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Noah Corek

Noah Corek

Cocked, Locked and a Smoking Barrel
Factory Judge

I made this cause I needed to have a updated profile and I couldn't edit my other one.
Name: Noah Corbulo Corek V
Faction: The Rebel Alliance
Specialazation: Stealth,Sniping,Double-Bladed Swords and Heavy Weapons
Species: Human
Age: 31
Height: 6'6"
Weight:203 lbs
Eyes: Blue-Gray
Hair: Brown
Skin: Tanned
Force Sensitive: No
+Trained in Sniping,Infiltration,Heavy Weapons and Double-Bladed Vibroblades
+Loyal and Trustworthy,unless your Sith or scum (thieves and murderers)
+Knows how to disassemble most handheld weapons in the galaxy
-Scant knowledge on how to operate any starships bigger than a fighter and even then his knowledge is still extremely limited
-Stubborn and bullheaded and as a result has a hard time dealing with command
-Sometimes overreacts to personal situations
Bio:Born to Alena and Flint Corek on the mid-levels of Coruscant,he is the oldest of three siblings with a younger sister Asha (25) and a yonger brother Flint II (20).Noah's father was a commando which means he wasn't home very much which weirdly Noah understood this and even hoped to be like his father one day even though Noah knew that it would most likely result in him never having kids or getting married.Noah was a unsocial child and preffered reading rather than hanging out with friends.His favorite subjects were military tactics,history and equipment.While Noah had read about military procedure he found it to be quite hindering to the soldiers
At the age of 14 Noah got a scholarship to the Coruscanti Youth Military Academy.While their Noah found that his unsocial behavior and lack of regard for procedure put him in one category of soldier that excited Noah to no ends.A Commando.After graduating for the CYMA at 16 Noah enlisted in the Republic Army with the permission of his parents.After finishing boot camp and the Republic Commando Training Course Noah was stationed aboard the Magstar a Liberation-Class Cruiser that patrolled the area of space between the Echani and Mandolorian space looking for pirates and smugglers.
During his 13 years as a Republic Commando Noah earned many medals and was even offered a promotion to the rank of Commander that Noah humbly denied and said "I don't need a promotion to be a better Commando." in which the other officer's didn't understand this they respected his decision.While he was in his 13th year as a Commando he began a sexual relationship with a female Commander.After 3 months of continuing the relationship the Commander turned Noah in and got only a slap on the wrist while Noah got an honorable discharge.After a few weeks of wandering from planet to planet Noah had a epiphany when he saw a ad for the Omega Pyre mercenary company.With the substanial funds he had saved over time Noah started the Mercenary Spec Ops merc company and as they say the rest is history. After his company went under Noah joined the Omega Pyre at the rank of Lieutenant. After joining the Omega Pyre Noah fought against pirates at Meremare and on Hoth and also leads a company of the best marksman within the Omega Pyre's First Battalion. He was trained in hand to hand combat by @Chloe Blake and has gotten proficient in hand to hand and has used it on multiple occasions. After travelling to Fondor on a mission to recruit a vigilante Noah found the woman and found out she was the woman (@Alexis Nariom) of his dreams,literally, and they started to date each other. After a time,Noah and Alexis grew apart and Alexis left,he then meet Haven Pryde,who he almost married and had a child with before they grew apart. During this time,Noah fought in many battles and helped to fight the Fringe at Kayri,in which he was commanding the forces of the Omega Pyre,as its new appointed Colonel. He was then at Fondor and was prepared to defend it against the Galactic Empire before its retreat,after which he was at Artisia and was ready to invade them.
Ship:A Hammerhead-Class Cruiser named the Solomon:
A Modified YT-2400 named Space Haven:
Bounties Collected: N/A
Features:A scar from a vibroblade that runs from his right hip up to just below his left shoulder and a scar on his right thigh from a blaster pistol.

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