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OOC - So, anyone need a Sith Master for something? I'm bored as hell!

Title says it all.

My character is entirely too powerful, and I am very bored. Who feels they can use that properly? Cause I'm back, and I seek to further someone or some faction's goal.

Yeah, I'm pandering... but I wanna jump into the thick of it.

Skype? ket.limelight

I need to write!
[member="Netherworld"] - You remembered! I am actually honored! Let us fix that, yes?

[member="Lord Boros"] - We can work things out.

[member="Darth Sarcophago"] - Here or PM. Sell me on it. If you gain the most ancient of all RPers here. That's no boast. That's FACT. ;)
[member="Ket Van-Derveld"]

As I was saying under my writer account...


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