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Jantar Keltainen

Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak
“Sometimes I think this planet is nothing but a hellhole.”
― Natasi Daala

Jantar was back in her home — a high level apartment with a balcony and a view. She had just ordered some food. It was a take-out of sorts — the exception being that it was a high-end restaurant that was providing the food, and it came on fine china and with silver cutlery.

She hadn’t left her apartment for two days — and most of that time had been spent in her room. She was fascinated to learn how Darth Zannah had visited this very planet — had masqueraded as a Jedi and even fooled the chief librarian of the Jedi Archives — a Cerean named Master Barra-Rona-Ban.

Jantar wished her own efforts could have been as simple as the woman she held in the highest regard when i came to Sith sorcery. She was handed a datacard with all of the encrypted data she required loaded onto it.

Jantar had been accessing each and every database she could to find information. Many systems she clumsily attempted to hack into — but she didn’t care how many firewall alarms she set off. It wasn’t as if anyone was going to trace her exploits, let alone send anyone around to challenge her crude attempts to circumvent security.

So, she continued to read all about Zannah’s exploits on Coruscant, and wondered what it would be like — to stroll into the Jedi Academy and pull off such a deception.

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Someone had been acting rather... rash, delving into systems and databases they really should not have been trying to access. It had come to Taeli's attention, in both her guises, that someone on Courscant had been attempting to access information on Darth Zannah. A sophisticated tracker virus, devised by one of her Anomids in the Order of Shadows and programmed to piggyback any requests for certain Sith files from Alliance territory, had traced the terminal accessing the systems to an apartment complex. One of her Jedi Inquisitors had informed her of attempted breaches into the Jedi archives themselves, although those had failed.

Curiosity, more than anything else, had prompted Taeli to investigate the matter personally. The endgame was rapidly approaching, and she did not need any hints that something was lurking in the heart of the Alliance getting back to the New Jedi Order she ostensibly led.

Keeping her presence in the Force tightly concealed, she moved through the apartment complex in a concealing robe, a simple Force flash on the security cams to obscure her figure from recordings. Whoever was trying to find information... well there were many possibilities ahead here, some good and some... well they would see how it played out.

Jantar Keltainen

Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak
Jantar lay back on her bed. Something smelled bad.

She glanced around the room, looking for an offending plate, ready to condemn a droid to a severe tongue lashing — but none were visible. As she moved, the smell grew stronger. Finally she lifted an arm and took a sniff at the area where shoulder met torso. She found the culprit! Days on end without a shower will do that to a girl.

So she disrobed and headed to the en-site facilities and had not three but four cycles of shower and covered herself with sweet-smelling lotions, potions and powders.

Finally she put on some black silk pyjamas and headed back into her room. A service droid had cleared her clothes away, but left her papers and data pads untouched. The last droid to attempt to tidy them met an untimely end at end of a saber.

Jantar wandered to the drawer at the side of her bed and pulled out a black velvet bag. Gently, almost reverently, she removed the content — a saber, albeit minus any focussing crystals. It was her pride and joy and one day, once she was granted Knight status, she would make it hers by reassembling it. But for now she put in back in its bag and closed the drawer again.

She lay down on her bed and decided it would do no harm to close her eyes for a minute. Or maybe two…

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