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One Step at a Time [ORC, Cabal, PM for Invite]


Juuba the Hutt was just like every other damn hutt in the galaxy; ugly, greedy and only able to see things from their own point of view. They’d had a run in or two in the past, but Simone had also worked for him too. He disliked that she was an unknown quantity, unpredictable in her nature it was impossible for him to know whose side she’d be on.

Simone was strictly on her own side today, she had swept the room with her gaze only once, once was enough for the PPV to record every face present. She’d look back over it afterwards, runs some facial recognitions and the like and add it all to her own database. Information was power, she’d always known this, but only recently had she truly come to appreciate the need for it. She didn’t want power for powers sake, she wanted power so she could be in a position to alter the course of things, protect those she told herself she cared for and make the Galaxy a better place…

Or some shid like that anyway.

Juuba spoke slowly, his protocol droid translating for her, not that she needed it.

“His splendidness, Juuba does not see-”

“Can it, goldenrod, I understand perfectly well what he said.” she took another drag of the cigarette and pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to ward off the migraine. “It’s not hard, Juuba, you pass information to me, if i see anything that would be of value to you, I pass it along as well. Tit for tat, you scratch my back…” she trailed off, the idea of the hutt touching her in anyway making her slightly nauseous...or perhaps that was the migraine?

“Look, if you’re not interested then fine. This discussion is over.” She stubbed her cigarette out in the ashtray between them and rose to her feet. “As always, it’s a pleasure not doing business with you.”

She turned to leave and two gamorreans snorted and closed off her exit.

Juuba spoke again.

The protocol droid began to speak and Simone’s hand moved to the blaster at her hip, eyes meeting that of her escort.

“The magnificent Juuba states that you have become a liability, Miss Simone.”

“When this is all said and done, goldenrod, I’m going to take great pleasure in accessing your memory files.”

[member="Daymon Vale"]
Keepin Corellia Weird
There was another to meet with Juuba before him, and Daymon waited on the back wall, leaning casually. Given his status as an enforcer, they had let him keep his weapons. Technically, Juuba thought he was working *him* a deal with Gorba. Only thing was, Gorba had paid a lot better to flip him. A lot. As in more than double. So the helmeted mercenary fell further down the slop of amorality and cradled an assault rifle in his arms, a combat knife strapped at ready on his left shoulder in a drop-sheath. Scanners wouldn't say much other than he was there. Vanir tech saw to that. His name and the 'business' identity he crafted would be known, but you'd have to be good to get more. Good like [member="Simone"].

The lady had skills and a point, and he stepped forward as it all began to go down. He didn't like scraping to Hutts, but it was just business.

"Mighty Juuba, this one requests you realize the utility one such as this being presents not only yourself but the shared interests of you and the other Lords that he serves. For a small price today, you could reap much more tomorrow"

Statement made, he stood between Simone and the Hutt, armor fully powered and systems go, and subtly flicked the assault rifle to full tilt and waited. If Juuba couldn't realize the use of an infochant, he was willing to bet Gorba would.



Juuba made a noise of discontent at the mercenaries interruption, his stumpy little fist cracking down on the table next to him.

“Bargon wan chee kospah!” he shouted.

“The mighty Juuba, expresses his deep regret-” The protocol droid’s sentence vanished in a scream of blaster fire as Simone lost her patience, leaning round the Daymon and shooting it square in the chest, toppling it over. Juuba laughed and waved his hand.

“Killya hoohah.”

Simone cursed and hit the ground as blaster fire erupted around them, her own weapon knocking two of his personal guards out before she disappeared beneath a table.

[member="Daymon Vale"]