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New Thread Idea, any volunteers?

Khantor Ruu

Senator of Shili
Hello, peoplez of the Republic!

As I said in the thread, Lunar Meadow is about to face a powerful civil war. The reason behind that is simple: have you noticed, that Aliannah is both the Senator and the ruler of the planet. People also think they don't have enough freedom, so they start a war against the High Queen.


The first part will be all about the war. Aliannah won't be there as a ruler, but rather as a commander of the Republic's forces. To fight against people, she has taken a group of troopers and stuff under her control. You don't have to participate in the first part, because it will all be a battle.


The first part is followed up with a diplomatic war. People elect a person, a member of the community, to represent the people of Lunar Meadow. You can choose, which side you want to help, but to keep things equal, NPCs will be used in case powers are divided unequally. In this part, war is a background noise, mostly only played with NPCs.


Can't tell much about finale yet... :D

So... What do you think about it? Of course the dates and stuff haven't been decided yet. I'll hear your opinion about it before deciding anything, so... Oh, and if you want to, you can invite other people to join us. Just let me know. ;)

So this isn't my idea guys, but I've been given the green light to post this up and see if anyone else is interested in joining. So basically yeah, there's a civil war and people can be on whomever side they wish, whether it be the ruling monarch side or the rebelling side.

We're just hoping to make this more fun by bringing in some more members, a bit more diversity.
So post if you're interested and hope to hear from y'all soon.


That one kid
@[member="Khantor Ruu"] I'd be more than willing to add the Spynet in, as soon as I I can find a reason to play a side.