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Only a cat of a different coat

Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow


Syn had prepared his mind for what was going to come, the real test of all this was his body. He had agreed to Elayne's teachings and when she had brought several of her sisters into the ship for the ritual he didn't know what else to do. He had asked for her teachings and he had asked for the Fallanassi master who was here with him. She was not Je'gan or Aleidis, she did not break his word of not seeking teachings from them. Not that he suspected his word meant much to the old master in the long run, no he suspected more tension until he simply outlived them.

The final part of what he had was who else was here... or who wasn't, this was not something for Iella to see and at the moment. In this moment he missed her deeply before stripping down. The witches of the singing mountain adorned him in tribal markings and he laid down on the table. The scents of oil and ichor assailing his nostrils. Then there was a hand on his face removing the sash... He could feel the small membrane over his eyes touched by the cool air while the words lulled him into a sense of peace then rest then... intense pain.

He hadn't expected it the sensation as acid rolled over his skin, the pull upon his body while he ground his teeth feeling it. Muscles taut from trying not to convulse from the pain or go into shock. The spirit ichor he could feel it entering his pores like a tiny needle of pain that went down into his muscles and pierced the bone bringing a new sensation of pain... New levels he had not though he could experience and finally he couldn't hold it back as the scream came full blown from his chest arching his back until unconsciousness came to claim him.


The jedi master awoke in the woods again, nearly naked and his body ached. He had been sent down here upon his request when it was all done and he could feel it. His blood boiled more so now than it had before. More so than when he was around sith magics or the darkside. Now it boiled it more magics and the force. The Dathomir magics had allowed him to do many things but he would first need to have the basics of it.

“So you have awakened Master jedi?”

The voice brought his head around but he could not see who was speaking but even his senses couldn’t find them. Which meant one thing. The white current was here and he cursed a little under his breathe reaching out to sense but to no avail. Much like Je’gan and Aleidis he couldn’t find the person but he still spoke rolling over onto his stomach and getting up as he spoke. “Are you the one they sent or another user the the current here to torment me?”

Then he could see her as she stood there in front of him and wore an aura of the lightside. “I am not here to torment you and you master jedi asked for one of us to come and teach you to sense but there are things that must be done. Before we can begin you must find the scribed writings in the current.” The woman’s hand came up to his face. “Shhh I will teach you how to sense the flow and if you can find the script at the end of it… Then I can begin teaching you Jedi master.”

Slowly Syn understood what she meant and it made sense, much like the jedi had to see if others had talent in different aspects to teach them so would the Fallanassi need to see if there was some innate talent. So when she sat down he followed suit feeling his muscles protest from the movement. The pain would have to be healed eventually but for now… For now he listened to her words while focusing.

“Now focus on my words and relax your body, ease your mind and calm your spirit. The cathar blood of yours boils for movement and action, I can see why you hide what you are. Sithspawn are not generally liked by the jedi and even less most likely if they knew you were among them. Now parts of you that have formed your being. Your cathar body, your neti spirit and the miraluka mind that completes you. Focus on those and feel whole, let them not be in conflict but in harmony.”

Slowly Syn looked inward to that deep part of him that was sithspawn, that part of him that was a reminder that he wasn’t born but made for a purpose and he found it. The aggression of a cathar natural and hot. The contemplative nature of a miraluka who could see the ripples of the galaxy in the force and the endless patience of a neti. Able to live for centuries upon centuries and observe, to remember and to mourn. He dug deep until he found it and breathed letting a shudder come from his body.

There was more to the alchemy, more species than even he knew and could count. The monster maker of the emperor had been careful to define weaknesses, then give species to compliment them. He wanted to make more monsters and would have done so with zeal. The ancient texts were quite a dangerous thing the jedi had locked away in a deep pit hopefully. No one should have that power. Then he found it and tapped it that reservoir of old magics, of sith magic while peace washed over him.

It was less soothing and more an icy hot balm that cooled then burnt at his skin but there was nothing really there. Just the nerves fraying while the center of his body sent out waves of serenity. He had worked so long to suppress himself, to suppress what he was among the other jedi. Now here he was able to let it out if only for a time and feel that burden of its crushing embrace. The woman he could hear make a chuckle before continuing and tapping on a bottle.

“Now you see it, that inner peace one can have when they aren’t fighting themselves. Your greatest enemy as I can see and after researching you master jedi… I know I am right. Few have met you and walked away without pain, less with their life if you desired it and men curse your name in silent halls. Something ancient and born into darkness, molded by it until you were brought into the light and created into its weapon but that is not what this is for. Je’gan learned that. Aleidis understands that and the others should as well but I doubt it.”

“Children of teachers are often foolish and will abuse their gifts. Something you know all too well after seeing your student abuse what you taught him. Do not worry, when we are done here jedi master you shall be one of the few who have learned from us, like Je’gan before you, or Circe’s mother we will show you. Enough but not all, the rest you can learn over your long life and train up yourself. Just remember this power is something we rarely give but I am amused at the mirror.”

“Now with your mind imagine the force like a stream of water, with all its ripples and sounds. We all touch the stream and from it tributaries form intersecting to branch off and form our own paths, to return later when the person becomes one with the force. The current is this river and we float within it we do not branch it off. We allow it to protect and conceal to help and incapacitate. We do not use this for murder or being the sad little king of a sad little hill. Understood.”

The jedi master gave a nod of his head as the lessons began and he imagined a stream how he knew it, gentle and inviting with small rocks that the water slapped against to make thousands of little sounds. The ripples formed where everything touched it and he set himself into it… Allowing the coolness to wash over making his blood sooth. Making it run cooler than normally would be allowed but he felt strange and as the time passed he didn’t realize how long he was there but his senses and vision was different.

He was looking at the area differently, there was a hue to everything even to his vision letting him make out not features but allowing him to make out the green glow of script along the rocks. His mind was trying to process the idea of colors beyond what it knew for the force and life. Not even droids showed up to him and at first it was strange but as he forced a blink the membrane over his eyes tore releasing a fresh set of blood red tears.

His hands went over the script as he breathed deeply seeing it disappear. He could hear the woman behind him and now… Now he could feel her like a ripple on the edge of his senses. This must be what Aleidis meant by sensing the other users. This must be what it is like when you feel the other users. He wondered if Je’gan would feel like this as well? For a moment and heard her speak more touching his back.

“Welcome master jedi to the current and now rise. We have much to do and this world will provide one part of your lessons. The rest… The rest will be learned in time and with practice. For now you will need equipment the trip to the temples will be long and arduous we mustn’t dally. I will not live as long as you in this case.”
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

The beginning of the small pilgrimage came after Syn had returned to the temple. It was a new sensation and he worked to practice and avoid them. The glove of cloaking was muted, strange and foreign but this. The ability to disappear into the force let him feel for a moment the ebb and flow, it was like a… Like a sloshing of water slowing him down but from what he could tell. No one saw him enter the temple, no one saw him gather his sabers and belt before heading back out with it all. He wouldn’t need much as the trips to the temples were meant to invoke peace. The only one he saw as a possible issue would be the ancient temple of healing and that was because he disliked water.

So he returned to her and without senses telling him knew where she was using the current to hide from sight, he also suspected she was letting him know where she was. Her attitude about possibly going into the temple where Je’gan was… Was strange. He knew some of the mans past, he knew some of his story but only what Aleidis had taught him. Only what history would show and half of all history was hiding the truth. That was true even among the jedi as both dropped the illusion and slowly departed. He had left a message for Iella to stay with Elayne and be on the ship.

He would come to them both when the time came but for now this was something he had to do alone and without her nimir-raj, or his teacher. The bottle that was given to him felt heavy for a moment and he looked at her opening it to sniff the liquid. It was not enjoyable as a scent but it was small, barely detectable like water with a small hint of sulfur. “What is this for?”

“It is for you master jedi, your witches left it near you. Something for your spells as you learn them and the brimstone they have added will speed up healing. You shall need it as learning to do this will take its toll. I shall be breaking you down at each of these temples master jedi and tearing into what makes you… you. I will not let you use our techniques like Je’gan did, while he has become something different now he still broke a trust.”

The woman’s words made Syn think about it for a moment and then he realized what she meant. Aleidis had told him about Je’gan using the white current to kill, to walk up to someone in the middle of a room and kill a man. He had been evil and now served the jedi teaching Aleidis to be his heir. A fitting fate since everything the jedi master knew he was teaching to Iella. She had a better heart and it wasn’t stained with decades of blood. He had none far worse now to protect her.

For a brief moment his mind flashed back to Coruscant and when she ran off to confront the man who had killed her sister. He had followed worried for her not knowing and helped her when she started a bar fight, then showed her how to mind trick the bartender into telling them where to go. Then the slow trudge to it as the rain came leading them into the industrial district, finally sneaking in and confronting him. Iella couldn’t do it but he could and as she had went in alone she hadn’t seen him. She hadn’t seen him run out the back and stop him.

He had hurt his padawan, made her fear. He was evil and orders didn’t matter all that mattered was what he had done. She was a better person than he was and had the purer heart. He didn’t even think twice of it as he dragged the man back into the factory and quickly snapped his neck returning to Iella the way he had come and leading her away. It had not been the right thing to do but there was no proof beyond the nightmares of a little girl. So he justified it, jedi could kill and they could be really good about it, now he turned his head to the woman clipping his sabers to his belt. “What did Je’gan do to?”

“He broke our trust, learned everything from us, became one of us but in his heart he was a monster then. He took our teachings and twisted them into a tool of his own evil. Used our gift to become a sith lord. Then he died or so we thought but the wicked have a way of not staying dead, now… Now he is a jedi barely. Someone who cannot be forgiven for his crimes but someone we can not make unlearn what happened. At best we can watch and teach others to fight him should he slip. Which is why I have come here, on this journey Synlidwirh there will be many things happening but know that I am your teacher and if you cannot trust that then trust in your training. The first destination on our journey and your quest for balance will be Stav Kesh the temple of martial arts. The temples may be in ruins but there are some things you can still stand to learn about fighting. Force users sometimes forget about the simple notion of a fist hitting someone, or a kick to stop them.”
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

Stav Kesh: The Temple of Martial Arts

The ancient temple of the Je’daii was show he had seen it before, not much had changed since the last time he was here beyond the company. he hadn’t even brought Iella on this type of journey. There were rumors of Asha Seren taking her padawans but her dedication had proven false. She abandoned the order and her vows first chance she got leaving much in her wake.

The Fallanassi had still not given her name to him she just preferred to be called the teacher. A strange notion but not one he was going to argue with. The rest of the trip was them walking while he focused on maintaining his immersion while astride. She could see him always but the small amount of humor she showed when he actually did seem to impress was worth it. Their night were ones of silent reflection while eating the food cubes or what they might have caught. Traps and illusions were great for small hunting schiks.

She had chosen this temple to test his martial prowess compared to the rest and at the moment as he slowly opened the doors with the force. She gave a smirk walking just enough ahead of him to be leading the way but not enough to seem like it. There was no doubt to him if it came down to it she could do all the things Je’gan could or that were known. He already had been knocked out once he didn’t want to have to deal with it again.

Then he found themselves standing in the central chamber and she turned around disappearing from his sight. For a moment at least as slowly he stood there looking towards her ripples. Each step she took sending a ripple in the current as he perceived it, then she struck at him with a fist prompting him to raise a hand. The small distortion in the illusion allowing him to for a moment see her. The jedi master back up a little as she spoke continuing the attack while bringing her foot up to strike his kneecap. The shot of pain brought him to his knees while her words came from around the room.

“You're skilled with a saber and even your fists when you can see. For a blind man you have better sight than most but you cannot see illusions like others can. Seeing the flaws in someones illusion is key to identifying it. Then you can break it and see them, the jedis sight at times is far to limited. Now come on and break mine.”

He understood more now and as she struck he focused. He couldn’t make out details but slowly his vision of her was becoming more and more clear.Slowly her image came into detailed blurs when she moved, the illusion dropped briefly for a microsecond. His hand came out and caught it… He was holding nothing but empty space his senses were telling him but he could feel her arm before sleep overtook him.

He awoke several hours later and the heat of the fire let him realize they were still in the temple but at the courtyard. His equipment was still intact and slowly the jedi master looked around finding his teacher while breathing a sigh of relief… He really needed to stop falling unconscious with women… It was becoming a habit. First Elayne drugged him then during the procedure and now here with his teacher.

“Are you trying to figure out how you got here? It wasn’t easy master jedi, your heavier then you look and dragging you was no small feat. Still I saw it in your face when you did it. You can see the imperfections in the illusions or at least the ones I made, the stronger the user the less chance of flaws and the more immersed you will have to be. It shall take time to see through ones like Je’gans but those he might have taught. Perhaps assuming they haven’t been training as much.”

“Now rest master jedi, the journey to the next temple is going to be longer. I marked a journey that will test you and make us be here for awhile.”
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

Bodhi: The Temple of the Arts

The trip to the temple of the arts was even long it felt and despite them passing another one, his teacher he had learned was named Arya. No last name just Arya and she was his teacher, that was enough for now a least and he could stand to learn plenty from her. That was the trade off and when they finally came to the ancient temple of the arts the place felt strange. It had been a long time since he had last been at the temple. It wasn’t one nearby to the others. The Old city his refuge and the mountains a second home.

Slowly as they along the conversations became slightly more in depth. His history was laid out in details for her, his past shown for what it was, something he regretted and felt ashamed of but in it he had found… Iella. She was the light he had been given in the end of the tunnel and in the galaxy. Something he would fight for and do all it took to protect as it stood and with a smirk to the woman they approached the temple, they entered it and the jedi master listened.

“There is much went on here master jedi. So many skills were taught to the younger ones, skills that were useful within the galaxy but not all about sabers and the force. Dancing, sewing, music and so much more that has become. Here you will look inward and become what you once were you shall tell me a story of when you were a boy. We cannot move forward until we deal with your past and lay it to rest.”

The two entered the temple and Syn breathed in deeply while he began to meditate in the open courtyard his mind went back as he set himself into the immersion of the current… Let himself drown deep within it to hide himself to cloak himself from sight and the force. The thoughts that came to his mind were old of a time long gone on a world that held many but none for important then a small boy who looked in his far off youth. The childlike sith lord whom the Emperor had created for one purpose because he could.

It was a pristine beauty, an exquisite perfection obtained by an exalted sense of ubiquity with only the diseased taint of reality to mar the artistic depiction. It was the most primal of drawings, imagery painted with the dexterous fingers of an artist, graced with utmost care and tended to with a desire that was clearly reflected in the design. The fingers, representing the slender beauty and fragility of the artist, carefully maneuvered around the crimson, the motions sensual and languid and caressed the work of art with care. There was purpose in every movement, direction that was preconceived with weighted thought and the muffled air of jazz music in the background set a jovial ambiance. The fingers stopped, the index finger circling gently over a tangible conglomeration of tissue. It was an erroneous ad-junction to the canvas, one that distracted from the piece. The finger gently brushed it aside, though the damage was done. The surreal, depraved trance dispersed like a mist, falling away like a cloak and pooling at his feet.
A heavy sigh escaped his lips, the soft pale lips of a dead man. The air that exhaled from his mouth was chilled, his pallid skin unmarred and eerily illuminated. He was knelt on the ground, a hand extended out and paused on his artwork. It was as if he were a statue, forever presented in a display of ferity. It was a dichotomized juxtaposition, a perfect one, as the painting that extended out like tendrils from the tips of his fingers was thick, coagulated blood. The lump of tissue he had irritably brushed aside was the human remains of the man that lay decapitated only feet away. He paid no heed to him. He was a glaring distraction from his art. He did not like distractions. His frustration pooled over, and he broke out of his statuesque reserve, hastily smearing the blood and complementing the action with an irritable cry.
He rose from the ground, the levity of the jazz music reaching his ears in a tranquil wave, one that penetrated himself mind and encompassed his thoughts. It traveled down his body, down his spine, and stopped brushing against each vertebra. The music entered his bloodstream like a drug and coursed through his veins, released into every muscle, till the anger abated. He smiled then, a devil’s smile, one that seemed out of place on his visage, as it was a face not accustomed to smiles. His fingertips were tinged red, but all thoughts of his painting left him. He did not look back, taking a step, and then another. He barely touched the ground, moving like an ethereal manifestation. He was the embodiment of malice and atrocity in its most perfect form, a form wrought of abhorrence and a never ending ache for power, one that would push hims to the pinnacle of chaotic tyranny. His every step betrayed him, but he flaunted it, as a gentle warning to any that stood in his way.
“There is nothing here.”
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

Syn's breathed steadied as he shared it, his mind open, recalling and sharing the story with the woman. Her hands at work on a datacron recording all he said, all he recalled. He was something that could help in the future for others maybe. It could teach people or it could warn... Something to help the others as time went on and so she remained very still while he spoke more. Remembering the time as it went on.
He did not believe it. He remained on the ground, fiercely clutching the ragged doll. So pristine was that doll, oblivious with that permanent smile etch upon its countenance, forever amused and withdrawn from the pain that gripped his owner. He had stopped crying, but the pain lingered, coursing through his veins like poison. In an instant, everything was gone. In an instant he was a derelict undesirable, turbulently left clutching an inanimate object. Shuddering gasps marked the cessation of himself sobbing.
“You are strong. You can rise above this.”
The voice was smooth, cold, drawling. Without turning back, he thought the words flowed from the lips of his father. He did not look back. He did not have to look back to understand that the figure standing behind him was a monster. He lowered his head, looking into the face of the doll. The face was tainted with blood, but the smile never faded. He rose from the ground, one of his small hands wiping the tears away. He finally turned to face him. He was cloaked in darkness, enshrouded in mystery. His senses, however, pierced through the darkness. The black pools drew attention to his face enraptured with passion, displaying a thirst that would possibly never be quenched. He looked into those eyes, the fear and pain in himself heart melting away.
He did not know what he was. He did not know that he could feel the darkness emanating from himself, the raw power that tugged at him almost sensually. He did not know that he possessed an untamed fury that whirled within himself like a monster, lying dormant and chained. Only he could feel it. His senses pierced through his frail body, past the little face of a scared boy, right into the blackness swirling in his heart. He couldn’t see the smile slowly creeping onto his face but he could feel it. The smile that eerily resembled the one on his doll.​
His words, the promises of a tomorrow, the promise of absolution, the promise of retribution, breathed life into him. None of it made sense to the boy, but he gazed onto that monster makers face. The hypnotizing waves of sorcery guided him, as if intangible ropes had bound him and gently tugged him along. He crept back into darkness and he followed, his eyes wide with wonder. His hand fell to his side, the doll falling to the ground, splashing into the coagulating blood of his mother. A small test or the emperors weapons. Something they could mold.​

He closed his mind, shuddering and writhing in pleasure. The blade withdrew from the delicate, pale flesh of his wrist. The red blood flowed smoothly from the tear, an imperfection upon many that littered his arm and matted the delicately fine fur. He was fascinated by blood, his finger reaching and tenderly touching the fresh wound. He coated the tips of his fingers in his own immaculate blood, bringing it up to scent the sanguine liquid. He could almost see it, and suddenly had the wild urge to taste it. He leaned forward, expecting the coppery explosion of flavor.
“Back again?”​
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

He knew. He did not rapidly jerk away or hide what he had been doing. He reveled in it, welcomed it and accepted it. The blade remained in his hand, his empty eyes not meeting his fathers. He knew what he had been doing. He said nothing for a while, standing many feet away. His arms were crossed over his chest, his face always devoid of expression. He did not judge him, question him, or attempt to stop him. He simply observed. He said nothing in return, lowering his gaze and staring into the reflection of his creation that displayed in the blade.​
His eyes bore an almost golden hue, the pigment lightening from their initial shade. The knife was pulled to the ground with a clatter as the force was flexed. Varadun made no motion for it. He simply watched. After a long moment, he turned and left. Left himself to his corruption, the slow descent that he had begun since that fateful day when he was born. He walked alone, unguided and untethered until the time came. Until the empire was reborn and needed its weapons. The gash on his wrist reminded him of the life he was now leaving behind. The redness brought back memories of a life locked far away. Of the life a child would have when compared to a sith.​

The skies were no longer blue, the sun did did not shine, the birds did not sing. All that remained was the cold, gray reality that constantly hung like a sinister gloom. It clung to him, burned through his skin like acid, made him shrink back. He needed to escape it. He needed to run away, and the only way to do so was to tear into it, let it out. He breathed for the first time when he cut into his flesh, and it was liberating, feeling the essence of himself life run down his hand and reminding him that his heart still beat.
He knew they thought he was weak. He did not understand why he pushed him. He did not understand his overzealous devotion to something he could not see. He could only feel it. He had been told to open himself up to it. He promised he could control it, manipulate it and bend it. To shape it to him will, for the ones who just lived it would be a cruel joke, for the ones who beat life into their image it was power. He told himself he could snatch as much of it as he wished. He said he was its master and could command it at will. He followed, purposeless, directionless.
He was not kind, not gentle, not loving in any fashion of the word. He was the epitome of necessity, brutality, perfection, ego and efficiency. He was what he needed, the guidance that harshly pulled him from the dismal chasm of insanity and bloodlust. It was a place he often flirted with, and he often found herself on the brink of sanity, peering over the edge before he fell in for good. He was unstable, rocky and his foundations were weak. He was weak. It was a slow realization, one that crept into his mind and planted a seed. That seed blossomed into a tree of doubts, a tree he was quick to sever in half. He was his creator, his mother, his brothers, his sister, his god. But he gave nothing to himself. He took nothing from himself. He existed in the distance, always far away, always silent. His silence spoke volumes, and it molded him into the shape and set himself on the path to grandeur. It was one he had to walk, though his purpose remained obscure.​

He simply stared at his creator, his father. He could tell he was growing impatient. He could feel the irritation, the anger, all of it culminating within him. It threatened to explode, and he could feel it. He paid it no heed. He reached out his hand, the one scarred on the wrist and littered with cuts he had inflicted upon himself. He touched his face, his delicate fingers roaming over the fine on his cheek. It was a harsh, twisted perversion of the skin that was once there. something that was a byproduct of the alchemy. He shrunk away at his fathers touch, almost involuntarily. He did not withdraw, keeping his chilled fingers on his skin.​

“Does it hurt?”​
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

He said nothing. He was a boy no older than a preteen child, at least by appearance. He could sense pain from him. He could sense it using that force sight he couldn’t share with others. The thing he could not comprehend yet while its power flexed like a mantle. He rose from the ground, staring at his master, his father, his creator. He followed his movements with his force sight. As he met his gaze, he did not find him there. He was lost, gone far away from this world. He had left his body a long time ago, leaving behind a placeholder. He knew the answer then.​

He found him many times after that, always in the same place. He could not walk away, could not stop vacantly gazing. He never looked at his as he passed him. He never spoke to him. But he knew, and he knew. It originated from the pain, from the cuts on their bodies, from the wounds that would never heal. That’s where he found him, in a place he thought he would never be found. He returned every day, never exchanging words, nor a gaze. Simply his presence. He could feel it. He could feel it because he was another creation born to be thrust into a world of the empire in hiding, in the darkside cult that came from the emperor and hid waiting. He wondered if he understood it. He did not ask.​

He could never explain what changed. He found him yet again, not making eye contact. He said nothing, and he walked past him. However, he heard a sharp intake of breath. It was an abrupt action, so sudden that it tore into the tranquil atmosphere around him. He faced him, locking gaze with him for the first time since he had touched his face. He returned the gaze. This time, he saw life behind his force presence. He said nothing for a moment, the silence growing between them. He did not move, did not prod his mind with the force. They were equals under the emperor for the moment, he could feel it. Finally, he spoke. His voice was like music to his ears.​

“Not anymore.”

His senses flared out as they scanned the area, the hollow eyes under the sash like black pools that swallowed the light to drown it, to consume it and choke all who came. They glinted in the darkness, his tattered cloak gently swaying behind him. He was crouched up in a tree, observing the outpost from a distance. He could feel it from them, the self righteous pricks lost in their pious sense of justice. They were blind in their strife for perfection, for atonement for sins yet to be committed. He smiled at the sight, shooting a glance over to his other half, the boy that had become a weapons, that had become his fathers weapon.​
The other was as well but different He returned the grin, the moonlight glinting over the tarnished contours of his face, the cuts and scars a constant reminder of his past. He did not feel or care about it anymore, however, and only saw his presence in the darkside of the force. It was not the unknown sense that his mother had given him anymore. He understood it, controlled it and manipulated it. He was a seamstress of the darkside, weaving to his whims, leaving magnificent masterpieces of destruction in his wake. He shaped it and forced it to do as he wanted, let the galaxy feel the full wrath of his fury when it swirled in him, around him.​

Today would be no different. He nodded to his other half, no words were said. It was a silent gesture. They had long since learned to communicate without the aid of the sound, or without the slightest change in demeanor. It was all in their force presence. Their faces appeared devoid and vacant to the rest of the world, but to each other they spoke volumes. He sprang off the tree, almost gliding down with the silence of a night owl. He landed on the soft grass without a sound. He landed next to his partner, not as graceful, but with the precision of a killer. And they made their way forth, two predators having cornered their prey. The screams of the Jedi within rang out like a sweet symphony, where he and his counter part were the conductors. They lead the orchestra, leaving a river of blood among the halls of purity and valor. They left a taint, a darkness that crept behind them, trailing behind them and clinging into the walls, the floor, the ceiling and into the Jedi themselves. This was judgment, this was the end for them and death had arrived for them on their doorsteps.​

His demonic laughter resonated throughout, a chilling sound that would cause even the most battle hardened veterans to quiver. He did not stop, even when they begged for mercy. He did not look into the whites of their eyes. He looked ahead, always ahead. And the blood. Oh, the blood! The warmth that exploded all over his hand, showered hism in the essence of bloodlust laced life. It was exhilarating, and he was ascending, always ascending. Growing stronger in his power like none of the other, he would outlive them, become far stronger in the centuries to come. He was lost in the bloodlust now, finding that brink of sanity once again as just a sliver. The one he had always to save him from slipping into true darkness and killing all but the one who could command him.​

He erupted into a blur, moving into a smear of crimson. He bent the darkside of the force, letting it break and control. It was an extension of his will, swimming forth to destroy any he willed it to. It made him lose sight of himself, but it tapped his into the untamed fury of a berserker. He was a master of the darkside, though the darkside controlled him then. He was not aware of this, simply lost into a dance of destruction, littering the halls with bodies. His laughter grew shrill, higher and more inhuman. He was lost and quickly falling further. His other half was right there with him, cutting his own swath through the masses. It wasn’t long before he realized he was gone, having fallen into the insanity that came from power. He was drunk off of it, high on it, and completely immersed in it.​

He tore apart the limbs, drenched himself in the blood and splattered it everywhere. He was on the ground, crying out loud and screaming, losing his mind. The darkside overwhelmed him, consumed him and began to chip away at his last shreds of resolve. He was not fazed by it. He did something completely uncharacteristic. Suddenly, there was music. It erupted within the silent halls of death. The music projected from the speakers, a mixture of saxophones, clarinet, piano, was an odd mixture and strangely soothing. He listened to it, withdrawing his head from having buried it in his bloodstained hands. He did not look at his other half, closing his force sight and receding from the chasm of chaos he had fallen into. He rose, rose and rose till he was back again. He finally opened his force senses, listening to the heavenly noise, the music so strangely alluring. It was intoxicatingly beautiful, just like blood. He looked up at him at last. He already saw his question etched upon his features. He simply grinned.​

“I think the fun has begun my friend.”​
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
Mahara Kesh: The Temple of Healing

The meditations at the temple of the arts had been something, Syn had revealed much to Arya and she had recorded it all. Her musing at his tale of meeting his father and losing his mother, of the start of the war and killing the jedi back then. It had been something he didn't talk about for a long time, it had served for her to save it on a datacron that would be used for if not his padawans then down the line his padawans. The ones who could learn from his mistakes. The information wasn't known but now... now as they walked towards the sea he listened to what the next plan was.

A message had been sent to one of the last skilled healers in the order and she was be far one of the more... Unique of the jedi. Talented in the force for healing and medical but more so then that she was known for her harsh methods as the newest Dark lady in the jedi one who handled the problem cases of the order. So sending a message too request her teachings or at least her permission for coming into the ancient temple where she usually remained. Was needed and accepted.

Cathbodua stood at the ready as she prepared the room. The table on the wall had food rations and water as well as her kit of equipment. She had a smaller circle with five feet inside and made a larger one with ten feet across while she walked it. Her lightsaber burned the circle into the floor while Cath listened for her student to come to the door. She had accepted a student and it didn't matter what they were or who it mattered only that they understood once in the circle she would train them in everything she knows.

She had to give a smirk and stood still on the outer edge while her lightwhip dangled. She wouldn't use that just yet no a standard electro whip would have to do to teach proper form. Once they got that well then she would make them practice until they could do it in their sleep. She would keep them up and repeating the jedi code until they understood every facet of it she would make them lift boulders and ships instead of simple rocks.
Syn moved on the ship as it went off the shore, it wasn't a great one it was an older model. Something used to teach a lesson, to teach patience compared to the other and Syn understood why Arya had asked him to row them towards the temple. The jedi master focused loading the gear into the boat, thankfully it wasn't something ancient that would sink under the weight no it could hold far more it just looked old. It looked useless which added to his work. The muscles straining as they rowed out of sea.

"That was an interesting take you told at the temple master jedi, it was a shame what you have been forced to do as a child. What you did so long ago, perhaps as this goes on we will be able to find a way for your mothers grave to be honored. I know from your history there was so much in that story that was missing. You only tell what is needed but no matter it will all go into the history to best teach others. So much can be learned from before the virus and wipe."

The jedi master looked upon her face while he rowed more, his muscles tensing a little then sweat coming on his brow. So much was going on and digging through his memories was not something he always though about... No it was something he would have preferred to leave unattended in favor of learning. The words that came out while her face looked upon him. The white current was flowing between them and around to keep the approaching boat from possible predators in the deep water.

"It was not something I enjoyed, there is much that could happen.... Much that I have done, I do not deny if asked the problem is there is so much. Some forget that merely fighting, killing, serving a cause, being loyal. It is all for nothing at times, it is all for something greater maybe but deep down you suffer. A sickness of the soul is what I had but Iella was something that has saved me. She has taught me much of love, much of forgiveness and I would do anything for her."

"That is good to hear, when you revealed your relationship I thought for a moment you might have only thought this a fleeting thing. A passing of the night but it does this old heart much to hear the news. She is a lucky woman to have the love of an ancient like you one who has lived and will understand the power of eternal love. I do hope she knows this, I hope you do not hide your feelings from her."

The jedi master gave a nod of his head while he rowed, while he listened and spoke letting the scent of the salty air come to his nose. "I do and I will always honor her. I may have opened my heart with Aleidis but that was something needed, something required to best find her. Aside from the small kiss from Elayne that she apologized for, that she didn't know of our relationship. Thankfully when she found out she understood and still was willing to teach me. Ahh so much that can happen in the future we shall see how it goes."

Cathbodua stood in the center of the circle as she breathed heavily, her lungs burned and she gulped in air getting a nail of pain with each single gulp. She had come here alone and was now facing a training droid one a setting designed for a grandmaster hell a battle master. She wanted to exert herself and refused to fall down as it smacked her to the edge of the circle and she felt pain. A ray shield kept her inside and if she touched it... when she touched it her skin came back red looking darker in the lighting. Designed to allow her the freedom of movement outside of her bodysuit the filters let her stand in tight pants and a tank top exposing her face and arms, her shoulders and neck to the temple.

They had seemed surprised when she came through at night and setup the room but now as she stood there a grin on her face and welts, bruises and burns on her body she couldn't have been better. She ran at the droid again and dodged as one of the weights dropped with a slam into the floor then another in her path as she force pushed it out of the way. The droid smacked her again and Cath breathed deeply letting out a laugh she was focusing on the pain to control it she was focusing on the force to sustain her body. She had learned some jedi could use the force to live off of for who knew how long so she was going to practice it. She was going to be the one holding the cards when it came to healing compared to the pious sagemaster and she would regain her teachings...

Even if the only one she could use them on was herself and that is what she did getting up. The droid stopped the two week long fighting session had ended and Caths body protested... it wanted her to stop and rest but she pushed on and remained standing letting out a scream of the pain. She knew it was there and now the others outside the door would hear her cry for a moment... for five seconds then she would take it back. She would control it again and move on.

Cath breathed deeply and went to her table the medical kit was open with things laid out. She had had to import to Empress Teta exotics things that could be used to teach herself how to control poisons. She couldn't do it by reading no you had to do it by learning. They weren't for the moment the deadly ones hell a trip session would liven things up and loosen her up as well. Nuala had been trying but playing games only went so far. She had to refocus her efforts and as she breathed deeply the drugs in front of her, her stomach groaned to which she didn't pay mind.

She drank one entire beaker full of the foggy liquid and it was thick. Like syrup with the bitter aftertaste of caf, her head started to spin and Cath sat down to meditate as she felt it settle in her stomach. Soon it would start to flow through her bloodstream and eventually she would feel the effects proper her job was to prevent that as her eyes closed. She breathed in deeply centering herself and ignoring the protests of her body as it trembled she fought off the desire for sleep.
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

The boat finally came into the area of the temples docks, the ancient temples was submerged under the water as the annals of time had reclaimed it. Something so old couldn't have stayed up but with work, with Republic support it had been brought back somewhat. Then rebuilt to weather the storms, to remain intact. His face was covered in sweat, his muscles ached and as he stood up the weariness of his muscles came to him... Half the trial of rowing to the temple was a part of what the other jedi who went on pilgrimages faced it so he had done all they did.

"Are you prepared to practice your healing and the current in here. I want you to be prepared to listen the teacher we contacted... She is not the most recommended. After getting from what was said the ones who are more talented... Have left the order. Though I cannot ditract from the skills of one who passed and is a doctor running around with the force as both a tool and a secondary use. She seems to be better with all the skills compared to them."

Syn gave a nod in agreement as he reached his senses out and they flared.... He flexed that power feeling the people of the temple as he found her. The jedi healer inside he could feel and breathed in deeply, the small skills he learned from Aleidis and the techniques from Feena Mason were what he knew as far as healing. It wasn't the most extensive but he had made it last, he had taken to being a combat healer who could help the others during a fight. It wasn't the greatest but it could help some when they fought. He entered the temple with Arya next to him while they walked. He felt Cathbodua in the far end of the temple as she trained herself.

She fought off the pain of sitting with her legs at awkward angles and used the force pushing it deep into her body as she felt the soothing sensation of the drugs. Her muscles wanted to relax and give in but her mind pushed flexing them over and over her to keep them alert and tense. Her energy pushed at the drugs bringing it towards the surface as thick streams of the foggy liquid came from her eyes and had small tinges of blood.
She was pushing to much out to fast and had gotten blood to flow somewhere but that didn't matter what mattered right now was that she sat there and breathed in deeply the scent of almonds, she breathed in the cloying scent of honey and ground her teeth in small bits of agitation. Her mind wondered and then she stood up rolling her neck from side to side as it popped loudly same as he knuckles and body. She was more then willing to go again with the drugs and did just that.
She did that daily for another two weeks non stop until each of the beakers had been used, until all of the drugs she had bought were ingested and purged from her body. Manipulating the antibodies was getting easier she could feel them now and knew how to heal and fix. She had spent time pushing the force into every fiber of her being to learn the ligaments and muscles of her own body intimately. She knew where her muscles were the tightest and most tense where they were stronger from her use of a whip or slashing of a blade. Cathbodua knew her body and now she focused digging deep.
She looked to the veins of her body, Malacia was a technique to incapacitate the enemy it was to not harm them but bring them down peacefully. Her medical knowledge of the circulatory system would help as she focused on her own veins and constricted them making her double over in pain. She dry heaved having nothing in her stomach and her throat burned. Tears may have even been welling up in her eyes as she continued to push herself and stood in the center of her own circle thrashing about in pain... Oh it was intense and she writhed wantinto to scream... wanting to pass out but she wouldn't. She couldn't this was what she needed to learn better.
She kept at it for two weeks fighting the pain in her stomach and in her head, Cath continued to writhe and scream wanting to puke but couldn't she had no other sustenance but the force. She slowly went about it and let out a blood curdling scream throwing the feelings she had in her body outward like a shockwave. It was a technique the Felucians used they could make others feel sick in a small blast of force energy... same concept as Malacia but on a larger and weaker scale. She didn't think it would make people sick more shake them up and Cath screamed sending all the sickness she was inflicting on herself out around the circle and collapsed.
Cath shuddered and felt on fire, her nerve ending were sparking her body twitched at the slightest breeze and sensations were heightened. She had been training by herself with out food, or water intent on using the force for food her sleep had been denied her muscles never relaxing. Slowly Cath picked herself up and stood looked at the droid who was on stand by in case she needed medical treatment. "Alright lets go from the top..... again." Cath kept panting and gulping in air as she looked at the bruises on her body and laughed to herself. This was training no one to say she did good if she failed and no one to coddle her. She was a jedi that meant she had to be above the rank and file who came running to her order for aid.
The room when he finally arrived at it was sealed and the jedi master pulled the doors opened. He could feel so much... Something in the room, all the training he had heard the jedi healer subjected herself to was true it was all something made to teach her to best handle the stresses. This was something he sought to learn, sought to understand and he could feel her mind. That invisible brush of power before she started her iteration again with training. Something else he had heard about her was she had dedication to her teachings.

That was the other part that brought his head in, brought him to speak while straightening his robes. Got his tense and tired muscles to be infused with the force to relax them, all he wanted to do now was rest and take it for the moment easy. Though he knew there would be no rest for the weary if anything she would teach him or get him to meditate here and now with Arya to immerse himself in the current and that is what he could do. That is what he could practice when finally the words came out. "Healer Cathbodua?"
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

"Hello, padawan, I am Varadun but you will most likely know me as master Synlidwirh. A Jedi Master within the New Jedi Order and soon to be your guide to the path of Knowledge and the Force. I will assist you in learning not only the ways of the Force, but the proper way to wield the greatest of Jedi tools: the Lightsaber.​
You will have the knowledge of the New Jedi Order passed onto you, just as it was passed onto me by my mentor, Jedi Master Xalia Driito. I am a mere servant of the Force, acting on the commands and will of the Council as well as the needs of the universe and its people. The Force is nothing to be toyed or played with, this I assure you. During our training you will see the "Light" as well as the "Dark" sides of the Force. It is my goal that you will learn what it means to be a Jedi, but my goal does not stop there, for you must live as a Jedi..

What is to come neither of us can never truly know. We can only prepare ourselves for what is out there and allow the Force to guide us down the appropriate path. There is much to learn and the path to knowledge is never ending. Reach out, focus, and prepare yourself for what is to come. With that I have prepared a short look into my past as a sith lord, some of my past as a jedi. It is my hopes this glimpse will not only bring us together, but closer. That it will teach you the dangers one can face.

I was born eight hundred and fifty six years ago on the planet Byss, a terrestrial planet in the Deep Core to my mother Thereza, from what I remember of her she was a loving parent. I was not a natural birth like many, I was created as a sithspawn, a weapon of rage and fury that would live for a very long time. I have fought across the galaxy, killed millions, razed planets and basked in the power of the darkside, relished the feel of a persons life slipping away under my hand.

Then as I fought across the stars I fell, I lost to a jedi master on Korriban, I went to a prison none would ever be able to find, no one save a select few within the order will know its location. Soon after I was kept there I met a young girl the daughter of the master who beat me. She visited me every day to ask questions, at first I tried to mess with her head. To turn her and twist her but her optimism won out and we began to talk for real.

Her life was as the wardens daughter, a post no one else knew about in the end and one she would not leave possibly, but that was enough for her. The lightside was something she knew very well. Her kindness over the next decades became a source of enjoyment, of pride that I looked forward to daily.
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

Inside the room the jedi knight looked up her face under the mask contorted in some pain. Anguish but overall it was one of enjoyment. The training session was something she enjoyed more then other knew and breathing in deeply the pounding of her heart brought a look at the master... the boy because he was. A jedi master in the body of a child and where some would simply take his age as face value discounting him as a teenager... She did not share such a foolish notion. The master before her was known to have been in the order for hundreds of years if not longer, the force had blessed him with a long life compared to the others which is why he was so strong in it. Why he radiated it and why when the request for training for mentoring had come she allowed it.​
"Master Synlidwirh it is good to see you, after everything that has happened. I must say.... I am surprised but not really. The orders failings on Coruscant, here have become legendary... will be for eons to come, our botched operations, peace talks with our mortal enemies and overall desire to hamper ourselves is what makes it most interesting to say the least. Still we will protect the Republic while it remains diseased, broken and limping. Though such talks are not for here, tell me how you have come to train master jedi and I shall do as much as I can. Your healing is said to be decent for a combat medic in the order."​

The jedi master breathed in deeply while he took the rest of the room in with his senses. So much had happened and much more he imagined would happen, his mind kept a lock on the woman’s letting her words echo with something he knew well. She was the new dark lady of the jedi for a reason, the one who handled the troubled padawans or taught classes in medical training as well as the healing methods of the force. His words came out with a nod of his head as he heard his teacher Arya come to observe taking a seat in the corner and focusing.

“You are correct, such talks are not for here now but in regards to my skills it is a complicated thing. I am not like you or Aleidis or even Boolon. My healing skills are better under combat situations and at keeping my body going long into the fight. I have nearly mastered a state of battlemind as it were but that focus for a fight can only go on for so long before my body tires. That is why I have come here to learn all that I can and…” He trailed off when he felt she was looking at him more then listening. “Master Cathbodua?”

“I am sorry master jedi but listening to you speak is something I do not normally do, when I teach it is in the circle, it is with my students being taught through pain and pressured treatment. I will teach you how to sustain yourself in the force but more healing I am afraid we will not be able to do. Your skills are far to different from my own and I suggest a different healer if possible. Now rise and stand in the circe.”​
The jedi knight moved indicating as she watched the jedi master and went to the circle. She spoke setting him in place and speaking while she walked around the outside. Her whip came free and freely traced the circle while she inwardly smiled under the mask. It wasn’t one that she usually did but slowly she spoke seeing the jedi master. “Now the first step in the force is focusing inward. There is going to be a great deal of pain Master Synlidiwrh. There is going to be something few have endured here. Are you prepared.​

With a nod from Syn she began as from all around she attacked it seemed. In truth the weights she trained with and the training drones attacked causing electric shocks to be applied and focus on Syn. Her words continued on while taking a breath. No anger or malice just this and what it meant. “Focus master jedi, find something you can focus on and use it to block out the pain.” To Syn the words echoed and sounded as he focused letting his mind drift and wander towards a memory. Something he rarely told others about.
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

Bengeel. A barren, dusty planet in the Mid Rim covered with sulfur pools, lifeless rivers and volcanoes. Home to the Kimogilla lizard, supposed kin to Tatooine's Krayt dragons and to numerous other dangerous beings, smaller in size but no less deadly. The lone figure grinned as he stepped off the shuttle in Arakesh's stronghold. Bracing himself against dying in a sandstorm his gaze swept north and in the near distance, storm clouds had gathered. A smile came to Varadun's face at the sight of it all and he continued forward. "Lord Varadun, you sure you going to be okay here?" He glanced back over his shoulder at the shuttle pilot and his face cringed smelling the reek of alcohol and sweat. "A little sand never hurt anyone now keep the ship here until I return." He stepped from the platform to the waiting vehicle compound.

"Its not the sand that concerns me." The young pilot sighed and remained where he was closing the door as he finished. "People go out there and never return." A whisper of wind caressed his face with a familiar edge. He tilted his head and reached out with the force, smiling at the feelings he found there. He turned back to the ship and gave a chuckle that was drowned out in the wind. The sithspawn warrior moved towards the one piloting the vehicle for him. "You will deliver the passenger and then leave. You will not remember where he went. Then you will count to ten and return to your garage." The mans eyes glazed momentarily, his jaw falling open. Checking through the vehicles, he found what he was looking for and eased the swoop from the garage. A quick examination told him it was in full working condition.

As they eased away from the shuttle port, the small shuttle exploded in a blast that carried on the wind and filled the air with the scent of burnt metal. The swoop bike continued on its heading in the direction of the growing storm. The swoop wound the way into the mountains as the storm covered the port and destroyed shuttle in the distance. Varadun remained very still until they came to a stop at the end of a path leading to an old base. The driver started spoke seeming nervous before the siths face shot back to look at him and he went off on the swoop not making a sound. The storm resounded more over head and Varadun entered the base. "I'm home." He whispered, before opening the door and entering.

The bunker looked old and derelict, half buried in sand. His hand ran along the wall of the structure. Thunder boomed across the area they were in and echoed in the hallway causing him to chuckle and shake his head softly. "I am here my master." The door slid silently closed. A warmth wrapped itself around him, holding him. Invisible fingers caressed his face and ran through his hair tussling it. The door sealed behind him, beeping once as the dim lights flickered to life in the tiny entrance way. Just on the edge of his hearing, he heard the storm die away. The service lift opened, its light brighter to the point he could feel the heat of it on his skin. Than he walked the length of the entrance hall as it sank deeper into the building's depths. He found one of the room through memory and the force.

The door opened to a hive of mechanical activity. Three sorts of droids went about their duties. Crystals for meditation and vision indicated the way he should go, but the scent he was now following went in a different direction. The smell of her perfume veered off to an audience chamber, he continued on towards the room though hearing the droids but not seeing them. "Identify yourself!" the metallic drone from a security droid as it stepped in his path. The sound was grating on his ears and he turned to face it. He pushed back his hood. A single braid of black hair from above his forehead to the the small of his back. Brown, yellow and cream markings on his face showing where if he had had fur it would be, Sash covered eyes and a crooked but sexy tight grin on his lips.

A tall figure loomed behind the droid, capturing his full attention. She stepped forward. Whatever the droid had been about to do ended abruptly in sparks as the newcomers hand moved behind the droid. The same hand reached for Varadun's and pulled his closer. Holding his against the wall of muscle that was her chest, his head dipped a little as he rose of tiptoes. Their lips met, then parted as their tongues caressed each other while they kissed. "Hello my Darkness." Her words whispered into his skull as the feeling her her power flexed across his mind. One of her hands held his head as they kissed, the other wrapped about his waist, pulling him closer. His arms snaked about her neck, as he answered his kiss with his own. "You have been away from me for quite some time." her voice was velvet-soft in his mind.

Their kiss ended. He nodded. "I am sorry my master." He whispered against her lips. "Don't let it happen again Varadun." She growled, pulling him into another kiss that swallowed his reply. "I missed you terribly." Varadun smiled at his lover as her fingers stroked his cheek tenderly. His arms and lips left hers, but he could still feel her presence wrapped about his like a second-skin, the after thought of her mouth on his made him tingle still. "I've installed some more security droids ... seems too many uninvited people run around in here." He entered the room behind him, he remained one step away and to his left."Yes, I had noticed the droids." He smiled, his gaze and senses sweeping over the room.

A well-beaten cloak was on the floor of one of Andiaas's four holding cells and he could smell it. The scent of blood, sweat and other fluids assailed Varadun's senses made caused his brow to knot. What had occurred in his absence he wondered briefly."Andiaas, have you been torturing people while I've been away?" he pointed to the cloak. "Not much," She sighed in disappointment, "More wishful thinking I guess." They stopped, he glanced at a small charging area thinking about something. He felt his unasked question. "Would you like to test it?" the words escaped her lips. Without waiting for his answer, she pushed him into the holding area. He glanced at the small control device and the electrical barriers charged into place, trapping him in a space barely a span wider than himself.

"I've got this fully working now." He felt her presence leave his, her warmth withdrawn. His lover placed her "Master" mask on, blanking her face and shutting herself off from her emotions. There would be no warmth or sympathy now until this test had ended. Varadun inhaled deeply to brace himself for what was to come and couldn't help but wonder if his question had been his own words, or a suggestion from the woman he loved. She held one hand towards the shimmering barrier. An act that Varadun mirrored. The barrier arced towards his palm, giving him small shocks and a burn. His expression remained blank. Glancing at the console, he heard a dial turning.
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

Electricity surged through his body, he screamed unprepared for it. Through the crackling he heard her whisper, clear as if stood behind him. "Withstand it my love.." he nodded and set his teeth. "Use your anger," She whispered. "Focus your hate." The dial clicked once more. He whimpered against the surging current, eyes letting loose streaks of blood red tears. Her own face blank now, more in control of the pain at seeing this done. "It is the time for a lesson in domination and manipulation.." Her voice a little louder now, commanding his full attention. "All people have a weakness.. a soft spot."

He watched her as he started to prowl back and forth in front of the electrical cage. She reminded him of a predator in full control of its pray.. playing with it. Was this how she used to be with her former apprentices? He'd heard her say she'd thought nothing of beating them to near death to attend their lessons. She'd also said it pained her to hurt him, was this her way of "teaching" him without being the one to inflict the pain herself? The thoughts went through his mind as he screamed feeling the anger boil up from his stomach and the pain radiate out. He wanted to fight through it for her.

"If you find the weakness in a person, you can easily conquer them." The dial clicked again. He staggered, gritting his teeth and steeling himself against the increased charge. "Yes my master." He could feel the intense pain and now he wanted to scream to let it all out and to have it resonate in the force. Even his force senses were getting blurry as it came down to it. They wavered under the heavier and stronger shocks. "Sometimes it will take weeks, months.. even years to find that weakness." His ears picked up every words as it was driven into his mind, the force letting her speak to him even with the crackling of the energy barrier.

She turned her full attention to him, his senses glazed a little. "But when you find it.. attack it. Bring your target to its knees! An example," The device clicked again. He whimpered, more red tears forming in his eyes to go down his cheeks. Varadun reached deep into the force to help him focus, reached into that endless pit of the darkside. "That Jedi. Heijiro." She spat out the name like it was a vile poison, her face grimacing almost audibly, "has a very apparent weakness." Varadun knew what it was he had smelled it on the man. He hadn't figured it out until later that day. "S.. Shen." Varadun nodded with the understanding of hindsight.
"Indeed." She smiled coldly her pleasure that he understood now evident in the small inflections of her tone, "took me mere minutes to find that one. Strangely my love.... It took you longer, guess you couldn't see that." She walked over to the console, her hand resting on the dial. "So it is highly ironic that his apprentice is his one great weakness." Andiaas dipped her gaze to the controls, "And my apprentice, you, are mine." She twisted her hand, two clicks. He jerked, reaching into the force more for a steady anchor and a way to block the pain. "Y...yes m.. master."

"So in this case, we would only need attack Shen, make Heijiro fear loosing his love and he would be weakened." A cold smile uncurled on her lips, "but there are other ways.." Her humor was even more evident at the sadistic pleasure she took from it. Varadun fought through the pain as a thought came to him and he spoke through gritted teeth. "W.. wouldn't.. couldn't that same tactic work.. on you master?" "Indeed my apprentice, hence the need of the pain you experience now." He swallowed, teeth chattering a little. "H.. how s.. so? My master."

"I need to know if you can withstand a lot. If not anything." Her hand stroked the console, "Or else I will keep you locked up in here with me, until you are as strong as I am." Two more clicks. A low groan echoed about the chamber as the power surged into Varadun. His fists clenched tighter and tighter, nails pressing into his palms as they drew blood. He began to tremble from the pain and almost felt his knees buckle.. "Manipulation in the way to domination.. befriending your target is also a solution. Make them feel safe around you." A memory uncurled in Andiaas's mind making her smile. "Then put them in a position where they would need your help."

Varadun's teeth bit into his lip, sinking into the flesh and breaking the skin. A thin line of blood trickled down his chin. Eyes leaking streams of tears and blood, he fought against the pain. -Click.. click.. click- He screamed dropping heavily to his knees. Chest heaving with the pain. Palms bleeding from eight little half-moon cuts where his nails dug in. His own teeth marks lining his bottom lip. "Yes!" Andiaas hissed, "You are strong my apprentice, my darkness.." He snarled at her, the heat of his breath blazing with every emotion in his body. He felt more of his rage swelling up and washing over him like a heated skin.

"Very good." Click. Sparks bathed the room. The energy fields holding the cage secure flickered and danced as the electrical surges reached danger levels. Tears fall down his cheeks freely as if he had eyes they would have rolled into the back of his skull. The darkness claimed him and he fell over. The soothing pain went away and he could feel fingers stroking, caressing his head, running though his hair. Tendrils of love through the force chased away all lingering pain and wounds. "Not bad at all," the words whispered on his forehead as lips press little kisses on his skin.

With a whimper, Varadun's head tilted up with bloody tears coming down his cheeks. The warmth presence wraps itself around him once more as tightly as the arms that hold him to her chest. Her lips seek his once more, tracing his bite marks with her tongue before gently kissing him. "It is over now my love." A smile, genuine warm and loving as his mouth claims hers for another kiss. She helped him to his feet, holding him to her as his legs tremble. "Let's make it easy this time.." The words echoed and confused him for a moment before he realized what he believed her intent was.

A glance at the control panel and the fields spring back into place, her arms around his body holding him close to her. Andiaas closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. The dial began to click quickly back to its maximum setting. Once more bathed in crackling sound, electricity surging round the room. But within Andiaas's arms, there was no pain. "You are strong master." He whispered against her jaw, pressing a little kiss there. CLICK! The power surges lashed out licking along his body. One by one the droids' circuits fried and pop around the room, the lights brighten ten fold to the point where he could feel them on his skin. His mouth widened into a broad smile.

"My anger towards Jedi and my passion for you make me withstand everything." Rising onto his toes, his arms sliding around her neck, he grinned. Her tongue licked his bottom lip before his teeth nipped lightly at it. His senses shoot open. Webs of lightning sparked and crackled through their depths. "Enough," he growled as the console shut off. "I love you Andiaas." Varadun sank down until his feet rested fully on the floor. He pressed his head to her chest and heard her heart beating as the rhythmic thumping pounded like the blood in his ears.

"And I you," She growled pulling him hard against her, one hand on his buttocks the other on his head. His mouth claimed hers. Sucking, licking and nibbling at her lips and tongue in a heated kiss that stole his breath and made him shake with passion. "Lesson over," Her hand caressing and stroking as she kissed his neck. "You're mine!"
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

It was not all good, something else happened while I was in that prison, something that changed me. One can only sit around for so many years listening to to one person before you finally believe her words. "You are lying, you were never given a choice. So you can't be evil." That was what she would say to me daily. A choice, my choice and in many ways she was correct. Or at least I came to believe it.​
As the years went on I continued to see her until she stopped coming, my old friend now aged to being the warden of my prison. A violation of the rule of one person and the droids watching but still she didn't worry. In time though she had risen high in the jedi order to become a master in her own right, warden of the prison and skilled subduer of evils but still she visited me. Her voice changed, her skin wrinkled and the force as the years went on being used more and more to compensate for her.​
I was released once, for one day when she had ordered the droids to and the new warden. They watched as she trusted me fully to sit by her bedside. It was a strange thing as we finally for the first and last time held hands. I felt her life slip away and she become one with the force. I felt her joy that all of her life's work may have worked, that she had believed in me and brought me into the light. Something she would not see as I continued to sit in the prison but then I was released. When asked where I would go there was only one answer.​
To Tython. I do not remember the exact date I was released the time had seemed as if it was one long day, but I recall the Teyan wardens final goodbyes. It only took days to be relocated to the Temple, but I never felt I had lost anything, only given a better opportunity. The youngling training that followed was enduring, but a necessary process I will not soon forget. I was older then all of them and looked younger then them as well. It is a strange feeling that I cannot explain being in the body of a child. A teenager yet having the mind of an elder.​

From my arrival I had shown a proficiency with a lightsaber, that wasn't true, I showed as much skill then as I had six hundred years ago. It was a weapon of the sith I'd learned well, one that commanded respect and focus. The elegant blade came to me like second nature, but where I flourished with the Jedi tool I sometimes showed my old self. That conqueror who razed worlds and enjoyed the thrill of the fight.​
This lack of control did not come from lack of interest, but inability to relate. As my training progressed my focus outside of the Lightsaber was more prevalent, but I was still known for my skill with a blade as opposed to my skill in controlling my nature. A sithspawn in the jedi wasn't something they had heard of before nor something they knew what to do with and it grated some. I was the epitome of the darkside realized. Life created from it, life designed to serve the will of a monster.​

I had hoped my ability when wielding a blade would push me ahead of other students. It wasn't however a hope the Masters would share, I remained on the same "playing field" as the other Padawans. This short coming very well directed me down a path I would not otherwise had taken, choosing to continue my training with a Lightsaber and force Powers. To the detriment of friendships within the order. I was an outsider and would remain as such.​

There were few Masters proficient with a lightsaber on Tython once I came of acceptable time in the order to become a Padawan learner and leave the planet. This disappointment pushed me to find a trainer elsewhere that could show me what it meant to truly wield a Lightsaber, not just a training blade. It would be through The Will of the Force that my hopes would be met. A Jedi Master and Guardian would answer my calling, Xalia Driito.​

The Jedi were resilient in their attempts at splitting myself from Xalia. They didn't agree on combat oriented Jedi working alongside one another; especially as Padawan and Master. It was Xalia's ability of persuasion and subtle arguments that brought the Council to an understanding. I was inevitably accepted as her pupil and her instruction quickly followed. She even told the council that should I return to my old self, she would put me down.​

Xalia's abilities with a Lightsaber were unlike anything I'd seen, and our years together only further showed the beauty that could beheld by a saber wielder. In our years together training she taught me more than how to just use the deadly blade, but what it meant to hold it. She taught me how the blade is only an extension of the wielder, it was the character of the Jedi behind the blade and the beliefs for which they stood for that defined its true meaning.​

It was at the age of six hundred and seventy five that the trials were presented to me by my Master. She told me how I was ready to become the Jedi I was meant to be, how the trials would show me I had what was needed to become a Knight. I was filled with doubt, almost unable to understand how she thought I was ready for such a step. Regardless, the trials came, and to my surprise I passed them, just as Xalia had often been, she was right again.​
The rank of Jedi Knight was bestowed upon me and my tutelage came to a close. Although our training ended, our bond never diminished. We still often met for sparring sessions and minor training, but as time passed we slowly drifted apart and I began to teach others in the order not speaking to my master for some time.​
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

Syn screamed in intense pain as he came back from the brink. Cathbodua's methods had made him endure pain and press beyond fatigue to a point his mouth was dry. This was her secret he discovered and now he understood how she lasted for so long in these training sessions. Her reliance on the force because he couldn't see Arya she had retired to sleep in the temple over the course of the two weeks. Her body needed rest but his didn't, or at least it hadn't as it used the fore to keep him alert, keep him fit and alive. Refreshed and whole. The jedi master felt his knees buckle bringing an end to the session as he looked up and then over to the jedi knight. She was truly a wonder it seemed compared to the others like Aleidis and Boolon.

"I see now, master Cathbodua. I see now why your one of the few healers in the order respected and feared. Your methods are not for everyone but I thank you." His face was covered in sweat as he had been gritting his teeth and grinding them from it all. This was no worse then what he had experienced and what he imagined could be done to him but it ranked up there. Perhaps he was lucky she was a jedi through and through adhering to the code about not killing her fellow jedi. No this healer knew how to inflict enough pain to push your limits and it meant he would have to know how to do that much more. He had found a new training regiment to practice on himself to overcome.

The exits and goodbyes from the temple came at a small cost of his equipment. They traded in some and replaced others but it was all worth it as the next temple they were going to was the temple of knowledge and Syn rowed the boat with Arya standing there. Their trip had lasted longer then he had thought it would and she spoke offering a smile. "So did you learn well from the healer?" He gave a nod of his head to that while the calm sea provided them plenty of time to talk and do what they do best. "I did, she taught me something I didn't even think was possible with her methods. How to use the force to such a degree and now I understand the iron will of the ex councilor Misses Mason. It is something amazing."

"Good then now you understand how to keep at immersion or keep cloaked. The current may exist outside the force in some ways but it is the forces work still. That means there are ways to use the force to augment it, to strengthen it. This is one of them, being able to steel your body and have the energy to keep going. It fits with what the Fallanassi teaching can do with the mind, body and spirit. Now come we shall continue forward as we head to the Temple of Knowledge and ensure you find that inner balance." With a look at her as they neared the shore the jedi master gave a nod of his head and brought the boat in to where they needed it to be docked. Some jedi were there as they gave the boat to them and he carried the supplies.
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
Kaleth: The Temple of Knowledge


The walk to the temple of knowledge had been one of trials with the recent news and the attacks on the senate, Syn's actions on Umbara and disappearance Arya had been on the world herself. Then when Darron Wraith had invited him back to the order it had resumed. Nothing big but the notion of his punishment being confinement to Tython and him being the jedi's problem had caused one to act rashly. The news of a bounty on Syn just led to many laughing about people who might try and claim it. That thought brought just as much amusement to Syn as well since he gladly welcomed someone to try and come to Tython. After the raid on the archives, the attack on Coruscant by the sith and the loss of the Shepard.

He had been right in the end, the peace was a lie. A lie the sith exploited, the ideals of a child something that created more harm then good and for his actions he had been given like so many others who disagreed with the regime of Aleidis the brand war criminal. Something that he would wear if needed, such a charge he could outlive same as sith lord and emperor. His face though cringed when he had heard the news from the jedi alchemist Matsu. She had found another ghost prison and research notes in it. The Harvesters had used it and she purified it creating from the notes and her own skill necklaces for all the jedi. The sigils of hope she called were something of a treat invigorating the jedi master and it interacted with his amulet making him feel even stronger.

Je'daii had spent more of her time researching as requested but she also had worked to explain illusion based force techniques. She was so excited when an actual Fallanassi had contacted her in the temple. It was a highlight as she worked on making training lessons for her padawan Enya. She had also spent some time working on a datapad for her padawan that detailed all they had learned at the ruins of the ancient temple ship. A fascinating read if she did say so herself and she gladly did.. Enya was young true and that was a good age and well she wanted to make sure she didn't fall behind. She had made another datapad of the full rules, tenets, rules of engagement, each version of the jedi code and basic meditations to preform before studying to best take in the knowledge. In the datapad it was nearly three hundred pages and set aside in the pocket of her robes.

The rest of the time had been spent on research though and oh did she have it for Master Arya. There was the nine temple of the ancient order and Je'daii had memorized each but stored them in her datapad just incase. The Fallanassi elder had said they had already visited a small hanful and the journey was half over. That was kind of saddening but she could understand if one was making a pilgrimage then they were bound to be in the middle eventually. With a smile as she walked outside the temple to meet the woman who was waiting for her student and the Bolverk of the order. A rank that Je'daii knew much about. In fact she had been surprised that of all the jedi Master Synlidwirh had reclaimed the title. It wasn't like it was meant for him but she supposed that if any jedi had earned it... It had been him. Attacking a sith academy with pirates as proxy because the chancellor believed in peace.​
It had been a silly notion and while she held respect for Aleidis, Je'daii also knew the dangers of what she did. Peace was a pretty idea, something that would be welcomed but peace at the expense of peoples lives, peace to the point we do anything to keep it and lose the largest ship in the galaxy because you wanted to show your arrogance and pride. It was something that Je'daii could see the flaws in. Now that work would be undone and she had heard the next regime would be working towards having a functioning Republic. She spoke seeing master Arya arrive long before master Synlidwirh but soon he came as well. "Master where should we start first, I believe the nearest temple would be The ancient temple of Stav Kesh. then the next one would be Bodhi or the temple of skills."

Syn looked at Je'daii who stood with them as he gave a nod of his head listening to her. She was well known for her knowledge on the subjects around Tython and strict adherence to the jedi code. It meant a great deal to him that she was willing to help him in this quest given all that had happened and he spoke. "Thank you of seeing me but Je'daii we are not here to take up too much of your time. We are here to simply see what you know about the temple and about the force, this is not meant to distract you from you padawans."

Je'daii continued to look at her datapad as she paid attention partially to what Master Synlidwirh was saying, he wans't here to distract her from her studies which was a good thing but he was here for lesssons and information. The temple might still be somewhat intact maybe and she knew full well how to train others, but she didn't know about Mahara Kesh which was the Temple of healing and in the middle of the deep ocean. Perhaps he had been there and could tell how it was looking or if it was still mostly just a rebuilt section. The ancient academy would be the third closest in terms of travel being on the same continent as Bodhi. Then they could make haste across the ocean towards Mahara Kesh and travel to the continent of Talss to see the temples od Kaleth and Vur Tepe before heading to the chasm and the Anil Kesh temple. Then there was the temple of Qigong Kesh and finally the ancient temple of balance Akar Kesh.

"Oh master this is rather exciting, the ancient temple and their history have given quite a bit to review but where to start. We will need transport, equipment or possibly spelunking and exploration. That means ration packs, glow torches, comlinks, medical kits, some satchels to carry it, extra datapads for notes. Holocords in case we actually find anything. A submersible might be required for the great temple of healing... It might be underwater, we might have a lost city and then all of its ancient knowledge would be lost. We might be able to find some lost art to healing the sick the old masters knew." Je'daii took a breathe as she realized she had been talking slightly to fast and continued.
Syn looked to Arya and then at Je'daii as she continued to speak as if she was coming with them and he placed his hands on her shoulders while he spoke waiting for her face to look towards him. For her to stop talking and he smiled speaking with a nod of his head. "Je'daii please listen and pay attention, we are not here to take you away from the temple. We are here to learn but that requires your knowledge but you have to stay here. This is not a journey you can undertake with us understood?"

"There might even be some unknown technique we could adapt in the temple of skills. Oh the ancient masters were said to have so much prowess compared to how some of us are today. We are almost like children playing with toys. The temple of balance might even be still standing or the old city. The ancient city. The desert of silence and the great chasm where the oldest lightsabers were forged and force swords made. The red desert and all that history. I must say this is a very exciting prospect I mustn't forget to put it in my journal."
Then je'daii realized what was being told to her as she looked at the jedi master with a frown and wondered if she had done something wrong? If she had offended him in some way but gave a frown because she couldn't think of what it might have been. No if anything she had done very well and as required to help him in his search. She would have to redouble her efforts but she still spoke with a nod of her head and looked slightly like a child who had been scolded. "Understood master Synlidwirh."​
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

Je'daii then remembered and looked at Arya and Synlidwirh as she spoke. "Oh and I mustn't forget about you ah Master Synlidwirh here I made this for you." Je'daii presented the datapad and spoke as she looked at him. "It is to help you just in case of issues, all two hundred pages of the jedi rules, regulations, codes, procedures, some history, emergency channels in case something happens, there are a few contacts to get in touch with accounts you can use for stipends should you need food, contacts with the Republic to get fitted clothing, contacts to get some equipment from out quartermaster if you need it, the direct line to my room and master Dragonsflame's and a joke or two to cheer you up." Je'daii looked at Synlidwirh and thought about it for a moment. "Oh how silly of me there is also some starcharts so you can equate yourself with where you are currently in the galaxy. We are in the deep core on the planet Tython." Je'daii then turned to Arya and spoke.

"I made this one for you since I didn't know if you were here to learn. you could use it to work on that you know... Force powers the Fallanassi don't really use. Otherwise no real issue here on it but I thought it would be nice if you could add some knowledge of the white current to a datacron for future reference. Anyways here this is details on the application of illusions from basic practices of changing aspects of your self for a time. Such as hair color, eyes, skin tone to creating images and fully altering your looks with clothing and possibly as another species if you get really good. There are notes on the white current and what you could learn but it isn't much. Which is why I would like for as much information if you can provide it please Master Arya.​
Je'daii thought about the Fallanassi and their current they were so very secretive and there were not many masters of such an art in the galaxy outside their own peoples. He supposed Je'gan and Aleidis but those two were not around anymore. Je'daii looked at the two masters and held her datapads out with a smile. "See I'm ready to teach you what I can. I learned a great deal from my master Asha and she told me she trained you as it were in force techniques as well. Her ability to cloak and conceal herself was a great lesson that I can pass onto you. The concealing part I haven't really gotten to practice the cloaking. Now come on master jedi and let us work on this. It can help you in the long run when your being sneaky."​
Syn looked at the girl as she continued to speak and he gave a nod of his head at that. The girl was so very much a talented jedi but she seemed very preoccupied with her studies. It was a small thing that could prove dangerous as he walked with her and listened to the news of Asha Seren. A talented jedi who had been killed before she should have been or before she could be convinced to be brought back to the order. There had been much about her the jedi master found intriguing but in the end it had proven fruitless. She was gone and buried her body broken in the explosion. Which led to her padawans being the only one to have her teachings and himself. She had taught him before Arya agreed to.

"Thank you Je'daii and that would be a welcoming thing." Syn kept walking with her as he wondered more what Je'daii's experience was like with her own padawan. Surely she trained them well enough, or did she just have the one she was able to focus on. It mattered only it how well she was teaching them since it was a dangerous time it seemed for others. Some padawans were learning well enough while some seemed to be ignored or just not taking to it. That is what he had seen when the news of the army of light came. Disgruntled padawans and knights who opposed the stalling and inactivity of the order. Now they were outside the jedi somewhat it seemed and how he wished he could have been with the but he was here on Tython.

Je'daii looked from the master as he walked with her and his being nice to her about her master and listened. "Okay, Master Synlidwirh, Focus here on the sound of my voice please. Now, we are heading out of the temple and towards the forest. To concela your presence you need to take hold of it and drown it in the force. Much like immersion but you need to maintain your focus on the force in order to do it. This will also allow you to better mind trick others as you body might be seen but you'll be creating a perception filter. The only time we will come out of the concealment is when we exit the temple on the other side. It is a hard skill to learn as Master Asha needed to work on it with me andher other padawans who were creating a small mess it seemed.​
We'll begin at first light again tomorrow though as well, to head to the mess hall. It is closest to the chambers for master jedi. From there we will head across to the gardens and hangers. From there on, we will decide as we go. Do you understand?" Je'daii looked at the master and spoke with a quick nod of her head at that. "Yes good you'll do well I am certain of it master Synlidwirh. There are many who don't have the patience but you have already begun this training so why not finish it." With a look at him Je'daii had to give a nod of her head while she breathed in deeply and slowly began to conceal herself in the force while bending the light.​
Syn listened to her explanation and he had to admit it wasn't too bad, no it was actually pretty easy compared to others when he went about it but compared to what he had learned from the witches and Arya... The current was stronger. It let one see cloaked enemies and numbers since you could peer into illusions, now though he didn't use it. He let the force engulf him like a glove while the world became a little muted and less noisy. He could still hear je'daii but their plans and where to go have him prepared to move around. He still kept the force going around him until he started to conceal himself.

Then he let the force swallow him until he was just there in it with no form or substance riding the ripples. He didn't let her see him but he could see the rest and all the ripples they created, hear the echoes they made. It was something he wasn't quite sure about but he was more then willing to stick to it and stay here for a few days to get a basic idea. It wasn't like he was needed elsewhere after all. Having a grin on his face the jedi master saw Arya in the force following them while she barely had to employ the white current to hide them or herself. It mattered little to her since she could put hostiles to sleep. Then she spoke and had humor in her voice.

"And so it beginds for you, study hard or I'll beat you with my walking stick again."
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow

"You will need to wear a set of clothing appropriate for sneaking around the temple; something that won't be too baggy as to trip you, something that is form fitted but not constrictive, something that looks like the attire a jedi would wear. Alongside this, you will need you required choice in weapons your lightsabers are of course the easiest and wearing the standard utility belt has places for them, as a precaution, we will not be focusing on the more then needed equipment - an aquabreather, although I am certain you have been taught Breath Control a long time ago, we wont be needed the fiber cord and grapple hook, if you have one please leave it with the rest of the currently unneeded equipment. Use your mind master Synlidwirh and I'm sure you'll have everything you need in terms of knowing how to sneak about. However remember, you have to be able to carry all of the equipment in the field and this is practice, this is training. There is no need for excessive amounts of equipment in training but in the field it might be something that is required, Understood?"

Je'daii wanted to point out that she only had at any time six pieces of equipment and that was hardly excessive but didn't. She knew her master Asha was right they would need clothing and equipment for the training. The space of the temple but also everything else she spoke. "Of course master Synlidwirh it will still take time. Je'daii then looked at Arya and offered a smile. She had called the woman a master but looking at her it wasn't exactly true she was much more then that. She was an elder of the Fallanassi is seemed and that explained much, more so why the jedi master had chosen to learn from her as she continued to walk. Seeing her hair slip from under the robes and cloak she had. Her paler skin compared to the others offset by the blonde hair and blue eyes. It all made her startling normal it seemed or perhaps it was an illusion. Their skills were so good you wouldn't be able to see the truth of it unless you knew what to look for.

Oh her mind was jumping her first Fallanassi in person, actual and whole. Sure Master Je'gan was trained but he was considered an apostate and not one of them. Oh she started thinking about asking more questions and more traveling, she would have to write that down in her journal as well. She slowly and methodically contemplated how she would have to pack. Oh spare clothing for normal areas some for winter, the desert would be light clothing but heavier at night. On the ocean it would be cold and wet but heavier stuff would get weighed down. She would have to maybe do some research on proper attire. Maybe even read some of those texts about respectful customs, there was the one about what you shouldn't do or talk about in polite company. She rather found it enjoyable to say the least.
Syn continued to walk with Je'daii as she spoke about what would be needed to properly train and as she rambled almost to the point of obsession he raised an eyebrow with a smirk. She was very good and he could see where she had gotten her reputation as one of the more prolific jedi who worked harder on their studies over their skills with a light saber. There was nothing wrong with that and he was in good humor the majority of the time it seemed as she kept going. The skill of concealment not unlike immersion in the white current. He could blend into the ripples of the force rather then just be there for all to see. This and the quey'tek that Aleidis had taught him would come in handy. He could practice the mind set required to properly enter immersion if the time came.

Then he was following Je'daii more then he was going through the temple. There was much going on and even more still needed that he couldn't fully understand. She was thinking a mile a minute or even faster if that was possible and he could feel it. The thoughts about everything washed off her in waves that had him stopping just short of grabbing her to calm her down. His breathing came out more steady until he was moving past other jedi and they weren't looking upon him. He would have to make sure to keep practicing this. As much as deceiving his fellow jedi wasn't something he wanted to do there was no actual way to practice and make sure something worked. Arya could easily see the flaws in his illusions and find him because she trained him.

Je'daii had walked off to her room to prepare for the long training and she would have to visit the quartermaster of the jedi for more supplies. It wasn't everyday you had a chance to teach a master and talk with his teacher about a group after all. If for nothing else then the proper attire so she could practice what she was talking about and ensure the jedi master was properly dressed. Oh it would be so exciting she hadn't went for training with an actual jeid master since... Well she had never went for training with a jedi master but she had read all about it and knew what to do. She knew what was expected of her in terms of decorum and respect. This was after all one of the strong members of the order who was known for his penchant of beating things into submission. He had been at Metalorn and of all the jedi he completed the goal given to him which helped them in space by taking down the shield on the one defense platform.​
No one else could boast a victory there, well unless you were the chancellor and previous council. They seemed to believe making a peace accord was victory regardless of what actually came to pass. She even knew what to do in this situation and knew what might was needed. Quickly though she found her way to her room and her datapads were still there as she got some more clothing and two bags for herself. One was for clothing and a smallish medium duffel about two foot long with some pouches oh and it was waterproof. Just in case they decided to go out and about near the waterfalls and pools. The other one was a satchel bag and Je'daii put the supplies that she would need to get in there along with some blank datapads for taking notes. there was also some with questions she normally asked other people and groups. The rest she secured in the inner pockets of her poncho. That is what they were made for after all and she slid the datapads into her poncho.​
It was a strange feeling her her saber was on her hip and her comlink her wrist. With a look around the room Je'daii left it with a smile going to the quartermaster who issued new stuff. She explained the situation and while they talked explained all she would need. The training would take who knew how long for her and the jedi master but time didn't matter in the grand scheme of things today. Finally and slightly weighed down until she got it all into a position Je'daii held her duffel bag under her shoulder and the satchel under the other. She walkd getting used to the weight. it wasn't much the clothing was the heavier compared to the aquatic breather, grappling line and hooks. There were a few pins just in case, a first aid kit, glow rods and food rations. Then she had made sure they had emergency flares, thermal blankets, filter straws for water, flint and waterproof matches, some lighters, bacta patches, antidotes, head lamps and several maps loaded into a datapad to show them the locations of the temples and a course in case they got lost.

Je'daii walked back towards the room where she had left Arya but the woman wasn't there and then she noticed the Fallanassi and jedi master had went with her. Why had they done that? Then she recalled she had told them to follow her while she laughed inwardly to herself. The training they were going to do and the information she could provide the pair of them on routes between the temples and points of interest could be an amazing thing. Her master had taught her to be a serious jedi before she had betrayed and abandoned the order. She didn't know if they would be there for long or for an hour it all depended on the jedi masters ability to pick up and learn the techniques but she wasn't going to waste his time as they went on by being unprepared and with the equipment she had packed it would serve him on the journey as well. With a look she at the jedi master she entered the room of the temple they would be using and smiled one arm over the bag and the other over the satchel bag.​
Syn could hear the expression of Arya when they walked with je'daii for one who said don't bring a lot of equipment she had brought plenty it seemed and for the temple itself.There wasn't much else he could say to that besides holding his tongue. He didn't want to point out she was still not coming with them after this lesson but the datapad with the temples, their meanings and scenic/fastest routes to them was something helpful. Even the supplies she had packed they could use since they had packed lightly... These would just add a little more weight but barely enough to be noticeable. He was still working on concealing himself in the force without the current but he was practicing it like he would immersion. The mental state and concentration something he could sink into if and when the time came for hm to require it.

"I am ready to begin Je'daii."
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
Je'daii started pacing back and forth as she spoke and was animating herself with a grin on her face oh she was smarter then even she gave herself credit. This training session was quickly becoming something else entirely. That would be sure to impress the other masters who didn't think her adherence to the Teyan was the proper way to go about it. Then again they also believed that the "peace" after Metalorn would last it might even have lasted had it not been with liars and criminals, enemies of the Republic and life itself... Oh she was thinking too much into this and having the jedi master here learning from her was going to her head. There was no doubt in her mind she possessed the skills needed of a proper jedi instructor but there was still so much that she needed to learn and one of those was keeping her students attention.. She would have to make a note to ask master Dista about her methods but she was getting sidetracked this wasn't just about her. She had others here and spoke.

"Now following the training itinerary we should be within a day or two assuming you have been getting the lesson nearing the basics and advanced levels of concealment. Might take longer depending on what we do during the rest of the time we have. Oh I know we can make this into a lesson that can be sent granted to the other masters at the temple to be kind and generous. They could teach the other jedi quite a lot as well but Arya is your master that means she is the primary one you should be learning from and will be the one who has final say if these lessons should be given out. Now lets see if we can keep your focus while discussing the early history of the order. The original code the master followed before they changed it and then changed it again. Oh this will all be very exciting to say the least I can't believe I have someone I am able to actually help learn, I mean Enya is very good but as a padawan she is still learning and doesn't know a whole lot.."​

Syn breathed in and out as she continued to speak, for the last couple of days his concentration had been on the moment and maintaining the concealment of his presence in the force. The distraction and training from Je'daii proving to be every bit as useful as his own methods usually but with the added bonus that this is what the world would most likely be like. He could use a taozin bracelet with the nodule on him all day but when he didn't have it he would have to possibly be able to walk and move through a city. A loud and full city that could prove more dangerous compared to somethings in a jungle or desert. There distractions would and could come from all over and mess with his concentration so better here with one of the fastest talkers in the order.

His force senses flexed out while he immersed himself in it all. The force masking him from senses of others and the glove of bent light around him like a second skin. It wasn't enough to practice one they needed to work on using both at the same time as that was the point of them. They were a combination of skills one could use and needed to actually be stealthy at time. That was what he now went back to focusing on instead of her words as he let the force flow through him and into the ground as he stood there letting her continue.

"As for my padawan Enya she is quite interesting to say the least despite the slightly unconventional method of how she came to be with me. Not following her master is a very poor judgement mark on a padawans ethics. She will have to learn to be better in the future and your area of study it is too broad. I should work to help her narrow it down from simply force powers to decide if you want it to be a certain aspect like the alter, sense and tutaminis aspects or balanced like some of the great masters. I will have to find her and discuss it with her in greater detail as we have so very much to work on."

"Oh master Asha would be so happy with me now. I have actually made friends since my time with her, ascended to knight level and have a padawan who knows how to follow the rules, all of those in so few days compared to the last sixteen years where I had none of it. This is quite an accomplishment. I must add it to my journal. Surely such a crowning achievement is worth note. Perhaps even a picture oh but I don't have such a holocamera. Oh one of the problems with us shunning materialism is that when a great moment happens we can't commemorate it. All I have is enough credits for and if I need a meal, then we can withdraw more should we need it. The Republic is very nice about it though and have some places where they let jedi eat for free. A wonderful thing for service. Although this will have to be good enough and oh before I forget."

Je'daii moved over and knelt down taking a seat by Arya as she spoke. "Now master Synlidwirh I know your one of the stronger jedi in the order, hell compared to most master recently you have been the most helpful and active but that is changing. With the attack on the senate, your confinement on Tython as punishment for trying to raze a sith academy operating in Republic space and all that. I know you were verbal in your disagreements on so many of the issues and that the attack on Coruscant's senate building which you weren't able to help in. That you found it even more foolish since the interim chancellor handed the largest ship in the galaxy over to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It wasn't the smartest move but we do have some good coming from it. The Axis powers came and went, so you should really be glad. Your not only still in the order but your on the high council and everyone else has either abandoned the order or disappeared. No one has heard hide nor hair of Former chancellor Ijet."
The jedi master listened to Je'daii and had to nod his head at her words. She was speaking the truth and more then that she was speaking what may have been a general idea in the order. He respected the concept of peace but knew it would not come freely, or as easy as Ben, Je'gan and Aleidis had wanted it to. They wanted it to be on the notion that breaking it casts the offenders in a poor light when in truth all it does is show how little they cared for the people. Billions ignored while the sith remained unchecked and were able to harm them. He saw more people get hurt for falsehoods then he saw in a battle. Metalorn was joke compared to the travesties at Togoria, his outburst to destroy a sith academy was met terribly. It mattered little to him now though.

"Thank you for teaching me Knight Je'daii, you honor your master with your work and your skills. I will always be around if you want to talk and learn more young one. Be at peace and thank you." Syn looked over at Arya who was standing off to the side with her arms crossed. They set off with the new equipment and gear as he listened to her speak going towards the mountains again. "So where to next." The woman turned while walking and tapped her walking stick on the ground with a smirk. "We're headed to the forge where I want you to focus and work on yourself. There is still much you have to do master jedi and learning will take some time."
Major Faction


Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow


It was ten years after my becoming a Knight that one of my biggest fears became a reality. The Jedi Council had contacted me in connection with my old Jedi Master, Xalia. There had been reports she had begun her descent to the darkside, letting her connection to the Lightside deteriorate. I couldn't believe such a claim, even from the Council. She had never shown any darkside tendencies through training, and I didn't expect such a change could happen so quickly. It wasn't something I knew how to handle and while they spoke about it I feared I had played a part in her downfall. I was the one she had taken on and shown deep down my inner darkness. Now she was lost.​
The Council spoke of sending a task force to find my former Master, they wanted answers. The strike force they were assembling comprised mostly of shadow knew little of Xalia and I found myself volunteering to search for her, to bring her back. They were hesitant at first, not wanting to risk losing a Knight to the likes of a darksider but then they also knew if anyone could try and save her, if anyone could show her the dangers of the darkside. They didn't want to send one with an attachment for fear it would be easy to twist the mind of a Knight, one she trained would only make the job easier but I wasn't a knight or at least not one so young as to fall for some of the tricks others could try.​
It was however in the Councils best interest to send me in the strike teams stead. They risked losing multiple Knights if she had indeed turned, there were few that could match Xalia's prowess with a blade, I even doubted her own skill. Xalia was said to be on Dxun, investigating the whereabouts of a Sith relic and potential holocron that was left behind and that is where she had disappeared or fallen into the darkside. A dangerous world on its own and seeped in the ancient evils. I could almost taste the power while I stood there.​
Dxun was humid when I arrived. It was as if the air was damp with moisture, but the thick jungle air seemed to only be hinting at the tension that would soon show itself. It didn't take long for me to sense a darkness near Xalia's last known location. It was unlike anything I had ever sensed or felt. I remember wishing I had Xalia there to calm me from the evil presence that had befallen the clearing, but it was her I'd need the protection from and her that I would have to face off against if worse came to worse. For a moment I debated if I could do it again. If I could kill a friend, a mentor.​
I remember the stillness before she spoke. The world was calm until her lips parted, then nothing but pain and anger filled the void. She was lost in the dark energy, barely making any sense of the situation before rising to her feet. I tried to calm her down, tried to talk to my old friend, my old mentor, but she wouldn't listen, only reacted and her blades came out. Activated with snap hisses while I listened and prepared. She wasn't a sith, not yet, not fully, she was a lamb lost in the woods with only her own darkness trying to be something else.​
She accused me of coming to kill her, sent by the Jedi to rid her of the power that came to her. I told her the truth, I was sent to find out what had happened to her. I replaced the strike team that perhaps did come to stricken her from the Universe, but she lashed out in anger, her appearance was nothing of what I remembered. All fury now in her voice and her aura in the force had become sickened like something vile, something damaged. It is hard to explain if you do not see the world through the force.​