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Private Pain and Enlightenment

Governor from Hell
Fortress Imperious, Brig

Victory, was a bitter sweet taste for Lirka. No, not because of the loss of Imperial life: she could care less for the rabble of Legionnaires and Sithlings that dotted across the surface of Mordinae as she prepared the Great Hunt for the extermination of all those who had taken up arms on the planet, but there was a more pressing matter at hand. A captive had been taken among from all the degenerate lifeforms that had tried to throw themselves against her planet. One Alwine Lechner Alwine Lechner , an old friend. If she could be called a friend anymore.

But, such things had dual purpose, like they always did for the Sephi: extract information, and teach her poor deluded friend the enlightenment that had been forced upon Lirka herself. Her footsteps echoed throughout the halls, some of the starved skeletal faces of other prisoners looked out upon the Governor that had imprisoned with equal measures of disgust, hatred, and fear. For unlike usual, Lirka had not clad herself in the battle plate she seemed to wear on all occasionals: it was mere civilian clothes this time, exposing some of her “figure” that lay beneath or the lack thereof. For Lirka was a walking brick of unnatural muscle, the sight of metal that jutted out from her arms from the cybernetics sprinkled across her form, amd the outline of various tubing causing the flesh to jut. A creature remade in a vat, and filled with the cruel and awful intellect of a creature with nothing left to fear and a single minded goal.

She approached the cell now, flanked by two imperial torture droids. With a click, the ray shield of Alwine’s cell deactivated: Lirka looked at her meager form, stripped of weapons and armor and given the meek attire that all prisoners were given in the brig, a mixture of disappointed and disgusted lined her androgonyous face.

“I would hope you may have considered the errors of your ways since our last meeting.”

It had indeed been some time, close to a week: a week in which the Governor had isolated herself from all other life, to muse the Galaxy, to muse the mortals that inhabited, and to muse the worthlessness of so much of the life that infested it like Vermin.