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[On the Iron Skillet with HK] Interview With Dranok


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="T3-J6"] @[member="Dranok Lussk"] @Anyone who would want to be in the audience
The lights went up on the scene, the band of fully armored Iron Company troopers began to play the intro song as the comfortable rust-orange and steel-grey living room set was illuminated.
The show began with HK standing in the middle of the scene, clad in his ceremonial armor, wearing his usual dark-grey cloak, cascading off of his shoulders.
The audience applauded, some cheered, HK motioned with his hands for them to quite down as he began to speak

"Thank you, organics, thank you. I calculate you to be a favorable audience, my bribe of free food and StarCaf worked once more."
The logo of Omega StarCaf would appear on the bottom holovid screens of anyone watching the recording of the show, product placement, yay! They had to pay for the show somehow, Force knows HK's humor was not selling it anyone

"We have a great show for you today, we have a special guest, Admiral Dranok Lussk, of the Lords of the Fringe."
The audience looked around at each other, giving a slow, sparse applause
"Oh come on, give him a bit of a hand, he may be an ex-Sith, but I heard he was great at basket weaving."
The audience chuckled at the image, giving a bit more of an applause
"Speaking of Sith and the Darkside, how is the ducktape like the Force?"
The droid asked, it just wouldn't be HK without lame jokes
"It has a Dark Side, a Light side and it binds the galaxy together."
He then did a little weird flourish thingy with his hands as the band played a rimshot
"On the topic of ducktape, fun fact- over 60% of T3's body is made of ducktape."
He looked back to his small droid co-host

Looking back to the audience he spoke up once more
"Anyhoo, let us welcome our guest for the evening, Admiral Dranok Lussk!"

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
At the thunderous sound of applause, a heavy sigh released as polished black boots clomped across the stage. The blonde-haired man gave the applauding crowd a brief wave, a flashy smile and a few words of thanks. He squinted slightly, averting his eyes downwards in spite of the stagelights sunning the entire set with energy bright than the lightside of the Force. As Dranok reached the host, HK-36, he gave the droid a grin paired with a nod, offering his organic hand to greet the host.

"Thanks for having me, it's a pleasure to be here." His golden eyes twinkled, "And since we're on the subject of lame jokes, here's one I picked up from the holonet: 'What do you get if you mix a fruit with a bounty hunter? Mango Fett!'" The large Lord mentally patted himself on the back at the achievement of gathering quite a few chuckles from the brimming audience before him.



The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Dranok Lussk"] @[member="T3-J6"]
The droid projected, shaking Dranok's hand as he motioned for the seats
"Have a seat, and I may use that next time I will be captured by the Sith."
He took a seat on one of the prepared chairs of the set
"So during the next big bad guy meeting if somebody will mention 'hey, so we captured this droid and he was like, What do you get if you mix a fruit with a bounty hunter? Mango Fett! We all laughed and let him go' you can proudly say that it came from you."
The audience gave a laugh, HK waited for Dranok to take a seat before he begun

"So, you are an Admiral with the Fridge Lords, like I mentioned, you have been around before, working with the Sith Empire, and the Confederacy, which is where we had our brief meeting actually."
HK looked to the audience, explaining
"This is not really known, but after Mustafar has been released from Deathwatch control OP has started to look into it, obviously, since it is under our control now."
He looked back to Dranok
"But on one of the patrols me and Nyos, a cyborg friend of mine from the Pyre, noticed human beings on one of the complexes, we tried to contact them since, you know, they might have been spacers in need of help or Deathwatch remnants, but turns out it were two young Force users fighting it out."
The droid slightly gesticulated as he continued the story
"So we intervene to stop the young Sith but then you joined in and we had a bit of a scrap."

HK looked to the audience
"We figured, hey, let us let those apprentices finish fighting, they need training anyway, if we defeat him we might at least get a raise."
The audience slightly chuckled, HK looked back to Dranok
"But other than that, I do not think we met much with each other, you are a spacer type, obviously, I am more of a ground combat person, so we often operate on different dynamics."

Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
The concession stands were ridiculous, or should he say the lack of. This little inconvenience was unexpected evidently he should have already eaten before the show. A galactic comedy interview show and from the look of it was getting heavy hitters. Taking his seat Sarong leaned back against the wall and watched the room slowly his heads up display recording the event. At least this silly stunt had allowed him the possibilities of amusement, but really did one of these force users really need a to get him pulled out for guard duty on a VIP? Then again he was an Admiral of the Fringe so he supposed in that role he deserved something honorary.

Besides Sargon highly doubted he could have paid for a ticket to such an event.

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