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Omega Advanced Combat Armor (OACA)

Noah Corek

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Credit: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/File:H4_ODST_Armor.png
Intent: To make a more advanced armor than the Battle Armor Mk II/S for the Omega Pyre
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Fondor TerraTech
Model: Omega Advanced Combat Armor Mk I
Affiliation: Omega Protectorate
Modularity: Yes
Production: Minor (Only Available to the Omega Pyre)
Material: Ceramic-Plasteel (Armor Plates) Armorweave Nano Fiber (Body Glove) Enviromental Underlay
Description: While the ODF and other Protectorate forces used the Battle Armor Mark II's,a new armor was developed by Noah Corek to give the Omega Pyre a more advanced set of armor due to their position as one of the most elite units in the galaxy. The armor is not very expensive when it comes to armor,but it is expensive enough that mass production is made unviable and therefore it is only fielded by the best of the best that the Protectorate has to offer.
Like the Mk II,it comes with an enviromental underlay so its wearer can be comfortable in a multitude of enviroments,ranging from the jungles of Yavin IV to the ice plains of Hoth. The bodyglove is a nanoweave Armorweave,designed to harden upon contact with with slugs and to withstand glancing blows from lightsabers and blaster bolts. The armor plates are based of the Mk II/S as well,with one key difference,instead of a plastoid-ceramic plates,the plates of this armor are a plasteel-ceramic mix,which stand up better to both blaster bolts and slugs. These plates are only placed in critical places though,the arms,legs,chest and shoulders. The helmet is equipped with many features,including low-light vision,FLIR thermal and infrared imaging,IFF,Tracking Beacon,Comlink,a Auto-Polarization function and Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System or MFTAS,allows the user to see through,smoke,fog,blizzards and sandstorms.
While this is a highly advanced armor,there are some flaws that come with it. One being the gaps between the armor plates that could be easily pierced,by either three slugs or a single blaster bolt. While the ceramic plates allow for a heavy amount of fire power to break through,weapons like rotary blaster cannons,tanks cannon,heavy caliber slugthrowers and rocket launchers can easily pierce right through the armor. The filter allow for protection from diseases and airborne particles,it can only stand up to rigors of the elements for so long.
While most of the armor takes things from the Battle Armor MkII/S,the one thing that makes this armor unique is the added thermal couple magnetic system. The system use's the suits power source and the natural heat from the wearers body. The magnetic system allows the pilot to levitate a small margin,thereby alleviating a tremendous amount of weight from the wearer,due to this weight being taken of the wearer,it allows them to increase their strength output ration by a good five percent. This also helps with endurance,speed and reaction time as well,due to the fact that the weight is being taken off of the wearer.
Classification: Multi-Purpose

Weight: 15.7 Kilograms
Quality: Class-6
Other Feature(s):

Built in HUD
Low-Light Vision
FLIR Imaging
Auto-Polarizing Visor
Utility Belt
Tracking Beacon
Air Filter (1 Hour)
Magnetic Plates on the Back,Waist,Thighs and Back for weapons
Magnetized Boots

Ayden Cater

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@[member="Noah Corek"]

I'm not saying you shouldn't make something for Pyre troops, but if you're going to do so, it needs to be -needed-. What does it do differently? Ask yourself that question. What does X do that Y doesn't? What does Y do that X doesn't?

You shouldn't make a piece of tech that's functionally identical to something we already have and call it something else with a new image. Make changes. Look at what the Mk II/s -doesn't- have and think about what it could have.

D' Orrin

Just an idea, but I would say add a thermal couple magnetic system. Using the power sourceit has, and add in the energy it can get from the general body heat of the pilot and uncooled areas in the suit to add to a magnetic system. And you can have that magnetic system be used for levitating off of the pilot by a small measure. Thereby alleviating a great amount of weight off from the pilot. Which increases the strength output ratio by a percentage, as well as speed and reaction time. Also helps with endurance, since the pilot isn't dealing with the amount of weight of the armor the whole time. And since blaster fire is essentially just a form of energy, the addition of the mag lev pushing out and away from the piot, it provides a bit of cushioning upon impact, for the pilot. On top of that, a strong enough magnetic repulsion would act as a type of shield to blaster fire by acting as a type of decelerant to the blaster fire.