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No red box


Disney Princess
Recently this account was promoted to Faction Admin in Omega. However, even though I can access the FactionCP, I cannot see or access the little red box of Moderator Magic. I have changed Themes and even switched Browsers from IE to FireFox. No luck.

Can I get this looked into for errors on the back end. Thanks. :D
I have logged in through your account and successfully been able to moderate topics in your factions in both the Cubic and IP.Board themes. I will not be providing support to the old Heroes subset of of themes. They are being phased out soon.

Please instruct me if you continue to suffer the same error. From what I've seen, it either fixed itself or was an error on your end. But since I logged in through your account to do so, please note that it is not an issue with your account or anything on this site. It could be some issue like a chrome extension blocking it, who knows.

Good luck. Wish I could help more, but like I said, it's either fixed or non-existent from where I'm sitting.