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The Attention Seeker

  • Intent: To create a creature to form a bond with Kitty and serve as a director counter to her raging beast form. While also proving opportunities for character development for both involved and for some amusing banter.
  • ​Image Credit: created by Minea Juntura character Toothless property of DreamsWorks
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Name: Nocnafuria
  • Designation: Semi-Sentient
  • Homeworld: Dathomir
  • Language: Dragonic, Common
  • Average Lifespan: 2,000
  • Estimated Population: Rare
  • Description: A large winged reptile with black or white scales. It has a far sleeker shape than that of others considered to be dragons with more of an aerial design.
  • Breathes: Type 1 atmosphere
  • Average height of adults: 1.8 meters
  • Average length of adults: 10 meters 5 of which is tail
  • Scale color: Black and White
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions: Nocna Furia are a sleek and agile dragon species that are built for life in the skies. Their scales are almost always black blending them in with the night though occasionally a recessive gene will cause them to be white. Their eyes can range from 3 different vibrant colors from blue, to green, and finally a recessive purple gene. Their wingspans are the same length as the entirety of their body 10 meters from wing tip to wing tip and they have 2 sets of fins on their tail to provide exceptional flight control and agility. The first largest pair of fins are at the very base of their tail and are used primarily for stability compensating for any mistakes and adjusting for air currents. These are not necessary for flight but would make flying difficult for the dragon like a human hobbling around on one leg. The second and smaller pair of fins are located at the very tip of the tail. These are used in the steering of the dragon and anything but flying in a straight line would be impossible the base fins can only compensate so much. The tail itself is thick and while the fins are folded can be used to propel the creature through the water. Males are slightly larger and stronger while the females are slightly smaller and faster with an even more sleek appearance. Otherwise there is no other secondary sex characteristics to distinguish them.
  • Races: N/A
  • Strengths:
  • Tough Scales: The scales of a Nocnafuria are very strong, resistant to average small arms slug throwers or blasters. As one scale cracks though the rest around it become weaker and it isn't long before they are poking holes. Anything above average will also just puncture right through.
  • Evolved for flight: Nocnafuria are agile and quick fliers capable of navigating their way though a light forest or quick dives and exits out of a tense one.
  • Size=Strength: The size of a Nocnafuria ensures they can overpower anything that threatens them. Sharp teeth and razor claws make short work of anyone daring to mess with one.
  • Instinctual Intelligence: Nocnafuria are gifted with both the instincts to survive and the intelligence to thrive. Though the two are times at odds with each other most the time it serves to their benefit.
  • Hyper Senses: Finding prey from above a swamp or forest is not easy. The Nocnafuria have evolved very advances senses. Eyes with perfect night vision, a nose than pick out a snake lurking in the water, and hearing to locate a mouse hiding in the vegetation.
  • Fireball: Mostly used as a defense Nocnafuria have two glands in their throat that spews a chemical mixture that combusts upon mixing. It also has a unique property in which by keeping their mouth closed and compressing the mixture it forms a liquid that can be fired out as a projectile with very explosive results on impact.
  • Stealth: Although large Nocnafuria are masters of stealth. Primarily they can fly silently through the air and ambush from the skies with the cover of night. But they are also quick on their feed and agile on the ground as well. Able to ambush prey as well as the feline species known well for their ambushing prowess. Their sense allow them to keep track of their prey while the themselves are out of view and mind.
  • Weaknesses:
  • Ectothermic: Nocnafuria are cold blooded creatures and require heat to give them energy. Depending on how cold the environment is they can be incapable of flight.
  • Quadruped Beast: Nocnafuria do not have any dexterous digits their feet designed for walking and clawing and their sharp talons/claws for killing and holding the prey. In a galaxy full of advance technology they are incapable of using it. No weapons, no tools, no space travel, nothing.
  • A downed dragon is a dead dragon: The wings and fins of a Nocnafuria are extremely sensitive and delicate. The weakness is necessary to feel the air and change of currents. But they have no armor and are the easiest way to bleed them out. In addition damage to the wings or tails tip fins will prevent flight. In their natural habitat this would likely can lead to death by starvation. The pain can also be incapacitating.
  • Hyper Senses: ​On the reverse sensitive senses is also bad as too much stimulation particularly from multiple sources can be debilitating. Making flying or concentrating in general difficult or impossible. This is the quickest way to anger a Nocnafuria.
  • Size=Complications: Nocnafuria are a lot larger than the average sentient creature. They would not adapt well to the majority of buildings and ships.
  • Diet: Any meat and can scavange when forced to but prefers fresh fish.
  • Communication: Grunts and growls of the dragonic language. Though with practice they can speak Common as well though doing so takes a lot of energy.
  • Technology level: Primitive they rely upon their natural gifts to survive and get about. Lack of thumbs or dexterous digits prevents them from using tools.
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General behavior: Nocnafuria's are typically nocturnal hunters with the exception of the white ones. They use their natural camouflage and agile flying to dive into swamps and forests dodging trees and vines to snatch or pin prey below. They are apex predators both in the sky and on land however their numbers are very few as the females only lay single egg a year. The hatchlings are very vulnerable to other predators till they reach at least a fourth of adult size at their 5th year. Even then their survival isn't guaranteed till they hit half their size on the 15th year. The parents will be very diligent in raising the hatchling until this time. To reach full adult size takes 40 years at which point they will stop growing. Matting rituals involve elaborate dances in the air and finalize with a death plummet from high up and not breaking off till they nearly reach the ground.

  • There are two primary strategies used in natural re-population. Either create tons of babies to insure at least some of them survive or direct one's energy to raising a few. In creatures of intelligence the latter is the most common as their development takes longer. This is not so much the case with Nocnafuria instead the extreme hostility and predatation present on the planet almost guarantees death for the unsupervised young. Extreme care and parenting is take to insure survival. Despite their position as the apex predator it is for this reason that they have remained relatively rare. Nocnafuria keep very close immediate family ties but tend not to hang out with cousins and other extended relatives. Mostly due to competing resources. They are large creatures that require a lot of land and food. Nocnafuria ignore other sentient creatures because they have nothing to offer and only trouble has come from dealings with them.
There aren't many points of historical significance through the Nocnafuria's existence. Their nature of tight family groups met the only drama going was that between small families. Though between only small families any violence towards their own kind is a big deal as their numbers as a species are so low. It is extremely rare for any battles among their own species to occur. However there is one event that must be told. It's significance far out weighing what a couple families could do. Although they shared a planet with other sentient races the Nocnafuria avoided them. However inevitably a naive Nocnafuria fell into the clutches of a native Zabrak. This Zabrak was particularly cunning and convinced the Nocnafuria to gather others and form a family not related by blood. He promised any who came, protection and food. He specifically targeted the young and in return simply asked that they reveal the location of their families so that he may offer them the same protection. His cult following of Nocnafuria never got very popular. He just could never offer them what they wanted or what they already had. The only families that were susceptible were those with infertile territory where little prey was available. The information was all the Zabrak needed though as he had a gang of mercs hunt them down for their scales which were a fantastic resource for flexible and strong armor.

As families of Nocnafuria began to disappear they were quick to find the culprit. A majority of the Nocnafuria that were left banded together to prevent the extinction of their species which if things continued would be inevitable. They quickly snuffed out the Zabrak and his mercenaries pretty easily. However in doing so without any diplomatic notice or explanation as they weren't involved with the politics of the planet they caused a war with them an the other sentient. Nocnafuria were considered extremely dangerous and the other native sentients become terrified of them as a result of this war. Their physical destructive abilities, natural stealthy and guerrilla tactics approach combined with their intelligence and organization made them a force to be reckoned with...occasionally. Their organization wasn't that great it was just a lot better than say wolves but not as good as an established military and stable hierarchy. On top of that their population was very small in comparison. It wasn't long before they were on the brink of extinction and focused simply on going into hiding. Thankfully that was something they were good at and the other native sentients forgot about them as time passed. Very slowly they rebuilt their numbers and again lived in the wilderness far away from trouble.
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