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Nova Corp.

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Kiyala Demont`

Corporation Name: Nova Corporation.
Headquarters: Coruscant
Locations: Has two more locations in Nar Shadaa and Alderaan
Operations: Builds custom ships/armor/weapons.

Rationale: Ursurped & renamed by Kiara Alanna Decoix under alias of Alayna Dupree.
Tier: 5 for Sienar but 3 for Nova Corp.

Subsidiary includes Sienar Fleet Systems.


Nova Corporation started out as a criminal organization's way of legitimizing drug and sex sales money. And it was a rather foolhardy one at first considering their company at first held no inventions of their own. However, when Kiara grew up and took over the company things began to change with the unveiling of their first armor the 'Rancor Armor Mark 1.' It's production showed the true promise of the company as the armor is still arguably one of the toughest armors naturally made till this date. This also allowed a reasonable source of the money they already had. This business is still very much a front but ran like a full on business, under her employ Kiara controls a percentage of the drug trade and the prostitution rings of Coruscant and Nar Shadaa. She procured slaves for her uses from several leaders of the Criminal world on Nar Shaddaa which is how she frequently cuts production costs.

They took a step into the weapons manufacturing world when they produced the "Eater's.' Which was made in response to the Mandalorian threat since at this time Nova Corporation held strict ties to the Empire as they were willing to turn a blind eye to her underworld dealings. In the near future they would be first joined by Sienar Fleet as their subsidiaries as Kiara and Sirella had always been close allies which transferred over to a business partnership. Which folllowed behind the addition of Kiyala Demont a young upstart inventor crafting the Dathormirian Rider Mark 1 & 2. Which allowed them to open themselves up to making more ships, armor and weapons of varying types.

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
Several issues:
  • It says in the template that Tier 3's can own Tier 2 subsidiaries, not Tier 5 ones. If anything, your company would be the subsidiary here. On top of that, it also explicitly states in the template that no player corporation can claim a canon one as a subsidiary.
  • Without expanded description and some sort of development thread, I wouldn't approve this as a tier 3. As a general rule of thumb, we start new companies out at Tier 2.
  • If it is your wish to run Seinar in some way, which is owned by the Santhe Corporation (run by Sirella), then submit a company submission for it and have Sirella sign off on it. Note that anyone wishing to run a canon coporation is expected to either have an extensive development thread or supremely detailed write up describing exactly how they came into power. We don't give out canon corporations lightly, especially not ones that would be classified as Tier 5.
Because of this, I'm denying this submission. If you wish to try and have it second chanced, you are more than welcome too, however it is my recommendation that before doing so you edit this submission, as it will not be approved as is.

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