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Species Review Ofïglë Sĥûjazze

The Devil | Kavar Lok Kas'Oni

  • Intent: To create a new Sithspawn for the Warlords of the Sith
  • Image Credit: X
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: Warlords of the Sith
  • Name: Ofïglë Sĥûjazze
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Tash-Taral
  • Average Lifespan: 200 Years
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
    • Moved to Kamar
    • Roughly 700 Million in Existence
      • Most are created through vast, obscenely dangerous Sith Rituals that take the lives of countless slaves and even other Sithspawn
  • Description: The Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are powerfully built and surprisingly honorable feline creatures similar to Cathar and Togorians except for one minor difference: their centauroid physiology. Rushing across the battlefield on four legs, wielding weapon and shield in two arms, and clad in aureate and cerulean armor, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are a rare breed among Sithspawn in that they have maintained - or perhaps were gifted - a sense of morality and lawfulness under the Warlords of the Sith, although this can easily be concluded as being brainwashed and cult-like. Where many other Sithspawn are ravenous and power-hungry, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are content in serving as warriors on the battlefield, usually in a combined role of calvary and infantry due to their physiology.
  • Breathes: Type-1 | Type-2 | Type-3
  • Average Height of Adults: 2.2 Meters
  • Average Length of Adults: 2.4 Meters
  • Skin Color: Black | Tawny | Deep Orange-Brown | Ash Brown
  • Hair Color: Black | Gold | Grey | White
  • Distinctions:
    • Physiology: Most distinctive of these beasts is the centauroid physiology that grants them many combat abilities bipedal and quadrupedal creatures do not possess, such as the ability to gallop whilst swinging one-handed or two-handed weapons. It also makes them highly identifiable in any location, especially on the battlefield.
    • Sentience: Unlike most Sithspawn created throughout history, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are incredibly sentient. Their military intelligence is unparalleled among other sentient Sithspawn, making them nearly an entirely separate race from their Force-kin. In fact, this intelligence is perhaps better than most of the Sith they serve and it is this intelligence that allows them to fight the Galaxy in ways other Sithspawn cannot.
    • Force: As an entirely Force Sensitive species, the Jek Zûtbo have at their disposal a long list of powers they can and do utilize. The most commonly used abilities of the Force are speed and endurance-based due to Ofïglë Sĥûjazze role as cavalry and infantry.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: All - Sithspawn
  • The Force: Harnessing the Force like any Sithspawn, but capable of casting it actively due to their sentience, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze enjoy the application of Force Speed and Force Body, which makes them much more difficult to target and kill in combat - but not impossibly so.
  • Physiology: While not as gargantuan as their Force-kin, such as the Jek Zûtbo, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are much larger than the average person and use this to great effect. Their impressive size and stature, along with their natural hardiness, makes them capable of wearing thick armor that does little to slow down their charges and attacks.
  • Armor and Weapons: The Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are surprisingly competent metalsmiths and actual forge their own weapons and armor across the Sith Warlord's fiefdoms. With their honor and law-based culture being paramount among the species, these creations are often uniform and highly ornamental, often clashing with the more directly Sith equipment worn by others.
  • Population: Created by the Sith Warlord's greatest Alchemists and Sorcerers in solace within the deserts and sanctums of Tash-Taral, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are much more numerous than their Force-kin, allowing them to fight with greater ease at heart than most. Knowing that if even if they were to die individually, their cause would be taken up by an honorable brother or sister who would avenge them with righteous fury.
  • Honorable: The sense of honor possessed by the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze is as much a positive enigma as it is a dangerous fault. Often, an Ofïglë Sĥûjazze will expect their foe to possess the same sensibilities as themselves, often to their detriment whenever it is proven otherwise. Such incidents provoke the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze into a blind rage that makes them much more akin to standard Sithspawn, once more to their own downfall as all sense of tactics and reason goes out the door.
  • Physiology: As with many other Sithspawn, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze suffer from the inability to enter most places unless they are specifically constructed to accommodate beings of larger size. Additionally, their centauroid body makes it so that they can only function in flat areas and landscapes that are not too slippery or steep.
  • Combat Role: As both cavalry and infantry and with greater population numbers than other Sithspawn, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are often the first to charge into combat alongside their kin, rushing into the fray amidst hellfire and brimstone. This makes them much more likely to die than other Sithspawn, although they have yet to complain about this inherent risk.
  • Force Nullification: As a purely Force Sensitive Species, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are susceptible to Force Nullification in most forms, predominantly fields and creatures. This makes them greatly weakened in battle and forced onto their backstep which the enemy can use against them - but not outright useless.
  • Diet: Carnivore - Like any other Sithspawn, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze will devour meat, although they do not do so during combat, preferring to consume their meals in celebration or solidarity.
  • Communication: The Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are fully sentient and capable of communicating in Galactic Basic, High Galactic, and Sith.
  • Technology Level: Standard - Uniquely among other Sithspawn, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are capable of operating modern technology and, in fact, construct their own in the form of melee weapons such as swords, lances, shields, halberds, and full-body armor. This gives them an advantage many find difficult to overcome when they expect pure savagery from beings that radiate the Dark Side.
  • Religion/Beliefs: As with most sentient Sithspawn, the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze worship the Sith as its Gods and approach their worship with a strict set of laws and codes. Effectively, they have created their own culture due to the sentience they gained during their creation - which was likely an accidental development that soon became standard fare for each new creation.
  • General Behavior: The Ofïglë Sĥûjazze are distinguished, noble, and prideful creatures that praise themselves and - more importantly - the Sith with every battle and victory. They fight with an unparalleled - among Sithspawn and even some Sith - military prowess and engage in combat with the mindset of veteran gladiators and knights, choosing traditional melee tactics over long-ranged blaster combat.
Following the invasion of Malachor V, the Alchemists of the Warlords of the Sith realized they needed a much broader base of soldiers for their crusades beyond what they stood at, at the time. While some worked on creating anti-tank units, anti-air, aerial, and even Sithspawn that could be classified as heavy armor, some chose to create a combination of cavalry and infantry. In a series of rituals across Tash-Taral that took the lives of countless slaves, P.O.W.s from the Crusades, and other Sithspawn created before and after the prior decision was made, the Alchemists created the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze. Upon the creation of the first dozen, the Alchemists were shocked to find that the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze had been blessed with unparalleled sentience and genetic knowledge of advanced military tactics, enabling them to immediately operate in veteran roles in combat. This shocking discovery soon became standard for the Ofïglë Sĥûjazze creation process. Today, the Sith Warlords boast a planet's worth of the unique Sithspawn, who have been bred to possess a dark honor in combat and the drive to never back down in the face of the enemy.

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