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Not All Twins Get Along [GR Dominion of Rhommamool/Osarian]

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Kiyron let out a long sigh of relief, This mission was a wrap, with everything taken care of and accounted for. No need to deploy himself or his troops. Nobody under his command died and the good guys won. Why couldn't all things be like this? It certainly made this debt of his easier to pay off. He strode from main corridors, duraplast boots clanking against the durasteel. Other personnel moved aside to let him pass, bumping against his shoulders as they did so.

Why were starships so cramped? It was living in a metal tomb. And the air was horrible, so filtered and purified. Tasted like metal and smelled like nothing. It always gave him an uncomfortable chill along the back of his spine. Getting groundside sounded like an excellent idea. Away from Onderon. Away from Chazwa. Away from military base after military base. It was time to take some leave for a time. Perhaps an extended leave, if it could be arranged. Or he could disappear during a black mission and show up again, saying the cover had been compromised.

His comlink dinged and he paused to check it, studying the message. Kiyron smiled. Kei Amadis was out and about in the galaxy. Perhaps it was time to go visit a very old friend and see how he was doing. That would be good. He hadn't seen any of the Wildcards in a very long time. Heard from them either. He suspected everyone was doing secretive combat work, so weren't too keen to lay out their existence through comm channels.

He stepped into his quarters and put in a request for leave before packing a bag with some of his gear. No armor. Just his basic weapons. Not that he expected to need them, but it was better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Alyona Volkovna (Алёна)

Алёна Вохин (Light of the Voxyn)
Objective: A
Location: Redhaven
Allies: Corvus Raaf | Mantic Dorn
Enemies: Rhommamoolian Cultists
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Alyona trailed the two men further down the tunnel, keeping pace behind them without giving away her presence. They stopped at a large metal gate that looked attached to an elevator heading down a mining shaft. The attending rebel there checked their identifications and let them enter. Within moments, the elevator was descending out of sight and Alyona was having to consider what her next move was. First, she relayed a message to Master Raaf updating the woman on her location. "Preparing to enter mines beneath city at last known location," the message read. Alyona sent it, then focused her attention on the guard at the gate. With a flicker of a thought, Alyona accessed his mind via the Force and expressed a feeling of worry and concern at an unknown sound. The man turned away from Alyona swiftly and stared into the wall for several brief moments, worrying about a falsehood. Within a split second Alyona was on him. Her knee went into his back and her hand gripped his hair as she put him face first to the ground and whacked his skull against a rock.
She didn't bother seeing if he was stable even as he bled onto the dirt floor.

Alyona keyed the lift for return and stepped inside once it arrived. Glancing at the panel, the lift only had one other floor available, marked: (H).
"What's that for?" Alyona wondered allowed before pressing the key with a gloved finger. The lift lurched for a moment, then began moving downward smoothly and slowly, almost creeping down what seemed to be a dozen levels of the Coruscant Underworld. All Alyona could see beyond the railing of the lift was the rock the shaft had been hewn from, but suddenly the rock opened up and massive cavern revealed itself within the earth below the city. Within were adhoc starfighters, "uglies" as they were called, cobbled together from the remnants of crashed starfighters and spaceships. Tents were arrayed along one side of the cavern, dozens upon dozens of them, with Rhomamoolian citizens milling about campfires and the like. The other side of the cavern was more militarized, with soldiers, armed and armored, gearing up for what seemed to be a battle. The cavern extended further East, so far it eventually disappeared into darkness. A metal walkway seemed to hang from the convex ceiling, but that too meandered beyond Alyona's sight. "What is going on here?" She asked herself as the lift continued trundling down. She glanced downward and caught sight of two guards standing on either sides of the lift. Biting her lip, Alyona quickly slipped out of the lift and grasped an overhanging beam, pulling herself onto it and leaving the lift empty as it clattered to a halt some dozen meters down. Alyona stayed just long enough to make sure the guards felt they were being messed with by their comrades and sent the lift back up empty, then made her way across the beam and along the near wall of the cavern. Lighting was only provided at living areas and work stations, giving Alyona plenty of darkness to hide in. Once she reached the center of the cavern, she looked to the rocky wall and began climbing her way up the crags carefully, hoisting herself onto the walkway that hung just two meters from the ceiling.

What she found there nearly stopped her heart, for lining the ceiling just above the walk way was a string of explosives that continued onward as far as Alyona's eyes could see. "They're going to collapse the city." Alyona murmured, the realizing striking her like a slap to the face. She knew she wouldn't be able to reach Corvus on comms from where she was, but Alyona opened her mind to the Force and allowed her Master to sense the overwhelming dread that consumed her. Hopefully that would act as an ample warning that something was terribly, terribly wrong.