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Nowhere is Safe (Mandalorian Raid of Serenno - Dominion vs Mandalorians)

Location: Landing site, heading to raid target
Objective: Raid all of the things
Allies: Mandalorians
Enemies: The Dominion, Anyone who gets in the way

Predawn light glowed in the distance as an unknown species of avians flew overhead, their wings beating silently as the coming day began to chase away the tail of night. The dew was still thick around the landing site, the moisture hanging in the air and clinging to leaf and branch alike. The insertion had gone flawlessly, their stealth systems working as intended. No troops met them as they disembarked, no orbital bombardments struck the landing site. That didn't mean they'd gotten down to the planet unnoticed, however.

Mandalorian raids had only two real telltales. The first came when the ships arrived in system, the specialized hyperdrives 'muffling' their hyperspace reversion. Keen eyes and suspicious minds could spot such a thing, but with no evidence and no experience with Mandalorian raids, it was simply a system glitch to most. The second came only when planetary shields came into play. Orar'uliik raid ships couldn't pass through shields without decloaking, their presence clearly shown to whoever was watching. The last was the most basic and a clear harbinger regardless of who was raiding: the ships were on the ground, the raiders disembarking, and the raid commencing.

Mandalore was in ruins, the ecosystem in shambles. Food, water, and supplies were scarce to the point most sought relief in the most traditional ways: war. Bounty hunting and mercenary work were always a Mandalorian staple, but more and more turned to such paths with the passing days. The rest either eked out whatever existence they could or turned to even older ways of survival. For many, the option of raiding was a clear choice. Those who had nothing took from those who had something. It was a crude and violent path, but for the Mandalorians it was well trodden. Might made right in Mando society, something many didn't quite grasp even now.

Arrbi Betna, Alor of his clan, had come to Serenno and its wealth. Here there were supplies he and many others so desperately needed. If successful, more than one clan would have enough to survive for that much longer.

He barked a few orders over their closed and encrypted helmet comms as he moved from the raid ships. Other warriors covered the craft with netting designed to hide the ships from above, their forms and ship signatures masked as best they could while the group conducted their raid. He hefted the old submachine gun in his hands and checked his equipment for the umpteenth time since they'd landed, knowing full well he was far from the only one doing so. Satisfied everything was in order, he gave the command for the group to move out.

Nearby lay what seemed to be easy pickings. A manor or estate of some kind, more than likely filled to the brim with either supplies they needed or the valuables to secure them. Either way, Betna knew that as easy as the job seemed, nothing really went as planned in the grand scheme of things.

The raid of Serenno had begun.

Nowhere was safe from the Mandalorians.
In Serenno's orbit all was at peace. Vessels of all shapes and sizes raced too and fro bustling about their daily activities. The traffic lanes remained open and all shuttles were allowed to pass through freely. The Dominion had yet to erect any real planetary defenses aside from the odd patrol boat which scanned vessels at random. Sleek cruise ships mingled with cargo junkers and all walks of life passed through the planet's atmosphere. Life on Serenno was decent, the local nobility had been given practically complete autonomy, a seat on the senate, all were well fed and the cost of living had drastically gone down. The people of this world were happy under the fledgling Republic known as the Dominion.

It was here that Lunarius had been stationed. He had been tasked with the worlds safety and he did not take his duties lightly. The locals tended to be enamored by the man or more so his size, so he tended to stick to his ship. He hated the attention. He did not wish to be disturbed and he often felt he had more pressing matters to tend too. Much to his dismay though he could not avoid the local royalty without upsetting them and seeing as to how politics were often so delicate Lunarius was forced to oblige them.

He had been invited to a local galla by a prominent Count. Lunarius hated everything about the idea, he was going to be paraded around like a monkey and ooed and ahhed at by every snob attending. But, his duty was to the Dominion and it was his Holy Father Mephirium’s will that guided him. So, lunarius donned his finest robes and prepared for the occasion. If he was lucky he might actually convert a few of the local lords to the one true faith. He descended to the planet below early in the morning and in his quarters Lunarius steeled himself for the likes of which he had never been trained for. Society.

He donned his officer’s sword and waited patiently while the cruise ship he was aboard docked with the Manor’s private port. He had with him an honor guard of twelve highly trained and well armored Battle Priest. They wore simple robes that concealed their weapons and masked their armor. They were stoic men who said little, a few of them had even taken a vow of silence, so that they might better contemplate the will of the Archlord. This of course did not mean they did not communicate. Instead speaking in subtle hand signals. They were elite men altered in body, so much so that they almost matched their Primarch in physique.

The ship's plank descended with a hiss and Lunarius stepped out into the crisp morning air. The smell of morning dew was heavy, birds chirped merily away and a nice breeze had taken up. Lunarius was glad he had arrived early. Made it easier for those whom trickled in to take his self in. He let out a slight sigh as the servants who had been set to greet him stared open mouthed at the behemoth of a man. It was going to be a long day

[member="Arrbi Betna"]
Location: Serrano
Allies: [member="Atheus"] [member="The Librarian"] [member="Arrbi Betna"]
Enemies: [member="Lunarius Admonis"]
Equipment: Leviathan Armor system, lightsaber pike, pair of standard sabers, saberstaff

Aedan Miles strode down the boarding ramp his armored form stretching a bit as he smirked under his helmet looking around he glanced back at Atheus and Solan nodding once to both of them he started forward reaching back for the lightsaber pike strapped to his back he pulled it forth and spun it once before igniting its crimson blade. He held the weapon up his violet gaze curiously peering at the blade before he sighed shaking his head with a muttered. "Definitely not my color." Looking back he gestured before starting towards the estate following after the others carefully his eyes tracing about the area as he reached out with the force drawing upon it as he took a deep breath slowly releasing it. Soon there would be a warning sent out and maybe people would arrive in time to make things interesting. If that did happen he knew exactly who would move to engage those who dared interfere with their mission. He smirked as his eyes flashed darkly soon the Titan's would show the Dominion why to fear them.
Location: Serenno
Allies: The Dominion (de facto)
Enemies: [member="Aedan Miles"] | [member="Arrbi Betna"] (Technically)

Mirdala was in the twist of an identity crisis at the moment. Ever since she had joined up with the Rang’ade, and thus the Dominion as a whole, she had been having serious self doubts. Was she fighting for the right reasons? Was she little more than a mercenary to these people? Was she a traitor to her own people? She was unsure of herself anymore. She had removed the Rang’ade symbol on her shoulder, instead replacing it with a red, stylized version of Clan Betna's heraldry. She was currently outposted on Serenno, by request of someone higher up on the food chain than she was.

She thought she had seen some movement in the corner of her eye. She pulled her long barreled bowcaster from its holster, cradling it offensively. The estate she had been requested to help guard was good sized, but that made it more difficult. For all she knew, it was just some little vermin darting across the grounds. She sighed and patrolled the area, also feeling a tad bored as well. Was she just a guardsman now? Was this to be the legacy of her clan? As mere hired guns? The thought made her stomach churn with anger.
Location: Landing site, heading to raid target
Objective: Raid all of the things
Allies: Mandalorians, [member="Aedan Miles"]
Enemies: The Dominion, [member="Mirdala Betna"] [member="Lunarius Aegrus"]

Tall grass gave a bit of concealment as they approached the manor, the dew clinging to armor and weapons alike. Betna kept his subgun at a low ready, the safety off and the weapon set to full auto. A lifetime of conflict and decades of combat earned from raids and all out war alike had taught him that when lives were on the line, the safety was always too far away.

Up ahead, the edge of the manor's property came into view. A tall metal fence, obviously meant as an ornamental barrier rather than a serious attempt to keep anyone out, rose into view. Here and there he saw it duck into tree lines and hedges along the property lines, vanishing and reappearing at various points as it followed the contours of the land it stood upon. Betna took a knee, maximizing his concealment in the tall, dewy grass and flicked an eye over his commlink.

"<[member="Aedan Miles"], I want you on the left flank. Cut through the fence - quietly, mind - and screen our left side once you and yours are through," he ordered, his voice calm and quiet. Even within the confines of his helmet, he couldn't escape the typical predawn whisper that was almost natural for anyone in such an environment. "<Alpha squad, you've the right flank, same deal. Cut quietly through the fence and screen the flank. Bravo squad, on me.>"

With that, he gestured for one of the warriors nearby towards the fence. The woman shifted up and produced a set of industrial grade manual cutters, something that would allow them through the fence with no light and minimal sound. A minute of work and a few muted pings of cut metal and a section of fencing fell in, its support sections cut free. Betna jerked his head and everyone funneled through.

Now was where things could easily go from good to bad in the blink of an eye, something everyone knew and acknowledged, but rarely mentioned. With luck, and a large amount of skill, the raid would be successful with minimal losses...
Location: Landing site, heading to raid target
Objective: Raid all of the things
Allies: Mandalorians, [member="Aedan Miles"]
Enemies: The Dominion, [member="Mirdala Betna"] [member="Lunarius Aegrus"]

Inside the perimeter fence is where the manor's property truly began. The grass was manicured and well tended with decorative shrubbery dotting the landscape here and there. The Mandalorians used what cover they could find as they moved, armored forms darting between carved stone birdbaths and low hedges. Betna paused a moment behind a large, ornamental sundial and glanced over the landscape before him. The manor itself was a short distance away and even from here he could see the ornamentation decorating the building. Carved pillars and etched murals were clearly visible, hinting at even more wealth inside.

He took a few seconds to check where his squads were before barking a quick order over his comlink. He and his squad darted forward, taking cover along a stone railing surrounding a reflection pool. The pool itself stood at the front of the structure while behind he could make out seemed to be a small run-in for a guard. Without bothering to speak, he marked the shack on his HUD and sent it to Charlie squad where Aedan was. It was theirs to deal with as they were closer, the warriors in the squad moving up on the position even as he marked it. Any guard inside would be dealt with quickly and lethally. It was the way of these things.

As he turned back, one of the warriors next to him hefted a satchel and slung their rifle. Betna nodded and the squad moved to the manor's door, most taking the steps two at a time. While the group took over covering positions, Betna moved in with the satchel bearer, taking the bag of explosives as the other warrior covered him. He had a great deal of experience with shaped charges and from the thickness of the faux-wood, durasteel doors he'd brought just enough to do the job. He pulled the timer out and double checked the counter, something he'd always done since his time on Manaan within the depths of Ahto City.

With luck, this would turn out much better than sinking the city did...
Location: Landing site heading to target
Objective: Steal all the things
Allies: [member="Arrbi Betna"]
Enemies: [member="Lunarius Aegrus"] [member="Mirdala Betna"]

Aedan nodded at Betna's order moving to the left he pulled out his industrial cutters and started to quickly and quietly cut through the chain link fence reaching back to draw his crimson shoto lightsaber with its shorter blade it would do better for a stealth mission. Nodding to his group he darted forward quickly as he moved into the compound carefully his violet eyes flicking back and forth under his helmet as he crouched down the black robes thrown over his armor helping hide him from initial sight.

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