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Silver Guardian
If you are playing outscape and know me from over the years, drop me a line. If you are thinking about joining the main server, we've got a steady small alliance of about 10 people now, nothing big. Surrounded by potential sharks but we are holding our own. I can drop you a spawn code if you are getting seal clubbed. No guarantees of course but strength in numbers.

If you are not playing it and a fan of strategy.

I'll give it a plug. It's an imperfect long play strategy game in alpha. Available on steam now. Alpha - You'll get unfair starting locations, quick deaths, long build ups. Until you know what you are doing and can mitigate all of that. Its a steady paced game, logistics takes too much time imho and the balance is firmly for offense rather than defense. Minefields are op'd as the counter. But other than that, its been fun.