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Next Major Dominions: Rakata Beta and Soledad - IDEAS NEEDED

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Dasid Anya is coming along very well, and today's speed Dominion of Yalara was brilliantly done. Now, there's only two more major goals.

1 ) Soledad. Our own Shinju Ayasha is bringing in the inimitable Dharma Vessia, and they have a plan to conquer Shinju's homeworld. I expect insanity.

2 ) Rakata Beta. I've been angling for this one for a while. If we conquer this world, staff has agreed to let me give out prizes of minor Rakatan technology -- mindspears, holocrons, mind trap prisons, that kind of thing. It's also got eight billion people...and exports ships, meaning it's got an empire's shipyards. Not as good as the Lwhekk yards we took, but still. This place is a prize and a gem, and from Yalara, we can do it in a standard 125 posts.

Now what I need from all of you is ideas for the Dominion of Rakata Beta. Soledad's taken care of, but there's a LOT of Fringe members who want to do a non-fighting Dominion. So we need ideas for how to take over a planet full of Rakata...without violence.

Heck of a challenge. Let's see what you've got.
Temple puzzle? like the entire temple shifts while we are inside of it trying to find a room with a control panel to stop it. and along the way we could find the said prizes that you mentioned.

or we have to do a challenge against; wits, strength, power, and what not. (so stealing the tv series Survivor right now) that lasts for a while days maybe?
Alright here we go
1. The planet's surrounded so economically it will starve without us... delegation types met with the current government and discuss a way to absorb the planet into the fringe... they want part of their government to matter

2. Designers... their ship yards are great but designs are old.... help them economiclly and get our foothold in their shipyards... best ship and/or droid design possible... we need both anyway

3. Dark siders! its all these guys respect... prove your strength in the force and the dark side to them without death.... impress them let them know they are joining an empire that reflect their own from yore!
[9:18:29 PM] The Nopetopus: GUYS
[9:18:29 PM] Josh Martin (Dranok): i need an adult
[9:18:34 PM] The Nopetopus: the diplomacy part of Rakata
[9:18:38 PM] The Nopetopus: A ball
[9:18:42 PM] Josh Martin (Dranok): ENSLAVE THEM!
[9:18:46 PM] Josh Gilbert: if there is a ball
[9:18:51 PM] Josh Martin (Dranok): there must be another
[9:18:55 PM] Josh Gilbert: I will come.
[9:18:57 PM] The Nopetopus: "Rakata Balls (LoF Dominion of Rakata Beta)"
[9:19:03 PM] Josh Gilbert: Josh Gilbert snickers
[9:19:07 PM] Josh Gilbert: Rakata Balls
[9:19:08 PM] Mark Elam: Point was, last time I RPed with Anara
[9:19:10 PM] The Nopetopus: who doesn't want to dance with a pretty Rakata?
[9:19:12 PM] Mark Elam: was long time ago
[9:19:19 PM] Josh Gilbert: Hion does
[9:19:26 PM] The Nopetopus: Hion WOULD
[9:19:28 PM] Sargon: I'll make you an NPC GF Drannie
[9:19:30 PM] Josh Gilbert: actually, they look like squid. So he probably wants to eat them.
[9:19:35 PM] The Nopetopus: giigty
[9:19:39 PM] Sargon: a nice Rakata girl
[9:19:42 PM] Josh Gilbert: Josh Gilbert preps his whale
[9:19:43 PM] Josh Martin (Dranok): wait wat
[9:19:48 PM] The Nopetopus: legit
[9:20:16 PM] Josh Gilbert: Hion's a massive dork.
[9:20:20 PM] Sargon: she'll be intrigued by your dark ways of the force and ideas of enslaving the universe
[9:20:32 PM] Josh Martin (Dranok): ill keel her
[9:20:39 PM] Josh Gilbert: see, it's funny because dork means whale D.
[9:20:44 PM] Josh Gilbert: Josh Gilbert stahps
[9:21:01 PM] The Nopetopus: Rakata Balls
[9:21:02 PM] Josh Martin (Dranok): I will make her a slave and auction her off for a capital ship
[9:21:03 PM] The Nopetopus: it's gotta happen
[9:21:25 PM] Sargon: nope nope nope
[9:21:39 PM] Sargon: I'll make her a Rakata princess and if you marry her the whole people will become your willing slaves
[9:21:44 PM] The Nopetopus: legit
[9:21:47 PM] Josh Martin (Dranok): Sargon is now my personal slave, does Jon approve?
[9:21:56 PM] The Nopetopus: I prefer Sargon's plan
[9:22:01 PM] Sargon: HA!
[9:22:03 PM] Josh Martin (Dranok): dod gammit
[9:22:03 PM] The Nopetopus: someone's gotta marry the Rakatan princess
[9:22:11 PM] The Nopetopus: this must happen
All of you will die.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Sargon's plan is the plan we're gonna follow. And it's gonna be glorious. The diplomacy must include balls (formal balls) and Dranok is marrying a Rakata princess.

Best faction EVER.

Dharma Vessia

Lords of the Fringe
*pops out of the cake, then licks everyone*

For Solodad, I was thinking drugs, subliminal holonets, mind control and skipping around covered in ice cream. What I know is the civil war is still going so I was thinking of using both sides to takeover them and start my side project.

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