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One more for the road. [Cantina Thread - Open to All.]

The Landing Zone // Alien Quarter // Bonadan // Corporate Sector Space.

It was upon the foul-smelling world of Bonadan that Khonsu and his element of the Golden Company sought momentary respite amidst the ochre-hued clouds, amidst a galaxy engulfed by the fires of conflict. There were many starports that dotted the surface of this world, and the Spaceport Southeast II was but one of the largest amongst the ten that were reportedly in operation. There, berthed within the heart of a modular hangar bay that comprised much of the expansive installation, the Solvognen underwent a myriad of repairs to return the Corvette to the pristine fighting condition.

Whilst the starship was drawn out of commission for a spell, the Sun Guards had elected to take over a nearby Cantina and make themselves comfortable. Well, as comfortable as they could be without their weapons, due to the strict laws on Bonadan they weren’t allowed to leave their Corvette with anything other than the clothes on their backs; lest they are arrested and confined for an indeterminate amount of time. As they were not interested in spending their time behind bars, or kept in chains, the Mercenaries had elected to comply with this planet’s law.

They were here for nothing more than the various creature comforts that their credits could afford. Let others who sought to start something violent find themselves stripped of their possession and imprisoned.

Their chosen watering hole was aptly named the Landing Zone, for its sparse furnishings and ideal location within the starport. While others would balk at the spartan decor, the credits they earned had gone into paying the wages of the employees and the importation of the finest spirits and ales that they could acquire. It was for that reason alone that Khonsu and his fellow officers had settled on taking over that cantina, everything else that would need to be addressed? Well, the threat of incarceration on foreign soil and, excommunication from their organization would be enough to keep the rabble in line.

With a drink in hand, the Twisuns Legate leaned over the railing and watched the festivities below. The Thyrsian had a feeling that this would be the becalmed tides before the storm and wanted to enjoy what peace he could before returning to the stars, and the battlefield thereafter.

Fiolette Fortan


Port Elim
Section E3
"We've got the identity of Yellow 13 from Corellia," Dansen reported, "would you like for me to contact him?"

"Yes Dansen, and arrange a meeting as soon as possible. I'm heading down to Bonadan."

"Whatever for?"

Fiolette shrugged her shoulders and replied, "consider it a test run for one of the shuttles."

"Ah of course, I'll be on my way then. Shall I send C2?"

The executive made a face, C2 had been the newest little droid to their crew. Raol insisted that Dansen needed a friend and the protocol droid had been rather over the moon about his friend. C2-B, or simply C2. The droid had apparently declined a name unlike Dansen, Fiolette looked over at the droid and then back over to the prototype shuttle and while it should have been easy enough to say no.

"Why not, I'm sure he won't be much trouble."


C2 whirled with excitement as he rushed across the hangar, and promptly tripped over himself when he tried to come to a stop in front of Fiolette.

Good Lord.


I'm just F'n with you!
En Route to: The Landing Zone

With a tug at his vest the Almanian took in a deep breath and eyed himself in the 3/4 length mirror mounted on the bulkhead. A quick adjustment of his collar and a quick run through of a comb and he was satisfied with his appearance. Not too flashy, he'd opted to maintain a golden ring endowed with a particularly vibrant ruby set in it. Nestled upon his finger, he examined it a moment longer before reaching for the jacket he sought to wear. Plain, not terribly bright and yet not ominous as leather, his fingers reached into a concealed pocket. Content that everything was where it was supposed to be, he didn't see any reason to waste more time.

"Cedryk." He said, a shuffle from another chamber indicating he'd been heard.

Casting a parting glance at his own reflection, Martin headed towards the cargo hold. Falling in line behind him and matching his steps, a tall lanky figure appeared from a diverging corridor. Green flesh contrasted drastically with the white collar of his shirt, a dark suit adorning the humanoid's own form. Silent watching eyes pored over every nook and cranny as they departed the vessel and stepped into the spaceport. The man, Cedryk, had been Martin's bodyguard as of late. Though he didn't exactly come across as the most lethal nor agile, more than one ruffian had made the mistake of judging him by his blank expression. Martin had been thankful for Cedryk's presence on more than one occasion, in fact it was why he'd taken him along in the first place. The alien was the closest thing Martin had to a friend, or at least a friend he could trust. Martin had been productive during his sister's absence but rarely could one be both productive and avoid the less than savory bits of the family business.

The odd pair walked decidedly towards their destination, a rough and rather incongruous establishment embedded within the spaceport itself called "The Landing Zone". As they passed spacers, mechanics, and traders alike, Martin reminded himself he wasn't here for the locale, he was here for a purpose. He had business to attend to, whether it was personal or professional, he had yet to truly decide. Why limit yourself?

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Bonadan was not the place she'd have chosen to be stranded, had it been up to her. But a contract was a contract, and whatever else she was, Phoenix was a woman of her word once it was given. No matter how often it made things more difficult or how many times it came back to bite her in the ass, she stuck to it. It was the last shred of decency she had, and she would rather be damned before she let that go too.

She'd been a soldier once. A member of the Dread Guard. Highly valued and respected. Loved by her brothers and her sisters. A valued member of the Confederacy.

But that had been before the galactic apocalypse that became known as The Madness, as if what happened were that simple to describe. As if the loss of that many people could so easily be quantified. Madness. It wasn't enough. Those events, however, tore portions of the Confederacy apart, and even forced her siblings out of service to their creator and the guard he'd built them for. She could never go back because she no longer believed.

Her siblings, too, were gone. Scattered across the stars to the point where Nix had no idea if any of them still lived, no matter how long and hard she searched. She herself turned to what she did best, demolitions, and took on mercenary work when she could find it. It didn't take long for her to make a name for herself given her unique set of skills, and the superior physique she'd been creates with.

That's what had brought her to Bonadan, a contract to provide security to a Corporate Sector official who was constantly looking over his shoulder and muttering about the darkness that was chasing him. Nix presumed that might mean a Sith, but it didn't give her much pause. Neither Sith nor Jedi caused her to lose any sleep anymore; they bled and died like everyone else, for the most part, and neither side often stopped to think about why their precious little abilities had limited effects on her.

As heartless as she'd once been called, the cold, corrupted muscle was doing it's best to live up to that reputation. Losing her siblings, losing her life, and losing Gabriel in the end, had seen to that.

Running a hand through her ebon locks, she pushed them back over her shoulder and secured her arms and armor in a rented storage unit. Phoenix had a day to wait for the transport that would take her back to the Core, and the regulations meant she could not openly carry any weapons with her. She complied as she always did with such things, and pocketed the key before wandering off to find the cantina she'd heard so much about in the last week.

Clad entirely in black leather, the pants and vest had cost her a decent sum of credits, but had been entirely worth every one of them considering how perfectly it fit. Nix' jacket looked slightly out of place, worn and patched as it was, the marks and scars telling the story of a rough few years, but she didn't care. She shrugged out of it as she entered the Landing Zone, draping it over one arm as she strode through the crowd towards the bar. Boots lent her tall frame a few extra inches, which was advantageous in a crowd this size. Her dark gaze flicked up to the balcony overhead, taking in the sight the company there presented, before she passed beneath it and lost the visual.

Fiolette Fortan

Fiolette adjusted the flight jacket over her shoulders, flipped her hair out over the collar. Bonadan was a valuable port here in the Corporate Sector and she aimed to explore a little bit of it, if not a lot of it on this adventure. With the Great Galactic War at its height the retired grand admiral and current executive walked with style and grace across the hangar. C2 wasn't too far behind her whirling with excitement. Long skinny work pants hugged her curves and she smiled to the dock workers. Bonadan was interesting to say the least but she kept to herself and excused C2 when necessary. "Please try not to get that far ahead darling, you're a young droid and I am but an old woman so please, have mercy." She pleaded with a playful tone. C2 beeped with apologies. "Now, now do not get upset come, we're here to explore. Why don't you give me your analysis on the shuttle?"

C2 beeped and whirled as he moved.

The Galidraani guided them through the crowd. Her hand absent mindedly went to her pistol that rested in its holster while the sheath in her boot made itself known. Vibrodaggers in case the worst happened. Tatooine had been a learning experience to say the least, especially with the Hutt. "Really? I didn't think that the thrusters were all that terrible."

He seemed to disagree.

"Alright then, patch your notes to Kit."

"Now, ... let's see." She narrowed her gaze, alien quarter - well, this should be interesting.

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