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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost [Open to SJO]

"Wanderer." The voice sounded distant.

Blaster fire ripped through the night. The sky was splintered with a bombardment of screams. The dark side of the Force was heavy in the air. A Jedi and a small group of soldiers were locked in battle with the Sith. Drawing on the Force, he sprinted with incredible speed towards the skirmish. Focused entirely on the battle ahead, Tyrius missed the rocket flying towards them. Instead of using the Force to push it into the sky, possibly hitting a building and showering his allies with debris, he skidded to a stop and put all of his will into slamming the rocket into the ground at his feet. The rocket's trajectory began to deviate as he pulled it ward him. Moments before impact, Tryius glanced at his allies ahead of them, hoping they had gained the upper hand. To his dismay, two more Sith had snuck up behind them. The last thing he saw was Force lightning flying from their hands before he was thrown across the street by rocket's explosion. He landed in a bloody pile, his vision fading as smoke and debris covered his broken body.

"Wanderer." A small nudge followed the distant voice this time as he jerked back to consciousness. Tyrius slowly looked up into the eyes of a small man standing awkwardly in front of him, his haunting dream still lingering in his mind. "Pardon me, sir, but we've landed on Kashyyyk," he locked eyes with Tyrius and quickly looked down, almost as if embarrassed, "Please Jedi, there must be some other way I can repay you. You've done so much for me and asked for so little." Slowly standing to his feet, The Wanderer used his staff to prop himself up as he leaned forward towards his compatriot, a soft smile on his face as if to reassure him that all was ok. "I told you, I'm no Jedi. Work hard, be honest, keep out of trouble, and most importantly, stay alive. You were able to get me a ride to Kashyyyk, that is payment enough, my friend. Now it's time for me to go. Safe travels, and may the Force be with you."

Shouldering his satchel, Tyrius proceeded down the dock towards the bustling star port on Kashyyyk. During his travels he had often heard tales of this Silver Jedi Order and their mission to heal and protect. He knew not if these rumors were true, but after years of traveling alone, The Wanderer decided that a group of like minded people could do more good than a lone man hiding among the shadows. Kashyyyk was a beautiful planet, the wookiees some of the most honorable he'd ever met. If ever there were a group he was willing to pledge his life to again, surely, this was it.



The sounds of the ships coming and going was interesting in truth. the jedi herself rather enjoyed it sitting down in the garden while her bare feet... she was lonely, wondering where her warrior was... liekly off on some far flung battlefield protecting someone. Still it meant when she looked around the gardens and towards the wookiees she could be lonely. No saber on her hip, blue skin and red eyes stood out to some. Here though she was the more peaceful working with the gardeners as she was amazed tat their skills and some of the plants here on the planet. "THis place is so wonderful." A smile crept across her face so she could se the others with a few ships arriving. Might as well go and say hello as she stood up and her hair cascaded down her back.
Kat was working on a ship, peaceful to be doing something basic like repairing some minor damage. It put Kat into a calming trance, her mind blank as she just worked. Hands moving as her body worked on auto-pilot. Only when she heard the engine of a new ship did Kat snap out of her meditative trance. Looking over at the new ship, she gave it her stern look. In Kat's mind she was already taking it apart and rebuilding it to run smoother and take hits slightly better. That was when her robotic leg jerked randomly, causing Kat to grumble. Nothing seemed to stop her legs from occasionally jerking. She had attempted numerous repairs.

Standing up, Kat wandered to the new ship, passing the owner of the ship she was working on. "Stop running into asteroids. You can fly right?" Kat enquired with a hint of sarcasm. The pilot rolled their eyes and mumbled a thanks. It didn't faze Kat, she was too busy focusing on the new ship at the dock. So focused that she barely noticed the older man stepping off, his face was foreign to Kat, she suspected a newcomer. Perhaps an old friend of the Order returning, he looked the age and type. She noted the many rugged old male Jedi. There was a definite theme.

Smirking to herself as she thought on that, she approached the newcomer, "sup old man! Is that your ship? Could get it running faster if ya like?"
As Tyrius walked off the ship, he gazed at the surrounding Star Port and the massive wroshyr trees rising up all around them. He had been to Kashyyyk many times before, but he always had to pause to take in the beauty of it, as if it were his first time setting eyes on the marvelous planet.

"Sup old man! Is that your ship? Could get it running faster if ya like?"

Turning to see who had yelled at him, he scoffed slightly, muttering under his breath, "Old man, please." As he swept the landing area for the voice, he saw a young, grease stained Echani girl heading his direction. Turning towards her, he caught a glimpse of another person heading towards them. The blue skin was unmistakably Chiss. Curious as to who they were and what they did he continued towards them.

"Hello child, no, no this ship does not belong to me. I was simply luck enough to get a ride on it to this beautiful planet." Gesturing at the trees around them, he smiled, ever so slightly, extending his hand toward the young lady, "My name is Tyrius. I was hoping to meet with the Silver Jedi. Have you seen any of them around?"

He leaned slightly to the side so as to see around her as he finished speaking, the Chiss woman quickly approaching them. He smiled and nodded at her, so as to acknowledge her presence while waiting on the young Echani.


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She could overhear when she was approaching.. her mind waiting until he was done and then he acknowledged her with a smile appearing on her face. She stood there for a moment. 'Welcome." THe look on her face presented as friendly when she saw the ranger. "I am Serenna.." She had to think about it, her full name could end but being quite a mouthful so her core name was alright.. mostly... THick, long purple hair behind her, white clothing and robes. "You were looking for the silver jedi yes." She bowed in welcome to him moving closer but outside of the full range. She didn't look like a jedi but that was fitting she didn't wear a saber instead working to radiate calm to everyone around herself.
Rolling her eyes as the old man called her a child. Was that all they could call someone younger than them? Child... Seemed stupid but it was a curse of youth that Kat dealt with often. This guy also seemed a bit of a nutcase, or at least one who was super into nature. Like more than the average folk. Kat, herself, she preferred the industrial look and feel, Coruscant was a world she always wanted to visit, or Corellia. They were beautiful and weird in a wonderful way to her. "Meh, trees are alright. Damn bugs are a pest, and you see anything with eight legs or more, give me a holler. I don't do the obscene legged creatures, six legs is pushing it."

Another thing about nature to dislike. The insect-life. No way she dealing with bugs, made her skin crawl and her arms twitch uncontrollably with nerves. When he mentioned the Silver Jedi, she realised he must be one of them Jedi folk, explained the nature soppiness. Reviewing the man, "ain't ya a bit old to be a Padawan?" She mocked as she turned around to give directions from his viewpoint. "Think da temple is straight ahead. Big place, fancy building, can't miss it. Should be filled with Jedi folk, do wonder when I get to visit..." She trailed off as she thought about recent events.

Kat started noticing that she work with tech wasn't just being capable, she also had some connection with the Force. It wasn't tested or strong like others she knew but it was there to some degree.

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The Golden Rule
Nearby, a sleek chromed ship landed on an empty landing pad. After a few minutes, Jyoti stepped down the landing ramp with Charlie.

The air shifted from cool and crisp to muggy and humid as she transitioned from the air-conditioned starship to outside. Already, she could almost feel a few dribbles of sweat rolling down the back of her neck as she made her way across the tarmac. She and jungle planets just didn't work all that well.

"You know, Balamak wouldn't have been a bad place to relocate," she told Charlie. "Nice temperate plains, and no hostile wildlife trying to eat everyone."

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"Little Soldier's Boot"
Charlie lingered on the ramp as she wanted to stay in the cool and crisp starship. Arriving back at Kashyyyk gave her mixed feelings. She was home, but home also at times tried to eat her. Seeing that her Master wasn’t going to entertain the lingering Padawan, Charlie quickly took off after Jyoti.

Her short legs moved quickly with the pace of the taller Jedi, walking around with Jyoti sometimes proved to be a cardio workout in itself. “Agreed. Every time we come back I feel like I can chew the air here” Her mouth moved to mimic the chewing she spoke of. “Why did the Silver Order decide Kashyyyk was a good idea...I mean.”

Glancing up, she could already see her Master’s brow glistening. “Wasn’t there a vote or something?” Charlie wasn’t quite privy how things worked. She assumed with how much Jyoti did, the woman had some sway with the council. “Mmm to live somewhere that the bugs aren’t twice my size would be amazing.”

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Smiling, he slightly bowed and nodded his head. "Nice to meet you Serenna. I'm Tyrius, and yes, I was looking for the Jedi here on Kashyyyk." Motioning to the mechanic next to him, "My new acquaintance here was just telling me the temple was off in that direction. Perhaps we could all go for a visit?"

As he finished speaking, Tyrius began to sense another life form, strong in the Force, approaching them. Turning slightly towards another nearby landing zone he saw two people approaching the small group that had assembled here before him. Surely they must be members of the Order. Embracing a small smile, he raised his hand and gave a small wave.

"I believe we are about to be joined by another member of the order, Serenna. Shall we all go say hello?" Smiling at the mechanic, he gave her a small wink, "You too, child, now is as good a chance as any to see the temple."

Staff in hand, he turned and headed towards the temple and the strangers he had waved at. So far Kashyyyk was everything he remembered it to be; hot, humid, and full of friendly faces.

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Serenna looked at him with a nod of her head as others were coming and she bowed. Feeling her toes on the ground as she wriggled them turning around. "Alright then, lets go and see the temple." She was curious to see it with a smirk on her face when she was moving. Seeing some others joining them while she stopped and clasped her hand sbehind her back. "Welcome." She was more then happy to work on anything that they might have. She wasn't certain what he might be wanting to go and see. "So do you have requests of where you might want to go Tyrius?" She looked at him letting her hair shake out. After her time showing Nova around ti had been pretty helpful.