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Pass the Prompt

Ire'Rain Sekairo

Look To Your Demons
This is a relatively simple game. I'll start it off by posting a prompt for a story. Whoever replies next takes that prompt, and writes a mini-story/poem based off it. The story can be anywhere from a paragraph to a couple pages (likely somewhere in the middle, towards the smaller side), and has to have something to do with the prompt. At the end of your post you write your own prompt in quotation marks.

If you want, you can give the story above you feedback or a rating (N/5).
Basically it's a fun little writing game/exercise.
So let's start!

"As the sun sets, a strange noise gets you attention. You go to investigate. What happens/what do you find?"
Zahori Denko
I cautiously walk over to discover the source of the sound when suddenly a pudgy purple gamorrean came jumping out and oinked at me. It bit me on the ankle and ran off into the forest. The pain was little annoyance so I chose to ran after it. The little fether was fast, but I'm faster. It took less than a minute to catch up to him and bring him to a halt. Once he was in my arms, I punched him repeatedly in the head until he was unconscious. I dragged the purple monster back to my little makeshift hut and prepared me a nice pork chop dinner. The End.

"After being knocked out for almost an hour, you wake up with a bag over your head and tied to a chair. What did you do to deserve this and how do you plan on escaping?"

Timothy Hoyt

OOC Account
You know when you get that sinking feeling you were in the wrong place at the wrong time? Well I know for a fact that is what happened to me. I was just standing by the drinking fountain in Hollow Days Inn when a bag was placed over my head and I was carted off to who knows where. Now I have to find a way to escape this place and get back to the inn by 4 or my wife will really kill me. I started to wiggle my hands and noticed that the idiots hadn't even tied the ropes tight. So I easily removed the ropes and removed the burlap sack from my head. I looked around and noticed I was in a truck. However before I could even think off jumping out a guy pushed me from behind and I fell right in front of the car behind us. I was nearly crushed if it wasn't for the fact that I rolled down the medium. The owner of the car that almost crushed me stopped and ran up to me. She took me to the hospital where I met my wife who chewed me out. Hey at least I'm alive.

"You get stuck at the bottom of a well. What do you do?"

Seth Huze

Wolfboy Extraordinaire Tresure Hunter
Of course it would be me to fall down a well, Jacob always said I always have my head in the clouds. I was running, then out of nowhere I trip over a log and fall straight in a well, hitting it's stone wall on the way down. Now I a at the bottom of to well with nothing to do but wait. The only way I am going to get out would be to wait for somebody to come and get some water, but judging by the log I tripped over, nobody has been to this well in a while. So now I have to try and climb up to the top. I slowly climb up the side of the well only to slip, Since that didn't work, I would yell for help.

"You are trapped in the cargo bay of a ship with no power, there are various crates around you, what do you do?