it, ready to rip his arms off if need be. The effect would be like a durasteel docking-clamp had suddenly grabbed ahold of his limbs, then she would pull.

So with great telekinetic force she grabbed, pulled and twisted hard, very hard, with the intent to not just break them, but rip them off.