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Approved Location Norvegr-fen

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  • City Name: Norvegr-fen
  • Classification: Urban Center - Capital of the Northmark
  • Location: Midvinter
  • Affiliation: [member="Théodred Heavenshield"] | [member="Boo Heavenshield"] | [member="Ylva Solveig"] | [member="Mysa Snowstrider"]
  • Demographics: 95% Valkyri, 3% Aelvar, 2% Offworlders
  • Wealth: High - The Northmark [relative to Norvegr-fen] is rich in natural resources which provides abundant trade for it's people. The major trade product is lumber.
  • Stability: High - The general population of Norvegr-fen enjoy the ability to be able to live their lives in relative freedom. Present day, under the leadership of Théodred Heavenshield, there is little unrest with only a few disputes between Clans of the Northmark. However, the northern Valkyri are suspicious of strangers, especially anyone that they consider offworlders, this is due to events in the past in which the rise of the Vinterbound was a direct cause of an influence from the Sith and many northerners were killed. Any affiliation with the Silver Jedi and the royal family is an exception to the rule.
  • Description: Norvegr-fen is typical of any city on Midvinter. Featuring wooden and stone structures and buildings, cobbled stone main road and streets. Market place, manufacturing quarters of goods and services and residences and an industrial area which include forges, lumber mills, and flour mills. The docks provide means of transport of lumber on ships out of Norvegr-fen to the south along the river.


  • New Himmeldal - Grand Hall and place of residency for Théo Heavenshield and his family.
  • The Fens - Surrounding wetlands of Norvegr-fen, filled to the brim with copious flora [reeds, water flower, long grasses, peat, mosses etc] and fauna [water fowls, aquatic otter and voles, various insect life and fresh water fish and eel, frogs and one very large ugly toad]. However, deep in the throat of winter most of the animals enter into hibernation.
  • Lumber Mill - Situated on by the docks.
  • The Docks - Mooring for all residents and industry of lumber for transportation through the city and beyond.
  • Shrine of Beornskald - Dedication to the Gods of Midvinter with two additions to the pantheon in the Sun God the Dawnbringer and the reinstatement of Velkar Odiirson, God of Fire and Mischief.
  • The Keep - Storage facility for grains imported from the Southmark.
  • The Ice Box - Storage facility for fishes imported from the Westmark.
  • Mysa's Hunters Hut - A small hut for all Mysa Snowstrider's hunting needs.
  • Local guards and patrols - small Unit of fifty men and women
  • Minor Defenses - Environmental defenses because of location in the Fens (Marshlands)


After receiving the title of Norbæn Véurr (Northern Lord) from the High King, his uncle [member="Thyrian Hearthfire"], Théo Heavenshield began his commission immediately. He had spent several months in the Northmark getting to know the people and gain their confidence, also to scout out the best possible location for a new city that would become the capital of the Mark. He called upon the knowledge of the local people, gathered around him the best of craftsmen and women, hunters, traders and labourers and anyone willing to lend a hand in the establishment of the new city.

From the small village of Fafnersvik toward the south, once plans were in place and all the resources they required were found, they all set off for the fens, the journey would take them several weeks.

For the first month, Norvegr-fen was little more than a city of tents and make-shift workshops, the forgers ran hot all day and night and the constant sound of the Smith's song as hammer met anvil, became the beating heart of the people and the city itself. There was much skepticism in his choice of location, many had considered him mad of it, but Norvegr-fen was going to be more than just a new city but become the hub of the Northmark from which the trade of the abundant natural resources would see them prosper and grow.

It would take time for the new city to grow and reach it's full potential but the foundation stones where in place and from them the city in the north would thrive.
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