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Once Upon an Onderonian Sun (Vulpesen)


The Fist of Nar Shaddaa
It was a typical day on Onderon, humid winds danced across MacTavish’s back, beads of sweat their tango partner. The Kiffu warrior could withstand the heat, he could withstand the humidity, but what he couldn’t stand were the bugs. The crawly bugs infested his every thought in the jungles. It would be a miracle if he made it out with his sanity, let alone a victory. He was in fact planetside for more reasons than to get eaten alive by other living creatures. He was here because he had scheduled a duel with a rising beacon among the Jedi Order’s nimbus of political back and forth.

There was a mutual respect for this Vulpesen however, he was also apart of the Army of Light, potentially the only group of individuals that MacTavish had come across who were willing to do any good without motivation. The young Kiffar Mercenary had signed on with hopes of learning more about weapons and how to use them while also honing his Force skills. Today he would be working on the latter.

It would be easy enough to find the Jedi Knight among the deep forest. There was a gift among the Kiffar people, psychometry, or the ability to read the memories off of inanimate objects. MacTavish Vox happened to carry the genes that enabled his Force connection to include psychometry. The padawan was by no means an expert, but he has used it in the past to hunt down targets and to get glimpses into the past.

Tanned olive hands lay themselves atop the moist Onderon soil, footprints left by the Jedi Knight were fresh, hopefully fresh enough for him to get a good reading. It was always possible his efforts would bear no reward and he would have to trust his instincts to fill in the gaps where the Jedi left no footprints. It was likely a test on the Jedi’s end more than a keen hunter’s eye on MacTavish’s end. Vulpesen had been said to be quite the sleuth, ferretting out darkness wherever it tried to hide, not letting any shadow go unpunished…something the young padawan looked up to.

It wasn’t long until he was close enough to the Jedi that he could practically smell his aura, the Force like a sweet honeysuckle on a warm summer day back on Corellia. Oh how the Jedi wished he could go back to that sweet planet, to have the wheat grasses kiss his sunburnt skins as they did when he was a child. Though it was too late for whining about the past when the present was fifty meters ahead of you with a weapon.

Soon he would be upon his sparring partner, he could practically envision the battle beginning. There was hope within the Kiffar that he would get the drop on the Jedi Knight, but little did he know the Jedi likely knew he was approaching long before MacTavish knew where he was.

Hopefully the Jedi Knight knew the padawan only bore a training saber, either that or MacTavish would be in for a treat when it came to dodging...

Valde of the Vitae
Vulpesen grinned as he sensed @Mctavish's presence. He was close with the force and Vox's constant use of psychometry was easy to track as it came closer and closer. Of course, he would have a hard time finding Vulpesen's foot prints as the boy preferred to travel in the air, using things such as vines and tree branches to move from place to place. It was true that he was one to destroy the darkness when he was confronted with it, but he was also different from many other shadows in the way that he used his own darkness to fuel his drives. He was a true grey jedi. He held the compassion and benevolence of a jedi, yet delved into his emotions to gain his power, a method similar to that used by his enemy, the sith.

Still, he could sense the man growing closer and closer, apparently able to find his feet in the spaces that he was unable to reach the next tree. As his sparring partner neared the location, Vulpesen adjusted his black robes, placing his hand gently on the hilt of his lightsaber. He kept his normal crystals on hand, but right now they had been switched out with normal training crystals. Mctavish was an ally, and he preferred not to cut such people to ribbons during a simple spar. As this was an Army of Light meeting, Vulpesen wore his silver fox mask. It was a sign of his separation between the Jedi and the Army. It was also incredibly recognizable by other members of the AoL.

As he felt Vox grow nearer, Vulpesen sat down in his clearing, entering a pre-battle meditation to focus his mind in the force. As a sentinel, he was to be the epitome of balance. His blade must be fast as a jedi gaurdian, yet his mind should as sharp as that of a consular. That was the way of the sentinel and that is what would make him such a match for the oncoming padawan. He had responded to the Kiffar's call. Now he would decide if the challenge was worthy of his commendation. Those won Vulpesen's respect, won a friend. Those who failed, were purely associates. Though neither came with any large downfalls, it was always better to keep someone like Vulpesen on your nice side.