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Nobody Expects The Inquisition

Teynara Jeralyr

Resident Sig Lord
Citadel Inquisitorius, Atrisia

Imposing and yet elegant, a building delicate and yet clearly designed to intimidate, the so-called 'Citadel' was the bastion of the Atrisian Empire's Inquisition, something that was more myth than known fact, and yet all the more intriguing as a consequence of it. This place, beautiful and yet disturbing, held testament to that same mystique: carefully hidden away in plain sight, designed to stand monumental and yet remain concealed to all but a select few. And now we walk among that select number. That was, perhaps, the most intriuing part of all.

Intriguing enough to bring a former Sith Lord and his apprentice halfway across the Galaxy to seek this place out. An invitation helps, of course, he reflected, recalling the mixture of curiousity and incredulity at receiving such a thing from no less than the Grand Inquisitor herself. Disturbing that another could track my movements enough to send an invitation. That was sufficient in itself to bring him here. The curiousity was merely an added bonus.

He had heard of the Atrisians, of course - not that any of them had ever been caught in Sith space - the Dark Council naturally briefed on their existence and the potential threat they might cause to Imperial operations within their territory. Tirdarius had long since left those political machinations behind, and had little inclination to treat such beings as the enemy. Quite the opposite, since I am here, he reflected, pushing back the hood of his flowing black cloak to better gaze at the citadel before them with cold grey eyes. But we must confront them nonetheless, if we are to live within their space.

With Val'ryss' attempts to resurrect the Empire dying down into smaller embers, it had been left for many to find a new direction. Although the life of an independent had carried some appeal, simply retiring on a distant world to study, meditate and reflect, but Tirdarius had spent too long in the service of something larger than himself, and to step away from that now was not something he had felt capable of. Not yet - I am not so old that I must force myself to stand aside. And so, here they were: directed by invitation to speak to those who might yet hold values similar enough to his own that they might yet hold appeal.

Sadly, the Atrisians were not known to be the trusting type: Sith Intelligence had them pegged down as extraordinarily loyal to their ideals, mildly isolationist but expanding outwards, with strong militaristic values and a clear descendent of those values held by the ancient Galactic Empire, something Tirdarius himself respected considerably. Getting them to trust a former Sith would not be an easy task, but he was up to the challenge nonetheless. But first, to present ourselves to their Grand Inquisitor, let her understand that we pose them no threat, he thought reflectively. Provided they pose no threat to us, of course. That would be a different matter entirely.

"Do I sense a little nervousness, Jyn?", he asked his apprentice, glancing over at the girl beside him. He remained continually surprised by the depth of her loyalty, travelling across the Galaxy alongside him even though there were many other places where she might have been safer and happier seeking out a less chaotic destiny than the one that he had carved out for himself. "It's an honest feeling: pursuing the unknown should never be an easy thing. Most especially when we simply walk up and knock on the front door," Tirdarius noted, a faint smile of amusement curving his lips.

Striding across the stone bridge that was the only land entrance to the Citadel across the water that pooled beneath it, the former Sith Lord had every intention of doing exactly that. He could have entered undetected, of course, but that was hardly a platform upon which to build trust. And so, let us be overt for a change. There was little sound to mark their passing: the soft rhythm of leather boots against stone, the gentle whistle of the wind as it blew through the mountainous canyon that served as the Citadel's concealment, and the peaceful flow of the waters beneath and around them, undisturbed by any technological din. At least they choose a place of peace to establish their home.

The great double doors that led within the complex were closed, sealed off against unwanted visitors - no doubt they would open only when those within had reason to depart, or when they wished to bring others within. Certainly they would bar the way for us if they could, but I've never found a door that can remain closed to me for very long, he noted inwardly, amused at the very idea of it. He paused a moment, his robes fluttering softly around his slender frame as he observed the threshold, then offered the faintest of shrugs.

"Not opening up? How impolite," he remarked calmly, his voice carrying the controlled urbane tones of one used to polite civilities. "Perhaps they'll relent if we knock," Tirdarius continued, his serene smile broadening slightly, even as his grey eyes narrowed slightly and adopted a look of concentration.

Raising his hands, the long sleeves of his outer robe sliding back against his wrists, the former Sith gathered little of the energy that he could sense surrounding them, a gentle tingle suffusing his skin as though he had made contact with a static field, a simple shiver running down his spine. Invisibly, that energy projected itself forward, observable only by those trained to recognise it, taking hold of the doors that blocked his way. His hands faced each other, palms inward, perhaps a centimeter apart, then moved outwards, his arms extending slightly forward, hands parting in a broad sweeping gesture to either side.

There was silence there for a moment, then the grinding motion of stone pushed against those mechanisms which controlled it's motions, the doors before them parting, a small line of darkness exposed and becoming ever wider as the darker shadows of the inner entrance became exposed. Hands becoming still in their motion, the former Sith cut off the energies he had been pouring into his telekinetic force. He lowered his hands, exhaling a deep breath, then offered another shrug.

"It seems our new hosts have offered us their hospitality," he told Jyn with a faintly sardonic tone. "Far be it for us to refuse such a generous invitation. Shall we?", he inquired, making a shooing motion with one hand, as if to suggest that they should go within. He led the way, robes fluttering around him with each stride, his eyes having to take a moment to adjust to the change in illumination as they entered the Citadel, his senses outstretched, waiting for one of the others to make contact. They'll come, in due course.

"Anybody home?", he called, raising his voice ever-so-slightly above his preferred whisper. "Or is it customary to ignore guests when they stand on the threshold of your home?"

Teynara Jeralyr

Resident Sig Lord
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Post #5 - written by @Mirien Valdier

@[member="Jyn Sol"] @[member="Bellalika"] @[member="Cronos Aegir"]

Mirien had sent out a rare invitation, and had informed no others. Probably a foolish error, a mistake on her part. But there was little need, or so she thought. There had been no reply. But again she did not expect them to show up on her doorstep without even so much as a reply back. Feeling chaos looming, she quickly descended the long spiral staircase from her tower quarters down into the main floor of the citadel. Her robes, black and red, trimmed in brilliant gold almost seemed to shimmer as she moved. For a rare change, she was actually in a hurry, racing to beat the others before they harmed her guests.

As she hit the main floor, nearing the main hall. She paused for a moment, and straightened out her robes. Took in a deep breath and moved on. At the far end of the hall she spotted Bellalika, and Cronos. From the distance she could not be sure of her people's intentions but if she was them, she'd be on her guard poised on the verge of attack. Drawing upon the force she allowed her voice to carry to the far end of the hall. "Stand down both of you." The chill in her tone palpable even from the long distance. Needless to say, she was not happy. Her boots clicked upon the floor, echoing through the largely stone room.

Finally she came to stop before Tiradarius and his apprentice. Intentionally she put herself between her own people and the Sith. "These two are honored guests, Bellaika." She said with a motion of her hand to not touch her weapons. "And rare as it is as we receive such company, we are to be kind to the pair." Unless they give us a reason otherwise. Her voice still frigid cold, face expressionless, but her eyes beheld a mild anger. Soon enough even that faded away, devoid of emotion, at least in any outward sign of it. "Meet Tirdarius and his apprentice, Jyn Sol. I personally invited them here not long ago."

"I do apologize for the welcome or lack there of. But I did not think that you would arrive so soon. None the less, come." She said with an inclination of her head, a hint to follow her. "How about dinner? I'm sure you're both hungry." A sigh came, as she turned her back and started to go back the way she came. "Bellalika? Cronos? You both are welcome to join us." It was more about protection than an outward invitation for dinner. The more Inquisitors at her side, the safer she was. These two in addition to her own guards would help should things end bad. But even she doubted they'd be enough. Even so, it was extremely rare for her to invite her own Inquisition members into her private chambers. Granted her position, her chambers amounted to what would be a large home for anyone else.


Bellalika looked at the High Inquisitor and gave a bow of her head while standing at the top of the stairs. Her mind was racing as the idea of newcomers brought a grin to her face. Still letting her robes show she was an interrogator of the Inquisition. She didn't need more if anything it worked better for her using her own talents. She bounded down the stairs letting shoes click in the silence as she spoke. "Of course high inquisitor." Her grin came away and turned into one of blankness. Now was the time to ignore the force while letting the pheromones come out, allow her empathy to sort out their intentions.

Her hand also remained behind her back twirling her saber while tapping her finger on its activation button, her gaze drifted over while speaking closer to Mirien. "An interesting notion High Inquisitor, having force users walk in then offering them food. Unless." She stopped for the moment and kept a grin on her face. Unless you were doing what I did to Hodon when he ran... Getting them lulled into conformity then shoot out their knee caps and place a collar on their next. Neither looked like they would be able to handle canonization from the Inquisition for long. Which was a sad notion or maybe they had gotten those nanites working. Let them eat them then step out of line and well pain would be needed.

She would have to check on that later of course and make sure they had uniforms that were proper. No sense in breaking the uniformity. "So what sizes should I get for them robes wise, a boys medium and adult extra large correct?"

Teynara Jeralyr

Resident Sig Lord
Rapidly converged upon by several others, dressed in robes that Tirdarius could only thing of as being ridiculously garish given their colour, the former Sith Lord gave momentary thought to channelling a little energy into a form of protective barrier that might encompass himself and his apprentice, but dismissed the thought immediately. If it came to battle, we would be better served by concealment than over force, he reflected, though in this particular situation, either would suffice. We did not come here to start a fight, however. Still, there was something about these three that just gave him pause: there was a sense of restrained hostility here.

The group's leader, though she had not introduced herself, was clearly the woman that had sent him the invitation that had brought the two of them here. His grey eyes fixed upon her for a moment, taking in her stance, the strange choice of clothing, as well as the cold expression that concealed residual authority and what Tirdarius guessed at as being a ruthless nature. For a moment, he wondered if he hadn't made a mistake: the woman was no Sith, but there was something about her that suggested, perhaps, that she knew a little more of their ways than she was advertising. He put the thought aside for the moment - he would ask Jyn later for her impressions, but for now they had but to proceed cautiously.

"It's not in my nature to be tardy, Mistress Valdier," he informed her in a calm, urbane tone, speaking confidently though he was uncertain of his footing here, even down to the form of address best to use with her: what hierarchy existed here? He did not know. "It is rare that anyone seeks out a Sith Lord, and rarer still to invite them to their home, so I was naturally intrigued by your audacity," Tirdarius added, the faint ghost of a smile gracing his lips, though it didn't quite reach his eyes.

Thus far, little about this situation offered any cause for confidence, he knew: the presence of three unknown Force Users about them; the gentle hostility he could sense through the Force, not entirely directed at them, but certainly radiating suspicion as to their presence; the sarcasm of the subordinate subtly contrasted by the politeness of her superior, their host. The Zeltron's attitude was hardly surprising, but he had to wonder how she would have coped living in Sith space. Speaking to one of us in such a tone there would have ended badly for her, certainly, he mused.

"I'm afraid I can't quite go along with your taste in robes," the former Sith Lord noted, glancing over at the Zeltron in the colourful garb. "Black has always been to my tastes, and I'm afraid I've little inclination to look like a children's entertainer," he remarked acerbicly. "And you should observe that my apprentice is a girl, not a boy. She's free to wear what she wishes, however," Tirdarius noted with a shrug, waving a hand dismissively in the woman's direction.

The group started walking, following the lead of this woman who had styled herself as a 'Grand Inquisitor'. He'd heard the term before: several among the Sith Empire's Inquisition had used it, as had the ancient one controlled by the Emperor Palpatine in the days of the First Galactic Empire, some hundreds of years ago. Perhaps these are an off-shoot of one of those organisations? Somehow, it didn't fit that these were Sith: the Dark Side swirled around this place, it was true, but with far less concentration than would be found on a Sith world. Where Sith gather, so too does the Dark Side, he reflected. So what to make of these?

"For what purpose have you asked me here, Grand Inquisitor?", he asked her, quickening his strides ever so slightly so as to walk alongside her. Jyn was left somewhat exposed behind him, walking between the two others that were accompanying them, but he was confident that any malice on their part would be rewarded with considerable pain if they made any attempt to lay a hand on his apprentice. "Your letter was suitably vague to pique my curiousity, I must admit, but I hope you'll be a little more forthcoming in person," Tirdarius concluded. "I certainly would not wish to waste your time for nothing."

@[member="Mirien Valdier"] @[member="Jyn Sol"] @[member="Cronos Aegir"] @[member="Bellalika"]

Qhorin Solas

@[member="Jyn Sol"] | @[member="Mirien Valdier"] | @[member="Tirdarius"] | @[member="Bellalika"]​

Our guests were strange, to say the least. Not to say that they looked or seemed odd, but that they had come to the Citadel at all. I never doubted my senses, and they said that before me stood a Sith Lord and his apprentice. I could believe the former -- the man was undoubtedly a Sith -- but I could not believe the latter: the Darkside did not cling to her so tightly as it did her master. Perhaps it was simply her youth? Young as she was, she wouldn't have had the time to fall deep into the Darkside's allure. I knew it, the Dark, though not quite so intimately as I knew the Light. Between the two, I was a pale, temperate shade of gray.

They were mysteries, the Sith Lord and his apprentice, and I was almost overcome with curiosity. Bellalika, my peer, was understandably hostile, if a bit... over-zealous. She was rather typical when it came to Inquisitors -- she never doubted her orders, only obeyed. Still, the question begged... why had they come to the Citadel?

Almost as if the thought summoned her, the Grand Inquisitor appeared from a shadowed corridor.

"Stand down both of you."
I almost frowned -- I had done little more than welcome our guests. She was a cold woman, the Grand Inquisitor, chiseled from the frozen tundra's of Hoth, and it showed in her voice.

"These two are honored guests, Bellaika, and rare as it is as we receive such company, we are to be kind to the pair. Meet Tirdarius and his apprentice, Jyn Sol. I personally invited them here not long ago."
Invited? Curiouser and curiouser...

The Grand Inquisitor turned to address the Sith and his apprentice.

"I do apologize for the welcome, or lack there of. But I did not think that you would arrive so soon. None the less, come. How about dinner? I'm sure you're both hungry. Bellalika? Cronos? You both are welcome to join us."

She turned to walk back down the corridor from whence she came. I fell into step behind them with nary a word, the flames of my curiosity blazing still. Bellalika offered to procure robes for the pair of them -- for a man and a boy, at that -- but Tirdarius turned her down. He probably didn't care for the colors.

Neither did I.

The Grand Inquisitor set a brisk pace, and Tirdarius followed suit, leaving myself and Bellalika to walk behind them, alongside his apprentice. I didn't care to make conversation with Bellalika -- she was often far too macabre -- so I instead turn my attention to Jyn. I could sate some of my curiosity, at least. In my short life, I had yet to meet any Sith, though I had dreams of them, born of the last vestiges of a life long forgotten Jedi Knight, buried deep in my subconscious.

"These robes are rather ridiculous, aren't they?" I said to her, voice light as I glanced down at the robes. They were a bright mix yellow and white; rather odd colors to combine, in my opinion. I much preferred the black suit issued to me by the IIB. "My name is Cronos," I continued, raising my head. The Grand Inquisitor had already revealed my name, and hers as well, but it was only polite that I introduce myself. If what I suspected was true, given the Grand Inquisitors words, we would be comrades soon.
In the Darkness there is Truth
@[member="Tirdarius"], @[member="Mirien Valdier"], @[member="Cronos Aegir"], @[member="Bellalika"], @[member="Jyn Sol"]

People actually knock on the door and come here voluntarily? Where is the thrill of the chase in that? All the time spent piecing together clus, getting to know them in depth, lulling them into a nice trap...then grabbing them, snapping a collar around their neck. Making them bend to you, Naamah thought as she emerged somewhat behind Mirien, observing the newcomers with interest. She was clad in grey robes, as befitted an Inquisitorial Agent, or rather one of Mirien's slaves.

She sensed the icy coldness emanating from the Grand Inquisitor, a ice cold chill in her tone that was palpable even over long distances, the coldness that could easily turn into an ice storm of wrath. Naamah had been on the receiving end more than once, for she liked to be cheeky. Sometimes one had the impression that she even encouraged it, but then there was no fun if one did not occasionally test the limits one could go.

She also sensed the strong aura, the power coming from the man who called himself a Sith Lord, as she gazed upon him and the girl. Oh. That might be interesting. Oh, willful, aren't they? Guess boss lady will have to...assume direct control. Or are we playing nice before we crack the whip? That might be interesting to watch, even more interesting to help. She wondered what mysteries, what powers the Sith Lord called in his own. So far Naamah had not been given any particularly interesting duties, it made her antsy.

"That is heresy you speak. These robes are hallowed with ancient tradition, showing our link to the good old, marvellous days of witch burning and Jedi hunting," Naamah spoke up. "I would not mind leather though."
the bedbound bard
Remaining somewhat hidden behind Tirdarius, Jyn glanced over the entourage who had come to greet her Master... And she noted how each and everyone seemed hostile to their presence there. But they invited us she thought, with somewhat of a frown, before remembering the flaw her mind held. Tirdarius was always remarking things he could have only known due to her mind's exposure, which meant she had to be extra careful what she thought. Not wanting to offend she attempted to cloud her mind with absent thoughts, picturing Fuz's reaction to the jungle-like surroundings just about did the job. If anyone tried to read her thoughts... Well, they might find reason to chuckle, but otherwise nothing was on display, or open... At least, I hope it isn't. She was still very new to this, in truth she was still experimenting.

The words of the Zeltron cut through the young girl, they were full of suggestions she felt certain the other Inquisitors knew the context for... It set her on edge, sending her already paranoid mind reeling. I don't want any new clothes... she thought, biting her lip as she peered up at Tirdarius, whose attention was fixed completely upon the Inquisitors. Keeping up the thought of Fuz to try and block her thought process, she was relieved to hear Tirdarius' response, yet even the idea that they could be forced to wear such odd clothes lingered in her mind.

What was Tirdarius thinking by bringing them here? It's a mad-house... And right now, I'd rather be in the dog-house. Resisting the urge to sigh, Jyn began to follow suit when Tirdarius and the others ventured further into the Citadel. Part of Jyn wanted to linger, to remain behind, and in some small way it showed - she lagged behind, even more so than the two Inquisitors who flanked either side of her. A sign of distrust? Perhaps, she had once been a Sith, after all, and from the way they were reacting it seemed rare that they had visitors.

But the notion of being so far from Tirdarius, in such foreign grounds, was enough for her to pick up the pace, so as not to be left behind. Who knew how many more of these beings were watching in the shadows, waiting to pounce sadistically on the unaware, the defenceless. Until such a time as her training progressed, Jyn was the latter. I learnt to wield a blade, but I am still weak of body.

Suddenly one of the Inquisitors at her side turned their attention to her, and began to speak. She did not know what to say, was this some sort of test? Would things go badly if she agreed? Or if she failed to respond at all? Jyn was feeling the pressure of such a place pressing down upon her, could they be trusted at all? The child bit her lip once again, a little harsher than perhaps she should have, before turning her sights to the one who had introduced himself as Cronos. Before she could respond another joined their gathering... And Jyn felt well and truly outnumbered.

Part of her wanted to pick up the pace, to stand in the shadow of Tirdarius once again. Here she felt too exposed, as though she were on trial and everyone save herself belonged to the jury, judging her, weighing her up... Resisting against a shudder the child breathed in softly, trying to banish the thoughts, trying to keep herself calm and collected. She could not make Tirdarius look bad. "Hello, Cronos" she murmured, little more than a whisper.

She did not want to seem rude, by being silent, but nor could she bring herself to be completely open and confident. Had it been anywhere else, anyone else, then Jyn would have spoken her mind, she would have enjoyed the opening Cronos had given for a conversation. But how could she, amidst such beings? Besides, the new woman seemed likely to flay her alive if she so much as suggested dislike, let alone said something to offend the Inquisition or it's Inquisitors.

@Tirdarius, @Mirien Valdier, @Cronos Aegir, @Bellalika, @[member="Naamah Aesham"]

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
Mirien glared coldly to Bella and snapped quickly, annoyed. "Enough! Our guests will be treated with respect or I will personally throw you out the window of the tallest tower and let the dogs eat whats left. Am I clear?" Icy words and a look that spoke for her. It was no idly threat and she would act on it if the children did not settle down. She didn't like the general feel from the Sith pair in her Citadel, a sense of unease she got, and that was too much for her. She needed them to be welcome. "Zealousness has a time and a place and it is not now." She growled.

Mirien huffed a heavy sigh, straightened her robes out and kept moving. On to happier thoughts .. Happy thoughts ..

"I like you already." She said, some of the coldness relaxing away but not much. It just wasn't in her nature to be kind, charming or sweet in anyway. Not within the walls of the Citadel. His next statement brought a genuine smile to her lips. A rare thing, unlikely that many of her Inquisitors had ever seen it. "Perhaps that is true. But given the status of our governments. It was only natural that I extend an invitation before a confrontation was forced upon us." Mirien oddly enough the type to avoid direct confrontation on the battlefield if she could manage it. She sighed, "The nature of Atrisia is this: Force users are not welcome. Not at least in the eyes of the public, untrusted, bottom-feeders. A foolish notion but it is the predominate thought pattern of the locals."

She kept moving coming to a tall spiral staircase still leading the grouping of Inquisitors and their guests high into the Citadel tower, her home and workspace as it were. "The Inquisition was Atrisia's answer to dealing with force users. A subtle group, unknown completely to the outside world, save two souls, I suppose two both make four."

"We work in secret policing the force populous. Many of us buried within the many government and military branches to oversee everything. Always vigilant and watching for threats to our home, brethren and livelihood. Both threats internal and external."

"Cloak and dagger methodology is what we live by. Don't need an army when one can perform a simple surgical strike and remove the problem with ease. Without anyone knowing we were ever there. The Emperor does call on us for time to time for special missions, for the most part though we are a self contained organization."

Mirien actually chuckled at the comment of the robes, between both Tirdarius and Naamah. "They are ancient and certainly not my taste in fashion. But they are the robes of the very same Inquisition that Emperor Palpatine ran in secret nearly a thousand years ago. We've not exactly been able to hire a company that wouldn't ask questions to the nature of the robes and they are only for inside the Citadel." She gave a shrug and kept going. The stairs still going up, higher and higher. "Leather a far better option."

"Purpose? Mmm.. I'd very much like you on our side, willingly without the need for a confrontation that would be bound to happen if you were to stay permanently within the borders of the Atrisian Empire. I think we could find a middle ground, something of an alliance as it were." The time for diplomatic Mirien was now, hopefully the other Inquisitors would get on board with this and fast otherwise she might just throw one out her window tonight.

She gave a nod as she finally came to a door, and opened into a large and quite suitably Atrisian styled space. Moving through it, she waved a hand pushing open the doors to a dinning space. Instead of four seats, another table had been added with additional seating in equal number to her guests. "I understand completely and believe me I am not here to waste your time. Not at all. I'll be as open as required of me, ask anything and I shall answer openly. There was much I could not detail in an open letter where there was concern for it being intercepted So, vague was necessary."

Servants were already in the process of laying a fine meal out before them, the most excellent seafood, vegetables and rice Atrisia had to offer. She motioned for them to take a seat. "Sit, please." She said softly, warming up a little more still as she took her seat at the head of the table. "Enjoy, it's my honor to host such a fine set of guest this evening."

@[member="Jyn Sol"], @Tirdarius, @Cronos Aegir, @Bellalika, @Naamah Aesham

Teynara Jeralyr

Resident Sig Lord
It was surprising to find that others were joining them as they continued their way down the corridor to the Grand Inquisitor's quarters - apparently the woman's earlier voiced sentiment about them not receiving many guests was well founded, to draw such an audience. The newest arrival was a young woman, blonde with blue eyes, smaller than Tirdarius was himself, although a brief glance and a touch of her presence in the Force suggested that there was perhaps more to her. She walks with a strange confidence for one so small. And the way she had spoken to him...

"It's rather bold to indict one of heresy not knowing what their response might be, girl," he said coldly, coming to a stop and turning around to stare at his accuser with dispassionate eyes. As always, his face did little to speak of expression beyond his stern gaze, one levelled as both instructor and Sith alike. "I wear the robes of a Sith, after all. It would be a simple matter to decide that such a view serves as a threat, and take you up on it," he remarked, continuing in the same calm tone.

In truth, he found her honesty a little more refreshing, knowing that she had not truly threatened him, and really wouldn't be able to do so even if she sought to. But it's a risk to take, to challenge a guest in such a manner. Many of my former brethren would have torn her into small pieces before she had taken another step for that insult. Others would have simply prolonged her death. She would suffer for it either way. It was that simple brutality that had often abhorred him most among the Sith, but the reasons for it were understandable, if distasteful. Never allow another to be a threat to your authority.

And though he had left the Sith behind, he still accepted the need to present strength to the world. To do otherwise was to invite a blade between the ribs.

"It's a simple enough equation. You accuse me of heresy, I naturally feel threatened by this notion that your view alone is acceptable. I question it, and thus reinforce my heresy in your eyes," he told her, lecturing the girl in a tone that Jyn would no doubt recognise. "And so, you feel the need to act and destroy my heresy. You attack, I kill you, and walk away secure in my 'heresy' before your body collapses to this lovely marble floor. A small enough thing to die for, don't you think?", he asked, arching an eyebrow.

He spun around once more in a flutter of dark robes, turning his attention once more to the Grand Inquisitor. Her words were more conciliatory, polite and yet carrying an undertone of steel which suggested that they might become less friendly were the two of them unable to find common cause. Their abrupt entrance to the dining area was of interest: it was a beautiful place, carrying much of what Tirdarius himself had always admired. Functionality married to austerity, but lacking the stark emptiness that such might otherwise produce. It was perfect.

Taking a seat at @[member="Mirien Valdier"]'s suggestion, the former Sith Lord gestured for Jyn to sit next to him, so that he might both keep an eye on her and protect her if things went awry. He had no fear that those within the room were a threat: they outnumbered him, certainly, but he had learned how to deal with such before most of the room's occupants had even been born. It would still be the height of uncivilised behaviour, however, he thought inwardly. To duel at dinner...a Sith tradition but one that speaks only of barbarity and a simple lack of the courtesies.

"I thank you for your hospitality, Madame Inquisitor," Tirdarius said, directing his words towards Mirien, though watching her solely with his eyes, his other senses extended to touch the others within the room, just to be on the safe side. He couldn't risk any of them doing something stupid while his apprentice was at his side. "I confess, this idea of controlling Force Users so rigidly disturbs me: it chains even those who serve it, as you do," he observed, wondering what exactly had been done to these people to create zealots of those who might otherwise have been killed or imprisoned.

"However, I know well the damage that an unrestrained Force User is capable of," he continued, dropping his gaze momentarily to glance over the food. He wasn't fond of seafood by any stretch of the imagination, but the vegetables and rice set out before them were tempting. "Feel free to help yourself, Jyn," he said as an aside to his young apprentice. "Our hosts wouldn't be so crass to to try and poison the food," the dark-clad Sith Lord added with a wry smile. To demonstrate as much, he extended a hand and projected just enough energy to levitate a small bowl of rice, first directing one to rest in front of his apprentice before repeating the same gesture for the others at the table. "Good conversation is always better accompanied by a meal."

Picking up a pair of chopsticks designed to accompany the meal, Tirdarius settled them against the slender fingers of his right hand. He was a little surprised to see such used here: they were considered an archaic eating utensil by most, and though he had always used them, it was as much testament to their requirement of fine motor control as to his preferences for older traditional means of doing things. Perhaps they had known this about him, and prepared appropriately for his arrival. If so, they offer a great compliment. He could appreciate that.

"Perhaps my first question would be my most bold, Inquisitor," he said calmly, his tone continuing to be polite but offering a little more warmth than it had carried a moment ago. "If we fail to come to turns here, will your young subordinates be unleashed upon us as heretics? I think it's only appropriate that we all know the stakes here: are we all likely to survive this fine evening?"

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"Of course Grand Inquisitor." Her face went back to stoic and eyes forward as they moved. the appearance of Naamah talking had her inwardly amused if only because... She liked the girls style. Her violence and directness was refreshing compared to the level of deception required. The other comment about wanting leather uniforms did bring a smile though... She would have to show her the small surprise business had created for the Inquisition. The rest was in silence listening to the sith lord while he threatened even minorly them. She controlled the instinct to grab and fire off a sonic round, let him try to deflect that while she siften her senses to the girl with a pet.

Then she kept one line of thoughts buried under girl things, under zeltron things letting lies roll around in her head to a degree it would make her older sister blush but that was the point. She always lied and comtemplating the girl while entering the room with the food all she did was track Jyn to at best use her against the man if Mirien ordered him taken down. At worse to steal her away for re-education in the basement. Same way she retaught Hodon and Mirien had retaught her after crashing on the planet. The sight of Cronos and Naaham with her let the small walk to one side of the table be swift. As far as she recalled they were below her rank but it didn't matter. She just sat down casually letting her muscles tense ready to move on order.

Because that question raised the most tension from her at least. She had fought undercover with the Commander in the fringe. Helped the Yun-harla stop a star destroyer from crashing into the city. Facing the wraith of that woman who had also been at Geonosis, had been the face of the one on Kamino or the grand Inquisitor was more scary then a sith lord. Still the first reaction all depended on their Grand inquisitor, her gaze shifted to look and study Mirien's face for something... Anything really there wasn't going to be much beyond coldness. Something to envy and mirror when the time came to be older. Even her empathy was trying to find confirmation of their next move.
In the Darkness there is Truth
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Naamah was no fool, even though sometimes she seemed to act like one. She was still a novice and new to the ways of the Force, but the rather significant disparity in power between her and the Sith Lord was palpable. As for the implied threat - or rather the simple fact that it was well within his power to crush her without breaking a sweat - she would not have expected anything else. One needed to demonstrate one's power once in a while and put minions in their place.

I like him already, she thought. After all, that was how Mirien kept her in line. So instead she just smirked as he had spoken and linked up with the Grand Inquisitor. "Keep talking dirty, makes this form all dewy," she quipped, apparently appearing unconcerned on the surface. She joined the others at the table, next to Bellalika as they reached the dining room.

Boss lady was being unusually...nice. Perhaps Naamah would have to act out later so that she got the chance to unwind and prove why she was queen of the pack again. Remind everyone of their place and all, for Naamah was the most helpful sort. A bountiful meal had been laid out for them on the table, the finest seafood, rice and vegetables the Atrisian cuisine had to offer. Such a lowly minion did not normally receive such a feast, Naamah had to restrain the urge to just dig into it, but she kept her eyes trained upon the Sith Lord and the girl who seemed his student. Reeducation in the basement sounded fun right about now.

Qhorin Solas

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"Hello, Cronos." The girl spoke very quietly; so quietly I almost didn't hear her.​
She was nervous - I could see that without the Force, and I could think of no words that would ease her nervousness. Bellalika was sadistic enough company on her own, but with Naamah present as well, it was like being smothered in masochists. They were cut from the same cloth, Naamah and Bellalika, and seemed intent on antagonizing the Sith Lord and stifling his apprentice with their presence. Even their signatures in the Force were similar, equally dark and twisted. The Grand Inquisitor had outdone herself converting them to the Inquisition.

Something told me that this meeting was important, and as I sunk into the depths of the Force, to float amongst its shifting currents and better understand the happenings of the now, I came to recognize the situation for what it was. A man like Tirdarius had the power to be an instrument of change; the Force recognized it, I recognized it, and I felt the weight of my curiosity grow heavier still.

Mirien led us to the heights of the Citadel as she explained the Inquisition to Tirdarius. We entered the chamber at the top of the tall, spiraling staircase, and walked the length of the hall to the dining area already being prepared for our arrival. The table was laden with sushi, steamed fish and vegetables, smoked rice, and a number of similar dishes. The Grand Inquisitor took her position at the head of the table. Tirdarius and his apprentice sat on one side, and Naamah and Bellalika sat on the other. I took the chair on the end opposite the Grand Inquisitor, and helped myself to the meal. When Tirdarius levitated the bowl of rice I accepted his gesture with a nod of thanks, maneuvering my chopsticks to scoop some of the rice onto my plate before the bowl continued to float around the table.

"Try the beck-tori," I whispered to Jyn. "It's imported from Naboo - it's a touch spicy, but very tender."

I had just placed some on my own plate when the Sith Lord spoke.

"Perhaps my first question would be my most bold, Inquisitor." His voice was almost painfully polite. "If we fail to come to terms here, will your young subordinates be unleashed upon us as heretics? I think it's only appropriate that we all know the stakes here: are we all likely to survive this fine evening?"
There was a subtle shift in the Force, an expanding of possibilities. I narrowed my focus to understand them better, eyes heavily-lidded as I sought to see. A fight between us was possible - more than that, it was probable... but there was another scenario that was just as probable, one bereft of mayhem and violence. Which possibility blossomed into reality depended entirely upon the Grand Inquisitor.

I sat back in my seat and waited.

Mirien Valdier

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A thin smile spread across the Grand Inquisitor's lips as all the players in this game took a seat at her fine table. "You're most welcome Tirdarius." A slow nod, she patiently listed to his words. "Believe me, the idea when I first learned of it was not one I so liked, but unlike you I was given no option. They claimed it was a choice, but really it was death, or a shot to live. No choice. Especially when I would have died not even knowing my true name. But, it was of my own doing that I ended up in that situation, without memories. Without knowing who or what I was. A criminal, to what end, I'm not sure. I can only guess that I was once a sith, for I carried a red saber on my person. Probably very similar to the same you no doubt hold in your possession." For some reason, she felt very much like being open, being honestly completely with the Sith Lord and was truly holding nothing back. Something that was bound to shock her Inquisitors, but it wouldn't be the only shock to them tonight.

She nodded slowly as the rice was passed around, taking her own share from it. "Too much damage, too often I've seen the result as well. In nearly a decade with the Inquisition, it makes one wonder." And to the idea of poison, Mirien shook her head. "I would not dare. For if I ever kill you, you'll be awake, you'll be facing me, and you'll be armed. Poison is not a game I delve into. I respect an honorable death. Not some lame woman's idea of a way to be rid of her husband." Her voice, ice cold, dead serious in that. She might be one to do the killing, but if she did it was done with the utmost respect to the person before her. Death was not something she took on so lightly these days. Unlike the past that she would never remember on her own.

Her features once again brightened seeing him use the chopsticks so easily. "You surprise me, sir. Few come to Atrisia knowing how to use chopsticks. An ancient tradition here, as is everything about my home. Even right down to how the Inquisition and how it operates today. Traditions in some places, like the very chopsticks you hold in your hand, thousands upon thousands of years old." One thing about Atrisia, that Mirien truly enjoyed was how much everything was based in traditions. It was something she could rely on, be amazed as how little she did know about the Atrisians and their ways. Something the rest of the galaxy seemed to lack these days.

Mirien, sighed, eyes down on her plate as she thought his question over. Much else she did not seem to hear for a while. The Inquisitors before her, may not like her terms but she wanted a peaceful joining, no fight no battle and she did not believe she could achieve that by backing him into a corner. No, for a fact she knew that would be a dumb idea. The most foolish thing she could do to someone so steeped in power.

"No," She said firmly. "So long as you promise me two things. One: You will leave Atrisian space, never to return ever again. For should you, the entire Inquisition would be unleashed upon you. Two: Speak of us, to anyone and we discover it, well, again the hounds of the Inquisition would be unleashed to hunt you down. Take what you love and destroy it." She sighed again, knowing the others might not like what she said, but it was all done with a plan in mind. A plan they were not privy to. This was all about moving the right pieces on the Dejarik board to gain the win. One way or another she would have him. "You will survive this evening, so long as you can promise me those two things, should we not come to terms here tonight."

A sad expression came to her face, she hated being backed into a corner, "Otherwise, I cannot promise you how things will go. My hands, will be bound without an option. I'm trying to present you the options, that no one gave me. So please, work with me and I'm certain we can find a good middle ground."

Teynara Jeralyr

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To learn that Mirien herself had been given no option but to serve this Inquisition in itself spoke volumes - it suggested a forcefulness that seemed at odds with the idea of maintaining peace within the borders of the Atrisian Empire. But a Sith notion, at that: serve the greater whole or die. He'd wielded that same ideology himself from time-to-time, and it seemed he was not alone in this, even here. It still makes them dangerous: whatever her reassurances, I doubt any of them will simply let me leave her knowing the secret of their existence.

Tirdarius was not at all concerned by the threats, gentle though they were: the Grand Inquisitor was simply stating facts as she perceived them to be true, without venom. She intended him no harm, provided he returned the favour. As well I might, he reflected calmly. Violence here would ensure several deaths. He had little sense that one of them might be his: he had enough experience and command of the Force to bring the Citadel down around their ears, if it came to that. But such extreme methods are those of the Sith, not mine. To be restrained unless I need it.

Besides, the rules were simple: act with civility towards your guest, and offer no harm to his apprentice. If any of them touched Jyn, they'd have a hard time finding the body parts required to perform the autopsy. He knew that with a calm certainty.

"I'm rather fond of the olds ways, of traditional methods and those more subtle than the brute force or sheer convenience that characterises our times," he observed, responding to Mirien's words in a carefully controlled manner that had a good deal of circumspection about it. "It was the sole pleasure of my youth to explore and learn of ancient times and the ways of those who came before us. To lose these things for expediency's sake is the height of barbarism."

He saved himself from having to further respond by picking up a small mouthful of rice with the chopsticks carefully positioned in his hand, moving his fingers apart and back together in a clasping motion that occured with little in the way of conscious thought, a simple habitual move he had repeated thousands of times over the years. That little comforting ritual gave him just a little pause, to collect his thoughts and decide how best to approach this. The wrong word, and our dinner won't remain so civilised.

"I'm sorry to say that threats, even delivered as politely as yours, have little sway over me," he informed her apologetically, his expression one that simply made it clear he had little wish to speak much of the violent necessities that oftentimes governed their lives. "Not that I would reveal your secret without good cause. Chasing me to enforce your rules if I choose to reject them would be just such a reason," he noted, his grey eyes flickering to take in the other Inquisitors within the room. "I think it would be best for all if we placed our cards on the table, don't you?"

Placing his chopsticks down, resting against the rim of the bowl before him, watching those within the room carefully, before his eyes flickered over to his apprentice, sitting next to him. He knew he'd brought her into potential danger by bringing her here, though he believed that she would be safe provided she remained where she was. Still, it didn't do to imagine that the consequences of this meeting would fall solely upon him: he knew this would not be the case at all.

"Seeking a middle ground is precisely what I have always sought, to plot a central course through the extremes, though as you can see, I have not always succeeded," the former Sith Lord noted, quite aware that even his attire served to represent one of those extremes. "My choice affects Jyn as well as I, though, so it is to her you must speak as well," Tirdarius noted, gesturing to the young girl sat beside him. "She came with me to escape the confines the Sith would impose upon her, to protect her sanity and her safety. Whether she will swap their restrictions for yours is for her to decide," he concluded, sitting back against his chair and looking at his student.

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The young girl entered into the room somewhat solemnly. That's not to say she was in any way unhappy, merely that she felt no need to be upbeat, to be talkative. Such was not her way, and she often had a hard time openly discussing topics with those she did not know. In truth, it was difficult for her to speak to even her Master, unless they got onto one topic or another concerning a debate, such as the Force. Philosophical arguments inspired her, and more often than not made the young girl speak more openly than she would ever usually consider. But there was no such discussion to be had at present, and thus she remained silent. Even those who stood to either side of her had little to say, other than empty threats. Or not so empty. But for once she would not let the words of another effect her. She had to remain an immovable rock while in this Citadel, or risk losing what little sanity she'd managed to retain from her days with the Sith. This was a madhouse if ever there was one, a thought she kept tightly held under lock and key within her mind. She had no doubt that only Tirdarius, should have wished it, would have been able to break through her new-found-blocks, which in truth were just diversions from her true thoughts.

When they entered the room Jyn took her seat beside her Master as subtly instructed, her gaze lifting to the high-vaulted ceiling, and then around the room itself. All in all she was unfamiliar with seafoods, so everything which was offered was foreign and new. At Cronos' urging, following Tirdarius' reassurance that she would not be poisoned, the child took a tiny amount of the Beck-Tori to try alongside the rice offered by her Master. The chopsticks were entirely new, but there was nothing else to use so she followed by example and attempted to use them... Failing miserably to begin with. While everyone was focused on Mirien and Tirdarius she took the time to adjust to the new eating-implements, practising on small helpings of the rice. It took a while but eventually she was able to eat without making a mess, although her technique was far from perfect. Classical conditioning had taken place - throw someone into the deep end without something familiar to them, and they would either rapidly adjust or falter and drown... So to speak. Jyn had no desire to drown.

Every so often she felt eyes upon her as Tirdarius or one of the Inquisitors made direct or indirect mention to her, but the child kept her head down, trying the Beck-Tori (although she didn't find it wholly to her liking, she ate what she had taken all the same). She wasn't good when she had attention upon her, and often had to find a way to avoid it, by fussing with one thing or another. In truth she was grateful for the chopsticks. But with that said, the child was still listening avidly to the conversation. It left her conflicted in her desires, these were big decisions for one as young as she to be considering, yet when Tirdarius urged that she be asked she already knew her answer. This was the man she owed everything to, she had no doubt that she would have died or snapped entirely had he not found her upon Korriban. If this was what he wished, then she would follow it through alongside him. Part of her wanted to say something meaningful, to say her piece and explain herself... But she couldn't, there were too many strangers, and this was not a debate she was familiar with. Instead she turned her gaze across to Tirdarius, breathed in softly to steel her nerves, and said; "I will follow you in your decisions, Master. I trust you to make the right ones." After all, what kind of student did not trust their Master?
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"I think it would be best for all if we placed our cards on the table, don't you?"

Bellalika stopped eating for a moment, the rice and seafood had become something to enjoy when they were given it. A small treat but her one hand was still under the table on her thigh, her senses never leaving the pair and after hearing both The Grand Inquisitor and their guests. She brought it up to setting delicately her fingers down with a flick of her eyes to Naamah. The 'girl' was someone she trusted to be good in this should it come down to it. Cronos was strange but she suspected loyal despite his softer side. Now it was all on the little girl who seemed to be. Something her actions of only doing as her master wanted but he asked her and it was back to him.

"You know sweetie, being with us isn't so bad. All the food you want, room and board and there is plenty of space for your monkey to run around."

Mirien Valdier

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"They are not threats, consider them terms. You can walk away from here, without harm, without being followed, without worry, if you can give me your word that you will not speak of us, to anyone, and you will not return to Atrisian space." He might not have believed her, but she was serious. He was someone she had no plans to enforce harsh terms with. Not like the others. It might have been preferential treatment but given his rank, he'd earned such in her eyes.

Her lips curled into a sneer at the mention of sith. "Sith are barbaric creatures. Even some darksiders, are just as bad." A sigh. "Some beings need taming, need someone to watch over them. The whole of why we exist. Tame those who need it, and watch over the rest."

Eyes moved around to the little girl wondering what she'd think if their positions were reversed. For a while, Mirien just kept her head cocked to the side allowing the force to wash over her, looking through the shifting possibilities. "I can offer protection from the Sith. From their ways, I'm not opposed to such in the least. This is a family, twisted as it may be, we do look out for one another. And while most would never know it, I'd sacrifice myself if it meant one of my Inquisitors would live on. I am the past, they the future. And the future is something to be guarded, protected. Even Jyn. Especially her, for she is the future that will follow after all of us in this room are long dead."

She paused fora moment, having barely eaten, not really in the mood for dinner herself. "All my cards? I want you here. And I'll do whatever that takes to make it happen. I've no desire to harm you, and hold respect for you given who and what you are. Or your apprentice for that matter. You both could walk away from this table right now, and I'd not move on it. Why? Because I trust you not to be a fool." Something about the force told her to. "You'd not have come this far if you were not a least a little interested. For the most part, Inquisition is not obtrusive into your lives. Don't overtly use the force. Don't carry a saber in visible sight in public. Don't act like the barbaric sith. For here, we do care if you kill someone. It's all I ask of you." Her voice, actually warm, genuine, a rarity for sure.

There was a long pause. "Can you do that? Because if you can, you'll have not only the entire Inquisition to stand between you and whatever your ran from, but the whole of Atrisia as well. And in return, occasionally help us with a mission here and there, whatever the Emperor wants from us, that ordinary people cannot manage alone."