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Not all who wander are lost...

Jay Barleycorn

even darkness must pass
Not all who wander are lost... but I sure am!

Newcomer here. Looking forward to doing a bit of writing, roleplaying, the usual. Main character is here: https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/jay.153084/

NPC companion, Kaylin, has just been approved!
Jay's ship has been approved!

Now I just need to finish writing a quick intro story and the fun begins :)

Quick question for y'all; how do you join a faction? Maybe I'm just losing my mind (or my eyesight) but I'm not readily seeing sign-up links/contact info.
I spend most of my time in a state of confusion so any and all help/pointers/and-so-on would be greatly appreciated.
I look forward to writing and play with y'all!
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Disney Princess
Jay! What up my brother from another mother. Also, Jay here.

Welcome. Just hit up the top banner under Factions and begin browsing to your hearts content. Most Faction around here have a Discord Server for social interactions too. So don't forget to grab the Discord link in the website's top right hand corner, next to 'members'. It's the little symbol there.

Otherwise, yes! Look around the Open Roleplaying for Public threads or start your very own Looking For Group thread in the LFG sub-forum. I'm sure your green boi will be slumming it in no time!

Cheers Other-Jay! :D :p

Jay Barleycorn

even darkness must pass
Wow! I didn't expect such quick responses!
Thank you both.
Looks like I was indeed being blinder than usual. The join button was right there in front of me. :)

If there's a goodly handful of Jay's around here, maybe we should start a faction of our own. Role call at our super formal business meetings would be real simple... :D
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Jay Barleycorn Jay Barleycorn

Hi! Always a sucker for folks who use lotr quotes XD Welcome Jay, and I hope you have a delightful time here!!!! If you want more help with joining a faction, you can just dm me and I'll help you out! A tip? CIS is the absolute best and has the friendliest community I've ever been in. Plus we're space america, so what's not to like? And I'm totally not just saying this because I'm a member of the CIS creative team XD

Anyway, I hope you have a grand old time, and manage to *put the ranger aside, become who you were meant to be. *

Any need of help, my dms are open! <3

Barbie Barbie

Pirate Queen from the Wild of Space
Welcome aboard matie..mayte... maitey?... Oi, hey look, I'm new to this pirataey thing, so don't mind me too much. .
~sigh~ Been lost myself for two weeks now trying to find a port to settle in. Actually not really needing to settle, just trying to put into dry dock and get some upgrades on my vessel.

But hey, you don't need to hear about my woes... I'll manage. I've always managed.

That said; enjoy writing here and who knows, you'll be spared running into me in open space. Lucky you. :p