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Approved Starship Nexus-E Starfighter

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It's Real to Pretend

Image by magyareagle

Intent: To supply a set of specifications for the current export-version TIE Nexus sold by Subach-Innes, the old tech sub not being fully compatible with the current rules.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Seinar Fleet Systems(originally, engines), Subach-Innes(refit)
Model: Space Superiority fighter
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Minor(missile variation)
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel
Description: For years now, the TIE Nexus has been phased out of Imperial stockpiles, replaced in both interceptor and space superiority roles by the more maneuverable TIE Taral and the more sturdy TIE Rapier, respectively. With such a stockpile of frames left over in the Empire's storage yards, Subach purchased them(along with the other outdated Imperial starship classes) and moved to refit and rearm them the best way they could. The result is a nippy space superiority fighter, sacrificing armor for speed and maneuverability.

Several updates were made to the TIE Nexus design. Twin solar ionization reactors were installed, giving the vessel a true twin ion engine. Two missile launchers(more like a pair of concussion missile tubes for each launcher) were mounted on the top and bottom of the frame, adding extra firepower to the design. As well, a basic Class 3 hyperdrive was installed, eliminating most of the cargo space. Lastly, a shield generator was installed, making the Nexus a bit more durable than its original unshielded form, though not that durable. While not as well armed or armored as the Mynock, it is faster, more maneuverable, and admittedly cheaper.
Classification: Starfighter
Role: General Purpose
Height: 3m(wings folded), 11m(wings extended)
Width: 4m(wings folded), 5m(wings extended)
Length: 10m(wings folded), 10m(wings extended)
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Twin Solar Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 3
Minimum Crew: 1
Optimal Crew: 1
Armaments: 4 laser cannons(2 on each side), 2 missile launchers(1 chin-mounted, 1 brow-mounted, 2 missiles each)
Hangar: N/A
Non-Combative Attachments: Sensors, shields
Passenger Capacity: N/A
Cargo Capacity: 10kg
Consumables: 1 week
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 1.5

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
@[member="Circe Savan"]

Some nitpicks:

  • If most of the cargo space was taken up by the hyperdrive, how would the fighter have space to mount a shield generator?
  • If a shield generator is installed, you need to specify the type (ray or particle). Fighters do not mount deflector shields, as they're too large and too much of a power drain.
  • You have the ship's dimensions listed with the wings folded (Which needs clarification as to whether the wings are folded in or out). The other set of dimensions needs to be listed as well.
It's Real to Pretend
Edited, removing even more of the cargo space to account for the shield generator. I'd assume it was ray, as the Wookiee states that most fighters(including TIEs) only have enough energy to project ray shields, not both.

@[member="Ayden Cater"]
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