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No Notifications...

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
Hello everyone,

I have lost all notifications again. Has this been turned off?


Daxton Bane

It sometimes happens. I can suggest you try advance search (click on the cog wheel under log out) and then use your name in the search field and then place the dates you want covered. All mentions of the name in the search would appear. Hope this helps. Cheers.


Hmm, I have this issue as well, but strangely it only happens on my two Writer's Accounts (I have two because one was supposed to be merged into the other).


Sorry for not making a post last night since it was late, but I fixed this. It was just our SQL server acting up again.

Therefore, you should not have issues with Notifications. If you continue to have issues, attempt to use any and all aspects of notifications and then immediately reply to this thread. This gives us a timestamp to look at our SQL Error Logs and see which database is acting up.

Kitt Solo

Alen Na'Varro's Ex
My notifications aren't showing up now, either. I'll usually see @'s with my name but not all "likes."