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Orion Setha



Name: Orion Setha.

Region: Outer Rim.
System: Vassek System.
Suns: 1; Amaterasu.
Orbital Position: 5th planet.
Moons : 2 moons; Tsukuyomi & Izanagi; 1 artificial satellite called The Final Ark.
Coordinates: I-29.
Rotational Period: 43 standard earth hours.
Orbital Period: 766 orbital days.

Class: Terrestrial Giant.
Diameter: 63,780 (5 times bigger than earth)
Atmosphere: Type II.
Climate: Ranging from scorching hot to immensely cold, the weather is fickle, because of the gasses that cling to planet like a bed lining it its quite arid even during the rain and cold.
Gravity: Standard.
Primary Terrain: Grasslands, Mountains, lakes / ocean, jungles.

Native species: Cannok, Drexl, Boma.
Immigrated species: Goshun.
Primary languages: Galactic Standard Basic, Sethian.
Government: Tribal war clans, household clans, normally united under one leader.
Population: 11 billion.
Demonym: Goshun.
Major cities: The house hold of Markseth, The house hold of Myriad, The house hold of Dexal, The house hold Baltore. (Not really cities but the only major built up areas where there is population, various smallar and minor clans are scattered throughout the planet.
Major imports: Food, vegetables of all kinds, although trading happens through The Final Ark and not the planet.
Major exports: Technology and forged weapons and armor.
Affiliation: Inapplicable.


God of the Planet and all that resides on it: Markseth
Goddess of the Afterlife and the Flow of eternity: Myriad
God of Weapons and War, the second shogun: Dexal
God of the twilight, Balance and Technology: Baltore
The unnamed God, First Shogun, God of the Hunt and Darkness: Oni.
The Goshun was first made up of four lords and a single lady who were drafted into the Neo-mandolorion cause by Mandalore the Ultimate; however these five held different views to their current leader believing they had no use to conquer other planets simply due to the fact they were already the strongest thus they were sentenced to death however upon earning their freedom through battle the original five set off into the Outer Rim region of space.

This can specifically explain why they are so arrogant and proud, believing they were already the strongest and the only true enemy they had to face was themselves. That is why these proud warriors are now considered more sophisticated and 'noble' than their barbaric counter parts, it also explains why the five were so secretive, even in the Outer Rim regions the five heard about the Mandolorion War and how Revan pretty much single handily destroyed them.

They live off the land and pray to their 'gods' through battle bloodshed is but a daily and trivial thing in the land of Goshun. The four gods consisting of the four founding clan heads; Lord of the Planet, Markseth, Lady of the Afterlife and Flow Myriad, Lord of Weapons and War, Dexal, and Lord of the Twilight and Technology, Baltore. These four were once well respected mandolorions who had travelled because of their exile, their nomad existence finally ending upon finding a baron planet which had no human-like life aboard it. They called it home along with a fifth member, the unspoken one, Lord of the Hunt and Shadows, Oni; who would become the first official 'Shogun', leader of the Goshun people as he was the most fierce warrior of all. His household would be held to shame upon the other four households feeling anxious and terrified how power it was. It is believed that all Goshun come from Myraid who is the teacher and fathered by the second Shogun, Dexal, although there is a select family line who has decedents that were directly related to Oni. These people are called monsters due to their unnatural hair and eye color, simply speaking they are outcasts and live miles away from any of the other clans.

The current standing on the culture believes the flow (the force) is an energy or aura that can be utilized into two different categories, the Aether and Nether, although neither side is frowned upon one must take precautions if using the Nether as it can taint the soul and stop it from rising to Myriad's plane where the mother will be with her children again.

The political structure currently is a tricky one, the religious like outlook of the Goshun people has fallen and the four households of Markseth, Myriad, Dexal, and Baltore are now at civil war. Although there are but a few minor clans (most unbootable in name and are only deflects of the bigger households) none of them hold superior military strength or numbers, beside one that is...The household of Oni is still alive and kicking, within the mountain regions of Omega Setha, the clan Oni is currently reconstructing and electing a leader themselves before making an impact on this war.
Technology: Although they only share their technology with a set few, the Goshun aren't superiority technological advanced besides their in-house development of new and improved Basilisk War Droids (not exported, military purposes). They prefer to live off the land however the house of Baltore specifically deals with technology and thus at least just under 1/4 of the population has superior technology compared to the rest of the planet's population.
History: It is unknown who first inhabited the planet of Orion Setha yet when the five founding lords, who were exiled neo-mandolorions, the five stumbled upon the seemingly uninhabited of human life upon landing. They would fight through the vast mountains and jungles killing all beasts and claiming this world as their own and self-proclaiming themselves as gods. Although it is truly unknown if a race of sentients lived before here, as there were no signs as such, it is assumed the gas killed those before hand. In the cultural they are refereed to as the old ones, although they're rarely mentioned. The first lords were once Neo-Mandolorions (humans drafted to the cause) that were exiled before the start of the Mandolorion wars due to the fact they had different views from Mandlore the Ultimate although they were amazing fighters and combatants in their own right. They would eventually find a baron planet, in the Outer Rim regions of space during their nomad travels of exile. They would eventually call this planet home and claim they were gods of a new species of people; each would become a god of their own respective fields and together the five would naturally evolve due to evolution. Due to the fact that their body would cause a chemical reaction which over the years of inhaling the deadly gasses that create a thick purple haze on the planet would cause the children of the five gods to be genetically abnormal creating a new species which would be unknown to the rest of the galaxy as Goshun.

It was during the times of the first children being born from Oni that the five decided they would create a cause that would rival the mandolorions, thus Oni would become the first Shogun (ruler of all) because he was the strongest out of the five. Yet as time passed the first and third lords, Markseth and Dexal would become jealous and a twenty-five year war would be the death of Oni and the rise of the second Shogun Dexal who would betray his partner in crime Markseth, killing him.

Breading and years passed, the last Shogun from household, Myriad was Lady of the household, Armada; upon her death due to the illness that all Goshun suffer which was now more evident and aware of, it was dubbed Oni by the clans elders because they said it was the revenge of the unnamed god of the hunt and shadows for the betrayal that he had suffered. The Death of the last Shogun split the clans and a new war has been waged simply due to the fact no one would sit down and talk about it instead it would seem blood would be needed to be spilt before anyone could claim the title once more and unite the clans.
Notable PC's: Inapplicable currently.

Intent: To create a home world for my race that has currently being submitted, to provide a place to role-play where a civil war is happening unknowing to most of the universe itself. Also comes with a cool race that follows the traditions of shinto and samurai beliefs from the early Muromachi periods unlike the Artisisans where more follow a meji period beliefs.


Well since this is a sci-fi i thought it would be ok since they could just be native planets to the planet, making them immune to such things? Maybe I could say somewhere that its the plants that produce the gases meaning that they would naturally resilient to them, that kinda what i just assume would be ok but ill change it if you need me to. @[member="Lilith Mae Lancaster"]

Well, there is one more thing. Gas giants almost always lack solid surface, so it raises a question. How does everything manage to be on that planet?
There are three ways to make this planet suitable:

  1. The planet is a gas giant and there is no life on it.
  2. The planet is a terrestrial planet and supports life. (probably the option which suits your intentions the most)
  3. The planet is a gas giant and doesn't support life, but there are cloud cities floating in the atmosphere which have life.