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Approved Species Ockvolley

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  • Intent: [Entirely something else(Though however there are a few of them used for the military)In the mean time, these are important parts that play roles in the planet of Narbada]
  • ​Image Credit: Ken Barthelmey (
  • Canon: [N/A.]
  • Links:
  • Nardoshians are also the Natives and the people that care for these animals
  • Name: [Ockvolley]
  • Designation: [Semi, the ability to use brainpower but also just specified as an animal or separate species]
  • Homeworld:
  • Language: [Gibberish, Ant Like, Buzzing, Growling, some may even have the ability to talk just as a Nardoshian can, or plain Ockvolian]
  • Average Lifespan: [590 Years]
  • Estimated Population: [Planetary, around 50,000]
  • Description: [Being tall gives for an easier way to eat plants and or intimidate their prey. Their long like squid faces and long legs scare off predators. Their eyes squinting and their nose shapes like hearts. Having an oddly shaped spine, but making up for a easier climber. This species being able to smell and find anything it needs and or wants. Being so tall and fierce they'd be hunted down by other planet species and or in their home world, however the Nardoshians took care of the threats swiftly and at ease.]
  • Breathes: [Type 1]
  • Average height of adults: [10]
  • Average length of adults: [(Guessed range-10) 10 height 10 length]
  • Skin color: [Light Brown, Dark Silky Brown, Black, Blue and Red, Purple(Main Color), and or Orange, more commonly seen would be default primary color/grey and a secondary of green]
  • Hair color: [Thin hairs-Any color that matches up with their skin color and or applies with certain areas/ EX:Forests]
  • Distinctions: [Having such a fierce look and intimidating stance, going along with their troph as an Omnivore. The average height of their body is like an Acklay's height. Having a weight as of 680-950 pounds. Beholding a hop and climbing skills so unique that they are often researched for climbing. Having supporting legs and muscles and also including the difference between male and female. Males having the dominant side and taller, as females take the lower position and are usualy 8 foot]
  • Races: [N/A.]
  • Strengths: [Long Limbs- Having such long limbs and strong tall muscles they are capable of tearing down through trees and even defending their home
  • Stretchable- Having the assistance of being to stretch out far and long. EX: It would appear to be a long log blending in with the forest
  • Poisonous- Having a tiny dosage of poison other animals that cant consume poison are then/there harmed to it. Also being a Vector not able to catch the disease and or sicknesses they give to the enemy and or if bitten]
  • Natural Armor- Having armor strong as stone and or wood, being able to deflect certain shots and dodge the possibility of dying after having the predator attempt to chew and or eat their flesh. Having their muscles flex and the stone plates that grow out of them would be incredible, they can withstand common explosives and weak blasters and bites.]
  • Weaknesses: [To tall- Being so tall it's easy but rare, for the enemy to get by with easily sliding under the legs and chopping them off(Muscle Armor wont allow)though either way the enemy can find it's weak spot(the belly)just like an at-at and or an at-te
  • Weight- They may have supporting legs and strong muscles and limbs but they move up and about to the speeds of 35-50 mph which is fast but having their weight it's harder for them to run just like their other relatives
  • Squinting Eyes- Having eyes that squint always isn't comfortable, though they can still sense things it's hard often time to time when hurt especially when peeking]
  • Slow: Just as the weight presumed these creatures are very slow and are an easy target.
  • Diet: [Plants, such as berry's, and other. For the carnivorous side, it is all out BUFFET, meats like other animals and even sea creatures, having squid like mouths they tend to feed off of fish but also plants! They can even eat poisonous foods and eat old foods and or food leftover from other dead animals]
  • Communication: [Verbal]
  • Technology level: [Low Class(These are animals/wild species, technology is petty)]
  • Religion/Beliefs: [N/A]
  • General behavior: [Having a simple life and a compact bond they are usually found in packs and hunt together as packs. Otherwise with mating they do a mating call. Their interaction is basic and their values are the things that they take care of and pledge to, EX: Their children and their packs also ruby like crystals and acid crystals which are very popular but also used for these wildlife species]
[ The Ockvolleys being the unknown type of hybrid animals they are they are not biotech but created by the star wars system/universe, at the most part they are reptilian, squid/sea animal, fury, and bird evolved to something bigger. Their hunting styles increase along the years move up and advance as their tools were their squid like tentacles and their silky skins. Having the looks and outside appearance of an elephant, silky and soft on the outside but having a hairy body when in contact and the texture. Mammal like tall creatures with several features. Using their looks as fierce and intimidating, their teeth as sharp as a Wusthof Ikon (A knife used in the human/realistic world for cutting and stabbing/poking holes) They became more intellectual over the years as their brain goes through evolution.

Their backstory of their historical past would've showed as an important part and role. In the early ages of their planet known as Narbada their planet was invaded by another planet in their same system, they were confused and yet to be terrified. The Nardoshians/the Natives of the planet/dominant hands would be informed and then would prepare to defend. When attacked these wildlife species were used, being fearsome and afraid the opposed side/the enemy would then later retreat. Having these species used for battles, their numbers dropped however then raised and mixed up with other species which bring them to the conclusion of being an hybrid known as the ones today. Later on being honored for their battle courage and understanding. Also the braveness to defend their home planet/world.

Being born by a powerful system/universe they were believed to be spiritually enriched and blessed. They were believed to be the chosen just as the Nardoshians of their planets, however holding no separations, besides the wildlife of these kind. They were specifically created as defenders of their home and to assist the other kind and species of their system and planet. Mainly held to serve their planet, and protect just as the Nardoshians job was to do the same.

Their so confusing and spread out history explains their evolution/change over time. Their shape and height changed also how many feel comfortable in their ecosystem, though being safe they cannot trust and or always be trusted either. They are not coldblooded but kill for a reason, just depends, they never kill their own kind nor their friends, it is like a law.

Ashin Varanin

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Again, sorry for the delay. This thing is delightfully weird.

What do you mean by created by their universe? Coming from another universe is a no-no.

Strengths and weaknesses should balance out. Can you add one more weakness?

Zeradias Mant said:

  • Could you close the gap and reduce the range of the average lifespan a bit?
Thanks for helping, it is complete now sire.
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