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Species Review Oblitus Ari tishâka, The Wardens

  • Intent: To create intended guardians/overlords for Ledgermaynes growing sithspawn creations
  • Image Credit: Original image
  • Canon: N/A
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  • Name: Oblitus Ari tishâka
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Sith Alchemy
  • Average Lifespan: 200 years
  • Estimated Population: Semi-Unique, only 2 created.
  • Description: Creatures of crystal, large bone and metal armored parts. Standing 8 feet 5 inches tall and possessing four arms and two legs constructed of large bones covered in armor and crystal. Crowns adorned with a large humanoid skull and glowing red rubies for eyes. The Oblitus Ari tishâka hold a menacing appearance and intellect.
  • Breathes: Type I, II, III & IV - (Does not breathe)
  • Average Height of Adults: 2.0m - 2.5m
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Bone infused with large chunks of crystal
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions: Large bones, dark metal textures, dense large crystalline chunks, alchemically armored, a single human skull implanted in crystal and red jeweled eyes.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: All

  • No air: Oblitus Ari tishâka do not need to breathe and can survive in any atmosphere or no atmosphere.
  • Unnatural Might: The Oblitus Ari tishâka are the pinnacle of Ledgermaynes crystalline sithspawn creations in regards to physical strength, surpassing that of Wookie and do not grow tired
  • Independent: These abominations have their own independence. They are allowed to think and govern themselves and lower caste of Oblitus sithspawn with free reign.
  • Hardened: Oblitus Ari tishâka are tough. Physically their bodies can withstand all strong slashings, strong piercing and very strong blunt trauma. As for ranged weapons the Wardens are very capable of resisting slugthrowers and even shatterguns to a limited degree. The structures that hold can only handle so much before fracturing or weakening. As for energy weapons the Ari tishâka are able to resist the sustained strikes of a lightsaber for a duration of time and can withstand blaster fire with ease.
  • Different Breed: Oblitus Ari tishâka have a resistance to Force Light. The Crystals that surround their body act as shields refracting the harmful flashes and greatly minimizing its effects on the body. Within the crystal fragments of their bodies rests Talismans of ensnarement. Trinkets that allow these giants to convert the light side energies and corrupt it into its polar opposite to use when deemed right.
  • Zap Resistant: As crystals, bone and alchemized metal. The Oblitus Ari tishâka are not conductive to electricity and due to the properties of alchemy the Ari tishâka can harmlessly absorb lightning and other energies with relative ease.
  • Mental Link: While only two Oblitus Ari tishâka exist, both of them share a mental link due to the specifics of their creation and birth. Like a hive mind, what one knows so does the other.
  • The Sun!: A focused blast to any of the Oblitus Ari tishâka weak points can be devastating to the Sithspawn. The weak points of the monsters are… The skull face embedded in the head, both shoulder crystals and both bracers on each of its four forearms. Depending on the hardpoint hit the sithspawn could lose entire limbs or be destroyed.
  • Force-Fieldy: Force nullification fields and Ysalamiri bubbles render the Oblitus Ari tishâka in a state of weakness. Nullification fields and Ysalamiri bubbles specifically will disable the species use of the force entirely in till the field is removed. Meanwhile Void stones will cause the species to grow weaker in strength, speed as well as limit their force abilities gradually.
  • Darkside stench: Reek of the darkside and can be sensed from miles away due to their storage of power in the Darkside of the force. Oblitus Ari tishâka are talking nexuses of darkside energy.
  • Liquids: Pure acids in liquid form can and will melt the Ari tishâka with relative ease
  • The new strange: With a unique and sneaky resistance to Force light, There are other ways to harm these giants. Nothing is ever perfect. Force blast and Sickening blast oddly effect these monsters in strange ways.
  • Sesmic: Has a weakness to specific types of sonic weapons as they could harm these creatures internal structures.
  • Diet: They do not eat.
  • Communication: Communicate through speaking Basic, High Sith and Telepathy.
  • Technology level: Galactic Standard. What they are given they can use.
  • Religion/Beliefs: Oblitus Ari tishâka believe in their created cause and obey whatever commands they receive after consideration. Unlike the other Oblitus sithspawn the Wardens are fully capable of choosing to obey or not. Their created purpose was intended for protecting the other sithspawn and the very legacy their master Ledgermayne aims to create. This allows them if deemed fit to betray or use deception against their own kind and superior if it means a sure lasting future.
  • General behavior: The Oblitus Ari tishâka do as their name suggests. The act as Wardens for the rest of the minions and alchemical sithspawn their master creates. The Wardens carry the same authority their master does over the rest of the Oblitus sithspawn and thus can command entire remnants or legions to do as commanded. In this way they assist Darth Ledgermayne by micro managing the growing masses of sithspawn without adding added stress on the master himself. Over all the Oblitus Ari tishâka watch, listen and act when deemed fit. In combative situations, though rare to see, The Wardens do not play with their enemies and rely heavy on their force abilities to destroy foes outright. Unleashing the power of the darkside within them in bursts of overwhelming power.

Alchemical abominations. Created for the sole purpose of serving Darth Ledgermayne as personal guards and holding his secrets. Intent on seeing his legacy and knowledge live on, for their Gutretee master has transferred his own memories onto this breed of sithspawn. A backup plan for if anything would to happen to his own form or if he should ever perish outright then whoever his apprentice would be could inherit the knowledge of the ancients, If deemed worthy. Oblitus Ari tishâka. They hold all authority, power, knowledge over the rest of Darth Ledgermaynes sithspawn. They are the gate keepers assisting with the mental troll of managing so many monsters.