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... Not again.

Valde of the Vitae
Am I the only one this happens to repeatedly? Vibrosword, blown to shatters by Velok. First training saber, used as a bomb to blow up the head of a Hssiss. Second training saber(replaced, surprisingly). First lightsaber, half was stolen, the other half was crushed by a sith. It seem's I've broken Anakin's record for destruction and loss of melee weapons.

Lilia Dur'iar

Your melee weapons gave their lives for a better cause.

(Congratulate me, I typed that with a straight face)


Lurking SWRP Sites Since 1998

I have a warehouse full of lightsabers just because. Step inside and go nuts.


Lurking SWRP Sites Since 1998
Vulpesen said:
What I need is to hire a mando to make me a Beskar hilt. I prefer lightsabers to regular blades. Hmm... but where can i get the funds to pay them?
I am also very rich due to over thousand years of private investments and live in Mando Space. Also have good ties with Mandos. Just saying.