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On to Ossus

Deciding to join up with Flinx, at least for a time, Ra and he travel to Ossus to seak out adventure, treasure and knowlege together. On two seperate ships, they land planetside together.

Having grown up on Coruscant and spent all of her childhood there, Ra was still always shocked at how green planets could be. They found an area where they could land. It looked like it was the ruins of what was once a vast city, now leveled, destroyed and mostly taken over again by the vegetation of the planet. According to the small amount of research had done on the way here, this was Knossa, the largest city on the planet. Nothing lived here but wildlife anymore. No human or non humans remained.

Ra landed her ship carefully on the surface, trying not to trap her ship there in the rubble. Before embarking on this new adventure, she checked to make sure she had everything she could think of. Her weapons and cloak as well as a small pack for drink and food. She walked off her ship and waited for Flinx to join her. She wore mostly earth tones to mix in well with the backdrop in case there were hostiles here.

The sounds of city, long dead around her, seemed to echo from the past to her ears. There was great power here once, a people strong in the Force and in politics. All dead now, in a past so long ago, this planet had been forgotten almost. She's a little surprised nobody had returned to re-inhabit this place.

She watched as Flinx or BB-3 piloted his ship in for a landing near hers and walked over to wait for her new companion to join her on the ground.
Flinx came up behind her back in his robe and pouldrons. He had his sabers on as he lead her to the ruined library. As Flinx neared the library his vision was overcome with the force and he stumbled, the force blinding him where he couldn't see anything. He fell writhing in pain.
Ra got into step slightly behind him and to his left. He confidently walked the path in front of them leading to a larger pile of rubble. She felt something more, not knowing what. While Ra could only feel the power around then, Flinx could see it and like a nuclear bomb going off without the protection of shades or distance she watched as he fell to the ground. His sight blinded due to the power she could almost touch.

Not fully knowing what was happening to her friend, Ra sat down next to him and laid his head on her lap while the convulsions went through his body. She caressed his hair, trying to comfort him. Assuring him things would be fine. Mentally as well and verbally speaking.
Flinx slowly stopped his seisure,slowly coming to his senses. As his vision cleared it was as if someone that had to have corrective optics suddenly had their sight cleared in high detail. He looked at his companion Ra. He saw every little detain of her face, every little line and twitch that her face made.

He slowly sat up and opened his mind to her so that she could see as he did.
Eventually his seisure ended and he stopped shivering, once his heart stopped racing in his chest, Ra let him go to allow him to sit up. He opened his mind to her and she could see how he saw. The features of her face, the ground under them and ruins around them. It was beautiful, more than she could have seen on her own. What looked like life flowed like a river through everything. It connected, intersected, wound together as if moving as a whole.

She stood up, reaching her hand out to feel the previously hidden life force of Ossus. Ra looked down at Flinx and held her hand out to him to help him stand up.

"What is this place? All this light, life? I've never felt or seen anything like it."

Her voice is just a whisper, but it spoke of the awe she felt.
"This Ra is the living Force. unspoiled by jedi or sith. This well is the knowledge of the ages for all reguardles of ligh or dark. This, this is Life." Flinx held her hand as he searched her mind and saw a mental block. Behind it he saw a potential to feel the force but he decided to leave it be for now. She would have to unlock that herself.
Of course Ra had heard of the Force and in the short time they had been together, Flinx had displayed he could use it as well. Of course, only a few people could and she wasn't one of them. He explained what she was seeing through him and felt honored he had given her the chance to see something she would never see again.

"Our ships are close enough we can sleep in there as well eat, but in case we get lost or for some reason can't return to our ships, I brought some supplies along."

She pointed a toe at the bag she brought along.

"It has some nutrition bars and water."

It might not be much, but better than nothing and would keep them alive for a few days at least if it came down to that.

"When you are ready, we can move on."
Flinx, with all his will and vigor, could not contain his excitement for this day. As he slowly approached the library his heart sunk to the pit of his stomach. where this had been the great Jedi library now was all but shambles. Grass and trees littered the great hall and the mosaic tile floor had long been removed and transplanted to Corisaunt. The great statue of Odan-Urr, the greatest Jedi Scholar in history, along with his Sith holocron, which Exar Kun slew the great Jedi for, now lay in pieces all over the floor. This Jedi had written what is today called the Jedi code and now he lay in ruin.
Ra smiled slightly as she watched her friend confidently walking forward again, however when he reached his destination, she could almost feel it when he was greatly disappointed. She walked slower than he did, keeping her eyes on the surrounding area, watching Flinx's back as he explored further in.

He reached what would have been the great all as Ra walks through where a great door should have been. Though in ruins, Ra can still the beauty that was there. The colorful, ruined stone, markings on them that she couldn't make out. Eventually, Ra reaches the side of Flinx, he's just standing there, looking at a shattered statue of some Jedi.

If the statue was whole, it would have been an odd species, one Ra had never seen before. Growing up where she had, Ra had seen many different peoples.

"I'm sure there's more here, Flinx."

Reaching out, she touched him just below his shoulders on his back. A comforting touch, indicating she's here for him.
Flinx softly reached for her hand and slowly, almost pleadingly pulled her next to him. He felt out through the light of the force around him. He was calling, calling out a name from his mind. "Odan? Master Odan -Urr? are you here? Can you hear me?"
Flinx took a gentle, but firm grip on her hand and pulled her to his side, treating her as a equal to him. Facing whatever he was together and not alone. Ra wasn't sure what was going through his mind when he started calling the name of somebody. Ra didn't realize Flinx was using the Force to call the Jedi, but she heard him none the less. A Jedi Master Ordan Urr. That must be who the ruined statue was of.

While not fully privy to the Force herself, through their connection she could sense much more than before. What she thought of as a dead world, really was alive. Though not with any sentient. Ra could only stand next to Flinx, giving him her support and hoping he knew it was there.
In front of us an aberration of Odan-urr steps forward. I let my vision overlay yours so that you can see him too.

"You called for me my child? No one has sought me for eons?" He steps forward and puts a ghostly hand on each of our shoulders. "Yes you come seeking knowledge, younglings. Well the library is open to you, there is only one rule, whatever you find, be it good or bad, take only what you came here for, nothing else."

He waves his hand and through the force the library is restored to its former glory, however he looks sad. "I can only keep this up for one cycle then all will be as it was, so be quick."
Ra narrowed her eyes when a ghostly form appeared in front of them speaking, he reached his hands out and touched each of them on thier shoulders and said he would help them for one day. The ruined building around them suddenly reformed and became what it once was. It was far more beautiful than Ra had imagined looking at the dust and debris around them. She drew in a breath of surprise, but remained stationary feeling like it was all a dream and if she moved it would shatter.
Flinx walked the bookshelves with his arm around Ra's waist. I finally get to a set of holocrons on Jedi lightsaber and force techniques next to it is a set of sith holocrons that tempt me. I think of Ra next to me and she gives me strength to resist the dark side.
Being led around, Ra allowed Flinx to guide her. He kept his arm around her waist and it felt comfortable there. Even though there was such a great height difference, it just felt good to know somebody was there.

Ra looked around them, surprised at all the knowledge here, even if it was only for the day. Her curiosity peaked, Ra reads the shelves and even though Flinx keeps pulling her with him, she wants to go back and look at what she saw.

When he stops, they stand in front of what look like little squares and pyramids. She reaches her hand out to lightly touch one of the red pyramids.
Flinx sees her reach for the red sith holocron. He didn't stop her. He let her choose her own path. He only hoped that should she go fully dark, that she would never fully leave him. He felt their time growing short, both here in the Library and together.
Feeling the power of the item she touched, Ra picks up the little, red pyramid and holds it closer to eyes to take a closer look at its markings. There appears to be a language on it she can't read, but is drawn to learn what it says. The ghostly form of Ordan Urr had said they could take what they came for, but if she could, Ra would take everything here. Instead of everything, she places the pyramid in her bag and looks up at Flinx.

"There is so much here for us and so little time. There were some shelves back the way we came I want to look at as well."

They had been labled geography and exploration. Maybe there she could find out something of her past.
Ra took the lead this time and went back the way they had come. She found the area she remembered started looking through the shelves of holodisks. Eventually, she found one labeled, "Races of the Known Worlds". Placing that in her bag as well, Ra turns to look at Flinx.

"I hope maybe I can find out where I came from. Of course, the information here won't be up to date, but it might tell me of my people."

For a few minutes, Ra wonders around the library, marveling at all the information within and wanting so much to take it all. When something caught her attention, she picked up the holodisk, hoping she could find someway to translate it.

"Is there anything else you came here looking for?"

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