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Susefvi President
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  • Corporation Name: Outer Rim Manufacturing Union
  • Headquarters: Susefvi
  • Locations: Susefvi, Sevarcos, Svivren, Elshandruu Pica
  • Operations: Shipbuilding, Spacefaring Technology, Heavy Manufacturing, Terraforming Technology
  • Parent Corporation: N/A
  • Subsidiaries: N/A
With the development and growth of the Rimward Trade League and the necessity of expanding the League's capacity to construct the equipment and machinery necessary, a new public-private partnership was formed. With each company maintaining their own ownership and profitability, the Outer Rim Manufacturing Union was formed from a wide variety of smaller companies with specialist skills and capabilities as a way to work together. The goal was to create a collective of companies capable of fulfilling contracts for the various League governmental agencies and other closely affiliated NGOs like the Outer Rim Development Corps.

When the League needs something built, they will contract the Union to design it to the necessary specifications, and the various companies will produce their own parts of it and then perform the assembly. Outside government contracts, the ORMU does no other business together, and many of its members consider themselves competitors, but they are very willing to collaborate when it comes to League business. In many ways, the ORMU acts as a tool of business-caused stimulus spending, to ensure that credits gathered by the League are constantly in circulation amongst the many people who make up the League.

Any company in the territory of the Rimward Trade League is welcome to join the Union as long as they agree to abide by the Union rules- no industrial espionage on Union projects, League safety protocols must be followed at all times and on all projects, even those not done for the League, employees must be paid enough of a wage to sustain themselves, no use of slaves or indentured workers, and all environmental damage must be assessed and then a plan put in place for its repair.

The Union is administered by a Board of Directors which includes representatives from each member company and answers to the Liason Committe, which is composed of members of the Rimward Trade League core government initiatives: The Rimward Rescue Service, The Rimward Merchant-Marine, The Rimward Ranger Corps, The Outer Rim Development Corps, and the League Charter Council. These representatives bring their needs to the Union Directors, either what they need or something already designed, and then the Directors work to delegate the work equally amongst the Union members based on who can best complete each part.

Designed to be used as a catch-all for any Rimward Trade League member who wants to make something related to the League and doesn't have their own company, or doesn't want to make their own. Also used to to further the idea of the League being united in working collaboratively on accomplishing its goals rather than being centralized. Add more places for interaction between company owners on an OOC and IC level. Do something unique for making faction-based projects on a large scale.