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Approved Tech Noah's Custom Armor Mk II

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Noah Corek

Factory Judge
Factory Judge



  • Classification: Multipurpose

  • Weight: Very Heavy

  • Resistances:
- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Extreme
- Kinetic: High
- Lightsabers: High
- Sonic: Low
- Elemental: High
- EMP/Ion: Average


  • Walking Tank...: Because of the Phrik armor plates, VT-Shark Skin, VT-Kinetic Impact Gel "Vishnu" Shield used in the armor it is highly resistant to to all forms of attacks except sonic

  • Jack of All Trades...: Because of the armors highly modular nature and with various extra features added the armor fits the combat style of its owner, being that of a generalist

  • Forcie Hunter...: With its various extra features, specifically the MV-18's, Repulse Glove and Grav Glove, the armor was designed to combat force users and try to level the playing field

  • Strength and Speed Boost...: Noah decided in between finishing the bodyglove and armor plates to add in a Osseus-class Exoskeleton increasing his strength and speed in the armor

  • ...With the All Weight: The combination of so many different components and the inclusion of the phrik armor plates makes the armor very heavy

  • ...Master of None: While the armor is a great set of all around armor it doesn't have one specific set of skills to make it very effective against one type of person

  • ...But Not (Physically) Force-Immune: While designed to hunt, or more accurately bridge the gap between, force users the armor is not immune to the physical effects of the force

  • ...But Only Half Effective: In order to fit the exoskeleton between the bodyglove and armor plates Noah needed to disassemble them leading to it being only fifty percent effective then normal

  • EMP Weakness: While Noah's armor has a average resistance to EMP and Ion attacks a strong enough attacks from either source could disable the electronics in the armor and make it so the weight of the armor would severely hamper his mobility
DESCRIPTION: With his old armor starting to degrade and it being nearly a half-decade old at this point that even regular repairs and troubleshooting proved to just be wasted effort. To solve this problem Noah designed a new set of armor for him and began the process of scrapping his old armor to use the materials in his new armor. The first, and most important aspect was to melt down the old Phrik armor plates and reforging them into the new plates of his new armor. The bodyglove of his old armor was completely trashed and needed replaced altogether.

To start with Noah picked the SecondSkin Supplementary Underlay as the inner layer of his bodyglove. The SecondSkin allows for Noah to be protected from chemical, biological and radiological warfare, the vacuum of space and to give him a VERY small amount of protection should anything breach the other three layers above it.

Next came the middle layer consisting of the Vanir Technologies Kinetic Impact Gel. This layer was included to help Noah weather the effects of kinetic weapons such as slugthrowers and to help protect him from kinetic-type force powers.

The final layer of the bodyglove consisted of another Vanir Technologies invention: Shark Skin. While originally Noah had planned on using the Asheran Armorweave that Vanir had he found that with the weight of the armor he wanted to give himself as much mobility as he could. To this end the Shark Skin was chosen to give him the protection of the Asheran but still give him a modicum of mobility.

After the work on the armors bodyglove was done Noah decided to add a Osseus-class Exoskeleton between the armor plates and the bodyglove. To do this Noah needed to strip the exoskeleton down though and this lead to it being only fifty percent as effective as it would be if it had been added to the armor in its normal configuration.

Once the bodyglove and the reduced exoskeleton were complete Noah placed the armor plates over the shell thus completing the base armor. After this Noah moved on to the special features of the armor.

Noah started with the helmet first. He replaced the old MFTAS system in his helmet with a massive upgrade. This upgrade was a Jaeger Solutions invention called a Acumen Electronic Suite. To top the modifications in his helmet off Noah once again used a Vanir invention, well a redesign, called a Neural Band to protect against force users mind attacks.

The next place where Noah added the various features was the torso. The most important thing that he did was the inclusion of fifteen magnetic hardpoints on his armor for mounting things like magazine pouches, grenade pouches, knife sheaths, sidearm holsters and anything else a soldier could use on a mission. On the back of the torso a Vanir Jumpkit was attached along with a Jaeger "Vishnu" Shield and a Survival-series Backpack. The last piece of equipment on the torso was a Sentinel-series Utility Belt on the waist.

The next portion that Noah took to added features to was the arms. On the left arm Noah added a MV-18 Vambrace from Jaeger and a Repulse Glove from Vanir. On the right arm he added yet another MV-18 Vambrace and the Repulse Gloves brother, the Grav Glove. The final features added to the armor were actually the boots which were Greitis Combat Boots from Jaeger.

When it was all said and done Noah had his masterpiece of armor but there was only one problem, he couldn't provide enough power for the damn thing with standard power cells. For nearly a week he tried to find a way to power it before he found exactly what he needed. The MTX Isotope 5 Cell produced by the Arceneau Trade Company. While the Cell was originally meant for lightsaber Noah found a way to create a special housing and wiring system that would make the Cell compatible with his armor.

Once all the technical aspects of the armor were finished Noah set forth on the aesthetic aspects. He painted the armor the light gray and dark blue of his family. The only portion not painted blue and gray was the right shoulder pauldron, which was painted red. In the Corek family a red shoulder pauldron indicated that the wearer of the armor had over two decades of experience under their belt.

Once the armor was all painted Noah took a step back and admitted that this set of armor was probably the single greatest piece of equipment he ever made.
[member="Noah Corek"]
Does this resist ion damage/emps? If not, given the amount of electronics on this armor, that would be a weakness and notable resistance (as in the lower-than-average) resistance to include.

Noah Corek

Factory Judge
Factory Judge
[member="Lily Kuhn"]

I felt like I was forgetting something in resistances. Fixed.

Edit: After a little thinking I changed the plasma-based weaponry resistance to extreme.
[member="Noah Corek"]
Probably a good idea to throw in a weakness about what would happen if the electrical systems failed via Ion or EMP. (I don't think carrying a very heavy armor around without the perks of an exoskeleton is going to feel great on the back)
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