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Other Factions and How We See Them

Other Factions and How We See Them

  • Omega Protectorate [Neutral] - Though OP has not done anything against the CoS, we still don't see them as our friends.
  • Mandalorian [Neutral] - Same reason.
  • The Republic [Hated] - Any contact with them is not recommended. Still, Republican Council members shall be seen as friends.
  • Black Sun Syndicate [Neutral] - Same reason as OP and Mandos.
  • The Confederacy [Members] - We are currently a temporary subgroup of them.
  • Lords of the Fringe [Friendly] - A few of our members are working with them.
  • The Moross Crusade [Neutral] - Despite their rather unique view of the Force and whatever, CoS doesn't consider them as a threat yet.
  • The New Order [Neutral] - The New Order, a successor to the old Galactic Empires, could not be considered as a friend of the Council yet.
  • Levantine Sanctum [Disliked] - Levantine Sanctum, a strange faction in the Archmage's opinion, is not a faction which has a great relationship with the Council.
  • The Horde [Neutral] - The Council's relationship with the Horde is quite undecided, so the members of the Council shall see it as a neutral faction.
  • The One Sith [Exalted] - The new powerful Sith faction, one which just came out of shadows and was announced with a powerful invasion against the Republic, shall never be called a stranger by a member of the Council.

Minor factions are seen as [Unfriendly].


Is it good? Should I change something?


Hey, I thought all the non-sorcery factions were the enemy and thus must be eliminated. :p

Exalted, huh? Well, consider me honored (no pun intended). :)

Oh, yeah, just expect the IC proceedings to occur in a very... indirect, advisory way. No one here knows she is the High Queen or who that even is. That's exactly how she likes it. ;)
@[member="Ayña Kottos"], Well, the relations will soon start changing. At the moment, the most important thing for CoS is dealing with Zahat'n'ira. Maybe after that we'll start fighting with maybe all factions (besides the few honoured/exatled ones) But Arcian Kingdom and Mnenchei Dominion are exalted just because their leaders are here too. And like I said, Mnenchei things are a bit different in IC.

@[member="Morna Imura"], thank you for the information. From now on, they shall be seen as friends. :)

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]
Keep in mind that the Star Kingdom is entirely Sith Purebloods and their thing is Sith Magic. I can see some fun plots arising :D
@[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]

I am not sure if they are supposed to be known ic or secret yet, since they are brand new. I have joined the group, so was naturally concerned since Aiden is also a member of this group. Thanks for clarifying!

New Major Factions were added.
Some relationships were changed.

We will have diplomatic meetings with other factions, starting with the Fringe.
[member="Morna Imura"], how are the things going? Can we start the thread?