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On the road to being a man

Jedi Temple, Coruscant, 3:32 p.m.

To the more common eye, Gherron would seem to be overexerting himself beyond his own capabilities. The truth was, however, that even he himself didn't know the extent of his own body, and was trying to figure it out. He had begun training restlessly at 6:00 a.m., and had not stopped since. His goal was not only to test his limits, but to teach himself discipline and focus. His examination was coming up very shortly, and he needed to be ready. Currently, he stood in the middle of the training room, surrounded by five probes. He had blindfolded himself so he could focus better, and had drawn his lightsaber. With a nod, he took a ready stance, and the droids began firing on cue. Each blast bolt fell on his blade, the pale blue light swinging around in long, fluid motions. He felt nothing but himself and the air around him. Nothing got past his weapon's blade. Once the five-minute session was up, he took off his blindfold, returning his mind to the world. It was only then that he felt two stings on his left arm. So, he had been shot after all. Shaking his head, he put the blindfold back on and prepared to start again.

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Marek S'hadar

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Marek had watched as the pad wan worked relentlessly, blocking the bolts that came his way with precision, with a few flaws, but it was impressive nonetheless, and he was satisfied with the efforts of the young one. "I suppose you could use a little work." He stated sarcastically, shrugging his shoulders as he watched.
Gherron was ready to be gin, and- Just like that, an unfamiliar voice cut through the room. Taking off his blindfold, the padawan looked around until his eyes set themselves upon the knight. "And you are....?" As he asked the question, he walked over, putting away his weapon. He didn't want the newcomer to think he was threatening him.

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